Drama Reviews

I write the occasional drama review. To date I’ve done a few.

Want to write me a comment or say something about my review? Please read the following before you do so. Another 1000 words to read won’t hurt.

(1) All posts starting with the title “K-drama: (name of drama series)” are serious reviews. If “K-drama” at the beginning is missing, it is not an official review.
I tend to write about dramas as I watch them. If it’s not with a title like the one above, then I most likely didn’t not write it seriously, or it’s not an entry I wrote after I finished the series (an in progress entry). However, I make edits in BOLD typography, so you can tell my original thoughts if I change my mind.
There is no set format for Japanese drama. I have yet to review a Japanese drama (except I sort of remember reviewing Hana Kimi), but in the future, I will provide a title format that is appropriate.

(2) All drama review posts will start with a brief plot summary and will aim to include a picture of the drama. Where possible, I will include the year of production.
All plot review synopses on miketsu are mine, unless I include a source and quote it from somewhere. I find the plot synopses on the net either misleading or inadequate, so I try to give a little more insight into the plot, without giving away the whole series. This is because whenever I read a plot synopsis and then watch a drama, I realise there’s much more in the drama that perhaps the synopsis does not do justice to.

(3) All drama review posts will include comparisons wherever possible.
Please do not tell me not to compare. Most people who land on this site actually get here because they wanted to find a comparison. People compare things all the time – even the producers – they want people to think their drama is the best in the year, and sweep awards. So do not say something along the lines of “the drama is a drama in itself – it can’t be compared” – unfortunately, it is compared constantly. It will be compared to older series, new series yet to come and other series of a similar genre or from different countries of a similar plot.

(4) I review the drama as seriously as the drama presents itself.
In other words, if the drama (I think) is not serious and I think it’s a complete mess of a drama, I will not hesitate to write it.
A serious drama deserves a serious review. A superficial drama will receive a superficial review. A not so serious attempted drama will receive a not so serious attempted review.

“Presentation” is important. If I think there are problems with what’s on screen, camera techniques, editting, music, dialogue, cinematography, makeup, casting, plot or basically anything that appears on my screen, or anything I hear from the video playing, I will evaluate it accordingly. Even if it’s small, I will pick it out if I have to.

(5) I will only include spoilers if I find people are searching for them.
Yes, I know all the search terms people arrive at this blog thanks to wordpress’ statistics. They will be located at the bottom of the post and written in white, so you will have to highlight it. I’m not responsible if you happened to see the spoiler because of a search engine result (results will turn out text in black regardless of my formatting) – read at your own caution. I’ve already taken all necessary precautionary measures – so please take care.

(6) I do not make false claims.
Please read carefully in my reviews. If I say something irritates me, it’d probably irritate you too – only you perhaps didn’t notice it. I don’t make stuff up in my reviews – most of it is based on fact (from what I see on screen), or just first impressions (as a joke). But no, I don’t make false claims. When I say something like “5 people simultaneously popped out from nowhere”, I literally mean there were exactly 5 people on screen popping out from nowhere at the same time.
Note: there is a difference between providing examples and showing why something is bad, as opposed to “bashing”. “Bashing” is reckless, unless you provide examples why. And don’t worry, I always provide examples – but some people’s thoughts rotate too fast to notice that.

(7) I do not host copyright material.
Where possible I will try to link either the best quality or the most efficient viewing solution for your convenience. If possible, please buy the original DVDs and support the drama if you like what you see.

(8) Each drama deserves to be reviewed honestly with negative and positive traits evaluated accordingly.
It’s no secret. People out there love their drama or hate it. I’m just another person. My job is to just merely state my views on what I think the drama is about. If I think it’s bad, it’s probably for a good reason. I don’t ever just say “it is bad” – you only know if something is bad if you compare it with something or if you can see a lot of bad things about it. Every drama has its fans and anti-fans. I tend to stay neutral. If you see me speaking very negatively about a drama, it’s probably because it got to the point it was unbearable to watch. In other words, whilst watching it, it made my IQ feel like it was dropping. Rapidly.

Note: actors and actresses are professionals. They are paid to act. The producers produce to make money. In return, they hope to make more money from sponsors by giving audiences something they’d like to watch, and in return buy products from sponsors. It’s a cycle.
Dramas are a consumer item. They are meant to be consumed. Like any other consumer product, if it does not meet consumerist expectations, you’ll likely tell your friends it’s not worth buying. It’s the same with drama. If I personally wouldn’t recommend it to my friends, I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys either. I know a lot of you people might disagree with my decisions to either recommend or not recommend a drama, but take into account I am a twenty one year old university student with particular interests. I don’t like my dramas to be no brainers, and I like my drama to have some sort of substance in them. This depends on the person. For one, I know most teenagers like the sort of free flowing drama type with a little bit of humour but little suspense.

(9) I’m not paid to write these reviews.
Please don’t take them and post them elsewhere. If you’re itching to, please link back to me.

My main aim is to give people a better idea of the plot synopses (that they’d otherwise find difficult to find on the Internet since it seems like it’s been copied from an official website or source), and to perhaps help people decide on what may or may not be good to watch. Why would I do this? Because some people actually buy their drama. Why waste money on something that isn’t what it claims to be?

(10) What drama genres am I interested in?
Actually, my genre interests are quite broad and narrow at the same time: I don’t mind modern day or ancient day based drama – time is not an issue.

GENRES I DO LIKE: action, comedy, thriller, horror

Romance is not included because it’s too broad. If it’s a romance series, it much contain other elements I mentioned above. For example, BOF is a romantic drama, but to me there is little suspense and comedy, therefore IMO, it does not fall into a genre I’d enjoy more. On the other hand, “He who can’t marry” is a romantic drama, but there is plenty of comedy and a little bit of suspense, therefore it’s not so bad. “I am Sam” is also a romantic drama but it has some comedy and a little bit of action for the first half only, meaning I only really enjoyed the first half.


So before you set a bomb, please ask yourself whether or not I was serious at the time of typing the review. If the title isn’t even formatted properly, most likely not. Therefore, don’t take it seriously. I’m not out here to write an absolute concrete “this is what it is” rule book. It’s all about impressions, comparisons and seeing if the drama is worth the money or time to watch. Ultimately, what you choose to spend your money and time on is your own decision – whatever decision you happen to make though, you will have to bear responsibility for. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 10 years down the track you might wonder why you even enjoyed watching something so long ago. It happens. Just wait and see.


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