I used to have a bunch of FAQs (still do here anyway), but I figured it’d be useful to just write a consolidated paragraph.

Misa, otherwise known as kmisa, doremisakuri or K, is based in Sydney, Australia. Backgrounds roots started from her parents coming from Hong Kong and the rest is history.

With a genuine interest in photography and design, Misa was former gallery moderator of popular anime forum www.Minitokyo.net and has designed various things as well as held numerous anime community competitions online. The most recent of such competitions was held in 2010, otherwise known as Minitokyo Knockout 2010, which you can read more about on its website.

Having graduated from a prestigious high school and one of the state’s top universities with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree majoring in Architecture, Misa is otherwise known to her friends and colleagues as an encyclopaedia. Misa speaks, reads and writes various languages such as English, Cantonese/ Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and is slowly on the road to conquer Korean at an ever so slow pace.

Misa is also a Lovigan, which is a term described and applied to a set of members in a particular friendship group that hangs out, sings loudly at noraebang, really dig bulgogi and take awesome photos.

Misa is currently working in a non-architecture related field. You might think, “why would someone with such a rich education go do something else instead?” – well Misa’s answer to that is, “frankly, I don’t give a damn.” To Misa, being happy and healthy is the equivalent to being wealthy. What more can she ask for?

What camera do you use?

I use used precisely this one.

The majority of photos taken prior to April 26 2010 were taken by the Sony Cybershot. April 26 2010 (or technically, should have been the 27th) was the day when I had this camera stolen. I currently use an Olympus EPL-1.

Who designed your watermarks and stuff?

I design them. It’s very rare I get other people to design stuff for me unless I have to (eg. the wordpress template obviously is not mine).

Why ‘kmisa’?

Short for kuroimisa. You can find me at www.kuroimisa.minitokyo.net – the account is long dead and I do not really intend on visiting the site often. There is another kuroimisa on the Internet but she lives in the States (ie. U S of A). Another one spells the username KuroiMisa but that’s not me. I never use capitals. Ever.

So your name is?

Call me Misa. Most of my friends do. I’m so used to it now, I probably will have trouble responding to my real name.

Why do you refer to all your friends by their first initial? Did you get that idea from Gossip Girl?

I can’t find the post now (the archives are a complete mess) but about a month or two after starting the blog, I started to realise that it was really messy and a breach of privacy if I referred to my friends by their names. I therefore made a post stating that I’d refer to friends via their initials to help protect their (and my) identity. I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, and had no idea they even did initials until maybe 6 months into referring to people by initials. Think what you want – I just do it to keep my posts consistent and to keep everything private.

Why do you always obscure your face in every photo you post of yourself?

Privacy issues. I don’t like the idea of posting up my photo online, and if it’s going to be public, like on a blog like this, I prefer to keep it obscured.

What do you do for a living? Why is it that it seems like you keep spending money?

I work full time. I used to work in a jewellery boutique and could purchase some pieces with my staff discount. For purchases in general, I earn money, save it, and then use it to buy my purchases. In the past as a full time student, I used my savings to buy all my designer pieces – I don’t own a credit card and I don’t ask my parents for money for my purchases.

For all purchases in general, I only spend my money on things I think are worth it – if I get a chance to reduce the amount of money I can spend, I definitely do that – one way is by writing monthly posts for Gmarket gift certificates; to fate I’ve probably received about 400,000Won from Gmarket, so a lot of the stuff I need to buy comes to me for “free”.

Do you do advertorials?

I can only dream of being sponsored for an advertorial. But if you want me to do an advertorial, why the heck not – holler at me at misa@miketsumuse.com

I’d like to meet you in person one day! Would that be possible?

Actually, yes, very possible 😀 I’m happy to meet new people and make new friends – if we have something in common, I’m sure we’re bound to meet 😀

I’ll add more when I think of more. This will do for the meantime 🙂


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