It has always been a tradition for me to add a wishlist page to my site or blog so I can effectively cross off the list as I go along the way. I update it closer to the new year with my resolutions. I keep my wishlist items consumerist based only because it’s more realistic. Writing something like “a relationship” is not something I or you would appreciate ;D

This list is merely a wishlist. By that, it means that these are things I really long for, but may or may not actually obtain in the future. Doesn’t mean this is a list where I tick them off – of course not, it’s a place so I can keep track of my interests over the years I get to run this blog and to figure out how much of the stuff I actually wanted in the first place I managed to get. Of course, over time some items may turn out ot be irrelevant and will be knocked off the list due to them being way too farfetched.

Anna Sui


Anna Sui compact rose mirror in black – $27AUD. To be honest I don’t really know if I want this any more… it’s just been so long and I haven’t been arsed enough to go buy these… I still can’t justify the cost for a bit of plastic. Then again, HOW OFTEN DO I GET TO USE A PORTABLE MIRROR WHEN I’M ON THE GO? Not even once every three days :\ Purchased.


Anna Sui brush stand in black – $22AUD
(to put my pens in >.>)

Also – Anna Sui headband ❤ For my late nights… my head will feel loved if I have one ❤

Bottega Veneta

Something, I just don’t know what. Yeah – I’ll find out later. Most likely I’d want a pair of shoes but yeah – I don’t really know yet.


Trenchcoat Approximately $1600AUD – Burberry London range. Not going to post up which one – I need to think about it in a bit more detail first before I decide.

Wool coat Approximately ??? Not too sure at the moment. There are a lot of wool coats to choose from but I just don’t really know if I really need one or not. Mission complete, July 2011.


I need a new chair to sit on at my desk. Enough said. I’ll go chair shopping THIS WEEKEND! 23-24-1-2010 (or after our large scale order arrives at our place).
I love the fact we drive a larger car. Means we can lug furniture around in it. YUS.



Classic Chanel “flap” bag in 2.55 size ($2500AUD) so apparently the price went up SKY HIGH since I wrote this wishlist like 1.5years ago – it was $2500 – now it’s like $4000 or something?! WTF?? RIP OFF. Jumbo size ($5000AUD) – in BLACK.
I won’t ever justify myself spending so much on a small bag like that, but it’s 100% lambskin. Maybe, one day. (and it’s pretty!!!!!)

chanel wallet

Classic Chanel wallet – approximately $1200 AUD.
Much more affordable and probably more useful than the bag (I only happen to lug big bags around since I carry water, and usually an umbrella rain hail or shine :\). If only I knew about this wallet earlier, I wouldn’t have gone for Gucci :\ I know the price difference is big, but damn, this wallet is stain proof and waterproof. Saw this for the first time at the Chanel at Bondi Junction and fell in love with it. Oh well, maybe in a few years’ time. I can get it any time since it’s a classic anyway. Bought a Chanel wallet July 2011

Shoes – this will come over time, as well.



Dior earrings ~$290+
NOTE: The pair I want is NOT THE ONE IN THE PICTURE. The one I want is a candy pink and it’s adorable… at the stores but I can’t find the image online.

Lady Dior bag – this is yet another one of those “maybe, one day, some day” items on the list.


I need a camera. Lolz. BOUGHT Micro 4/3s – 20 July 2010.



Gucci Boston Bag – $630USD23-5-2010 https://miketsumuse.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/shiny-birthday-surprises-super-trippy/  Bought a Boston. DONE! OH HAY IT’S THE ONE IN THE TOP LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE IMAGE ABOVE. Interesting. And then I sold it.

Sunglasses (something somewhat like this though I am not satisfied with the logo treatment on the sides) – ~$400AUD
BOUGHT I feel sorry for the Gucci items on my wishlist. They get outdone by other products (though I just replaced the Boston bag with a tote). Got a pair of Chanel sunglasses instead. Worth every dollar of it, certainly worth paying the extra mile, thought not much more than I had expected.

I now therefore call it quits with Gucci. I have too much of their stuff.

I needed a designer messenger bag.

I’m not filing this under a brand because I don’t know what there is available. But I do need a messenger bag type of bag. Will be coming soon, end of 2010. Bought one in… August/September 2010.

Louis Vuitton

Bag – I’ve got my eyes on something else. Will consider it when I consider I have too much money lying around to spend, as in, probably never. Currently not interested in their handbags.

Boots – or shoes. Again. Maybe in my dreams, considering the price is sky high.


Alexa – still considering it at the moment. Not too sure if it’ll go ahead. Possibly considering a different model. No longer interested in purchasing this.


Bag – not sure which one, will be thinking about it while I save up for it. Bought a simple one, but not interested in purchasing more from Prada.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes – I know style I’m after, I just need to wait for them to be half price trolololololololol. Got ’em, August 2011.


Other stuff that I am interested in, but am currently saving up for/ considering way later down the track: Alexander McQueen/ McQ, Bally, Celine, Chloé (MISSION COMPLETE 9/2011), Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Hermés, Lanvin (two pairs of flats), Loewe, Miu Miu (well, I’ve started this already – maybe something else later on?), Vivienne Westwood, YSL (GOT WHAT I WANTED 19/9/2011).


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