General enquiries in regards to my posts

For all enquiries, I prefer you leave me a comment on this website, leaving a valid email so I can get back to you. I will reply via a comment on my blog to your comment. Only in rare instances where I believe that you urgently need a reply, I email you with a copy of my reply, so please check back within 24 hours to see if I have responded.

I’m more than happy to answer questions in regards to products I’ve reviewed if I have left out details.

Advertorials, site linkages, affiliation, sponsors

If you are contacting me due to a commercial or business related query, you may contact me directly via the form below. Please fill in your email contact so I can reply to you. Make sure you read this page first about copyrights and usage before you address your enquiry to me. Please note that I am based in Australia so anything that is open internationally or within Australia will be best suited for my readers and your target audience.

Please forward your enquiry in English, otherwise you may also type your message in Chinese (traditional or simplified) if that suits you better, however I will be replying in English.

Please do NOT ask me for phone numbers (personal or business) and advice/ services detailed in my reviews as I am NOT a telephone directory and do not provide such services. Anything related to quotations of services that are not provided by me will be ignored.

If by chance there is any error in submitting the above form, please email me at with the subject “MIKETSU” in it. If you do not write that in the subject field, I will take forever to reply.

Other; for the lulz

Alternatively, you can holler @miketsumuse on Twitter for lighthearted matters.


I do not accept Facebook requests from people I do not know personally.


4 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

  1. Hey! I’ve just been reading through your past gmarket hauls 😀 and was wondering if it was by any chance possible we could combine hauls for cheaper shipping??
    if there was something that could be worked out i would be more than grateful 😀
    i also live in sydney, in the greater western region

    just a suggestion…but please consider it! im kind of desperate and my parents are a bit edgy over the price because im only ordering 5 items and its already over $100 O_O

    thanks! love your blog by the way!

    xx sorkii

    • Hi Sorkii, thanks for commenting 🙂

      Unfortunately I’m not going to make any orders any time soon as I’m trying to save up and not spend any money ^^;;
      I guess you could possibly persuade your parents and let them know that you can’t buy those items in Sydney for $100ish.
      Another way is to email Gmarket customer service and ask them to adjust the weight of the items if you think it’s too heavy (eg. 1kg for a bag or something when it should be maybe 500grams) – that will make your shipping a LOT cheaper.
      So sorry to say I can’t do it ;A;

  2. hi miketsu. I’m pamela from philippines. just want to ask if you know what BL chinese cream is ? ofcourse made from china and i saw that your chinese. 🙂 This product whiten my skin, the scars and pimple mark in just a week. But the problem is i cant find it on the market now, if there is its fake because it is very effective thats why lots of people imitated it. Im wonderin if you know this. Hmm waitin for your reply. Thank you.

    • Hello, sorry, I do not have a clue what it is. I may be Chinese, but I’m not from China so I have no idea. Maybe someone else may be able to help you.

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