Nature of comments – what is allowed, what isn’t, what gets ignored, and what gets abominated.

miketsu blog is my online blog of every day stuff. I write about experiences I either find are interesting or educational (for example, reviews) and various snippets of my life I think people can relate to.

In case if you haven’t realised, I make a lot of effort to format, punctuate, spell and get my entries in good grammatical order. This is because even if I talk about sensitive topics, it shows I’m not just uneducated bluff.

So, what’s appreciated?

Comments are definitely appreciated – a bonus if they’re all typed out properly and not full of acronyms.

You may disagree with what I write – but disagree and maybe state a reason. Examples:

Good way to disagree: I disagree with what you have written because I think that he had done a really good job considering it’s his first acting gig. (note that this isn’t even a positive or friendly sounding comment, but at least it’s to the point regardless of whether or not I choose to agree with it)

Bad way to disagree: WTF R U TALKIN BOTU UR SOOOOOO STOOOOOOOOPID HES LYK SO CUTE SO Y DUN U GO SHUT UP AND TELL SUM1 WHO CURRS?? (note that this doesn’t even make a point and hurts my brain and IQ points just trying to comprehend the personal attack  due to lack of argumentative skills)

I treat comments with the same level of respect I have received. So if you want a polite comment, make a polite comment worthy of being polite to. It’s not hard – seriously. You don’t even need to sound polite, you just need to sound mildly intelligent, sane, normal or mature – or friendly will do 😉 

And yes, I have received at least one bad comment before – not only that, help was called to make it look like there was someone agreeing with them! I monitor I.P addresses and I can see all the info! Don’t think I don’t know it when you call in your  friend to help you out, I can tell you’re from the same country, especially if your “helper” replies within 10 minutes of your comment post! If you’re wondering why I moderate comments, you know who to thank – an immature kid who thought the world revolved around her way of thinking, and decided to abuse my free commenting system.

All comments that are spam in nature and advertise random websites will not be published.

I despise spam. I’ve received over 2000 spam comments in the time I’ve started this blog. Please, take your spam elsewhere. You won’t ever get it approved, so don’t try with me.

Comments that are not related to the post topic will also not be published.

By this I mean people who randomly advertise stuff on my posts without acknowledging what my post is about. It’s okay to say “oh hey, I’ve ordered from them too! Here’s a link to my experience” – that’s absolutely fine by me – but some people are like “yo check out my blog” – uhm, NO THANKS?

I put a lot of time and effort into my posts. If you write something on my post that doesn’t even relate to what I’ve written, that’s just spam. No respect for my blog = no respect for your comment.

When will I get a response from you?

I reply – really fast.

Most comments written on miketsu blog requiring a reply will get a reply within 24 hours. 48 if I’m away from life. Possibly 72 or more if I’m away from home (ie. Interstate, international).


9 thoughts on “COMMENTS

  1. Hi dear,
    I randomly chanced upon your blog and really like your photos!
    by the way, I own an instax as well, and I was wondering where do you get cheap instax films? capitol square? I have no idea where to get them.. usually get them from gmarket but waiting takes so long..

    Hope to hear from you,

    • Hi Lin 🙂

      I usually just Gmarket my film in a large batch as it’s the cheapest. If you don’t like Gmarket (especially since you have to order a really large batch to keep shipping down), you could try eBay because they offer some pretty good deals like $90ish for 100 shots (10 packs) including shipping – and as you know, eBay sellers ship directly to you – maybe not as fast as Gmarket since it’s not EMS, but the shipping cost is relatively low especially if you don’t want to buy a big haul from Gmarket. The next cheapest is probably Capitol, but they don’t usually have stock (they order it in too). Another place is Zakka House in Sussex Centre but even so it’s $15 a pack (10 shots) which is way expensive compared to Gmarket. All the other Asian stores I know of sell it for $15/ pack so I’d recommend Gmarket or eBay. Hope that somewhat helps!

  2. Hi,

    May I know how do you purchase items from Gmarket Korea? Like the procedure etc.
    Because I saw a few items that I like that’s only available on Gmarket Korea but I don’t understand the procedure since it’s in Korean, especially the Dabo Ritzy (NSM) nail polish. The colours are so pretty but it’s in korean so I don’t understand ):
    Would appreciate if you can guide me through if it’s not too troublesome for you, thanks 🙂

    • Hi Han,

      You firstly need to go to the Gmarket Global website and make an account – – most stuff will be in English. Once you make sure the item is available for overseas shipping, you start to add the items to your cart.
      For Dabo Ritzy, you don’t need to know Korean to choose them – from what I remember you just choose the number of the nail polish colour you want.
      If you don’t know what the extra drop down menus are for, I generally use google translate to figure out what it is – a lot of sellers add a drop down menu so that you can choose extra things (like nail polish remover or makeup) which you can bundle as well at an added cost. You know there is an added cost when it says (+ so much won) in brackets after the option you choose.

      If you’re not too good with Korean, I suggest just getting out a pen and copying the Korean as it is for the item you want, then you just look for it in the drop down menu. If it’s not there, it isn’t in stock.

      Just add all your items to your shopping cart and when you’re ready, simply check out. Choose your country from the drop down menu and then the next page asks for your address and name – then you pay.

      I hope that is easy enough to follow, because that’s all there is to it for Gmarket lol. There are a lot of tutorials online which take you step by step which you could find probably by googling Gmarket Tutorials – but overall, it’s really quite easy once you get the hang of it and can find the item you want from the drop down menu. Just remember to stick to the English version of the website if Korean isn’t your thing. Hope that helps~

  3. Hi Misa!

    How have you been? It’s me Ephie 🙂

    And ahh… which was kinda rude of me for not having introduced my name properly to you when we first talked like… 6 years back 😡 I’m Sofia btw!

    I was looking through Minitokyo Knockout wordpress entries and stumbled upon your blog, surprise! (What am I doing snooping around MO blog, hahah! Reminiscing I guess?) It has really been a while since we last contacted each other yeah, and its great that you’re doing fine there too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you! 😀

        • That sounds so cool! Animation *_*
          Well, I don’t have much of a life either, just working OTL
          I have completely snapped out of walling and I have been using the same wall for years haha.

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