Freaky Fridays – so so so freaky

Love/ hate  relationship with Friday

So there’s this kid who’s in my class, and her name is Friday, and she is like sooooooo annoying. All she talks about is how awesome her life is and how her boyfriend showers her with gifts – plus she tells me all the details of her PDA – I mean EWWWW.

JUST KEEDDANG. Everyone in my classes are super nice and I adore them to bits. I dunno anyone named Friday. I know know Friday as Friday.

I cannot reiterate this more – I loathe Fridays.

Every single Friday has been a stress rollercoaster. And now I am more stressed. Need to do lots of work. In fact, if I make half a disappearing act, don’t be too surprised. From now on I am going to dedicate at least one day per weekend sitting at the labs at uni, I think.

Starting either this weekend or next weekend – not too sure yet.

On a positive note however, today during class, my classmate L surprised me by giving me this badge. Apparently she was selling them (along with some adorable felt-tastic goodies – all made by her and her siblings!) at SMASH! and Animania. If I went, I would have seen her! DAMN!

Zomg it’s Totoro! Thanks a million!

That certainly brightened up my gloomy Friday. And today was so cold! Oh so so so cold. I thought it was going to be baking so I threw on a thin jacket. BIG MISTAKE. I was freezing on the southern side of the building.

/me needs haircut and hair colour

I feel like getting a haircut and dyeing my hair. Did I mention that I *really* need to dye my hair?

It’s okay if I use this pic, considering I put it in the sneak peek/ preview collage – teehee.

I have this ridiculous gradient running through my hair. Well okay, I did dye it in April (WOW WUT SO LONG AGO), but it looks not cool at all. Because it was so err – intentional. Obviously not :\ So I need to colour my hair! I’m planning to do all my hair things this weekend so that I can get it all over and done with. I really need a fresh start so I can put my head down and just concentrate. My philosophy is that the more hair dye and bleach seeping into your skull, the brighter you are (lol geddit??) – no, I’m just being silly now 😛 Please don’t try it at home 🙂

94US cents. NINETY FOUR!

So I’m really tempted to buy lots of stuff online because of the excellent exchange rate. I am currently craving a pair of beige, suede plaftorm wedges. I CAN DREAM ON. I’m so stingy when it comes to shoes unless it’s branded or I’m getting a really damn good deal – (or I really really want it). I’m thinking of replacing my military boots since they have a cracked sole… maybe I’ll wait a bit longer since the military boot is going to mutate soon to peeptoes and a variety of amusing poke-forms. Why do Koreans not design their wedges with platforms? It makes me sad because I really want to buy their shiz but there isn’t enough variety within my budget.

EDIT: CRAP I JUST BOUGHT 2 CDS. I’m currently feeling sad now, because I thought I could combine the orders – guess not 😦 I ended up having to pay EXTRA – FUUU 😦

Oh well. Such is life. No more spending for me until I get free money or something!

This post is going to be short because I’m publishing another one right after this one. 😉

Mamak, Gold Class at the movies, Fashion’s Night Out Sydney – ooft.

Hello, strangers!

Hello! It’s been not too long since I last blogged but it feels like a while on my part. Yeah, time is weird.

I’ve been rearranging and assembling various things in the past few days and I’ve done some serious reorganising of half my closet; I still haven’t even touched the clothes half, which isn’t really reassuring, but that’s what’s been keeping me busy and making me very tired lol. I doubt people are interested in knowing much about storage systems (which it’s nothing special in any case – it’s just a set of cheap plastic drawers), so I took a small break from blogging 😛 But now I’m back and I had a great day today!

I know I’ve been a bit lazy with blogging recently – it’s mostly because I don’t have anything to blog about (contrary to popular belief, I do NOT blog about any crap – lol) – but hopefully this post won’t disappoint!

PLEASE NOTE: I’m sorry about the photo quality/ composition and whatever – I tried my best, but I was rushed to take pics because I didn’t charge my camera so I was running out of battery. I was literally trying to get as many photos as I could before my battery died, lol – but yeah – Sorry 😛 Credits to A for taking the rest of the photos (you will be able to tell since I will watermark them differently) with her phone.

Lunch at Mamak

For those who may or may not know, Mamak on Goulbourn St usually has a big ass line – not sure why, and don’t know why. Today I met up with my uni friend, A, who suggested we go there since she’s been there before. She also said that there’s generally no line early (close when they open at 11:30am – however if it was a weekend, there’d probably be a line outside before they’re even open) – and she was right. We walked into Mamak at around noon, and there was no line. The shop is surprisingly large, and it was quite busy and full – there were only perhaps 3 or 4 empty tables by the time we got there, but we got a table without any problems.

The majority of Mamak’s menu consists of curry and various other Chinesey/ Malaysian foods. Their specialty is roti, which appears to be a super thin, large pancake which can be either crispy or just cool/ awesome. Their roti dishes come with dipping sauce or icecream (depending on the roti) and are generally around $6. Their mains start from about $10.50. A lot of the mains can be quite expensive (something prawn was like $18), but I noticed if you had it at lunch as a lunch special, it’d only set you back at $11.

I had no idea what was good on their menu so we just used intuition to exclude particular items we didn’t want to eat and narrowed it down. There aren’t many things to choose from, but we decided to share the food – so we had an entree, main, and a dessert. We also each had a hot milk tea – but I didn’t get a photo of it. It was the strongest milk tea I’ve had and it was quite nice. It was that little bit of pick me up, considering now I want to literally flop onto my bed and fall asleep. I’m really tired, lol.

This is the classic roti – don’t ask me the exact name, I have no freaking idea. It’s the first thing on the menu. There are 2 types of curry sauces – the larger pool of curry is actually spicy, whereas the smaller pool of curry tastes more like seafood to me and is mild. A said there were more vegetables in the small curry, but I can’t tell – this is the first time I’ve eaten curry out and I wouldn’t have a clue. There’s also a dab of chilli sauce next to the roti pancake for some extra zing. I personally liked neither curry (I reckon I could do better), but if I had to pick, I’d pick the spicy curry – there’s a reason why there’s more of that than the mild one.

It’s a tad bit weird to give us a fork and spoon and no knife – we used our spoons to hack the roti into pieces – it was clumsy, messy, and not well considered. Mamak, provide some knives and we’ll be happier – I guess it’s to encourage you to use your hands to eat – but really? I don’t know.

Our main was mee goreng. It’s actually spicy hokkien noodles, stirfried with bits of fishcake and stuff. It was quite nice – something to note though, squeeze the lime if you don’t want it to be too hot. I think it tastes better with the lime than without. As you can see, for $10.50, there’s actually not that much. I can’t remember if there was any meat in it, but I guess it’s a decent lunch if you were to order it on your own. It made us quite full (we couldn’t finish it) but it’s something to think about.

This was our dessert which we asked to be served later/ last. It’s some coconut thing – forgot the name, served with icecream (you can choose icecream or curry, but icecream is the smarter choice). It was SWEET – but it was good sweet. Icecream wasn’t presented that nicely (I didn’t take a photo before we cut the roti in half, but the icecream was NOT in a ball and there was only one lump of it) and could have been presented better – they could have also given a bit more icecream because both of us finished the icecream before we finished our roti (not that we were gonna finish eating the roti – we were both exploding, but just sayin’, it’s not enough icecream), but this is a really nice way of eating something like pancakes with icecream. These pancakes are light and thin (not heavy like western pancakes) so yeah – I quite liked this one.

When you pay for your bill, you take a note of your table number which is located on the side of the table and quote your table number at the counter.

For the two of us, including drinks which I mentioned were not in the photos (they also give you a bottle of water free of charge though that wasn’t really great water), was $30 – split between us, $15 each. Not bad for a 3 course meal (though we only ate half of each – har har) with a drink. We ate like, 3 different things – so I’m not complaining. Pretty good value.

Also, the food came out lightning fast with the exception of the dessert (they were getting a bit busy at this point) – we literally received our entree and main within the first 5 minutes of ordering. Drinks came at around maybe 7-10 minutes, after we took photos of the food.

Would I visit again? Sure, why not – as long as I don’t have to line up – but only for the sweet roti, albeit very sweet. The curry roti is alright – just a personal preference but I didn’t really dig their curry that much. I think it’s a bit overrated for a lump of scrunched up pancake and just a teeny bit of curry (it looks like a lot, but the curry is very shallow, so there’s not much curry). A said that most of their dishes were curry dishes to begin with, so everything tastes the same – chicken or whatever – all the same curry pot, so that’s not really exciting to me, because I didn’t think their curry was THAT much to die for.

The guy at the table next to us commented on how small the portions were ($10.50 chicken curry and rice – literally a bowl of rice and maybe 3-5 bits of chicken in curry in a small bowl) – I could agree or disagree, but I’m leaning more on the agreeing side. I would probably pay about $9 for our mee goreng to be honest – I wouldn’t really pay more than $10 – but then again, we didn’t know what we were getting. Same with the icecream as I mentioned before – they just needed to give us a teeny bit more icecream and it would have been just right.

Events Cinema, George Street – Gold Class: Tomorrow, When The War Began

So, the whole reason for going out today was that A offered to share 2 Gold Class tickets with me since her friend was selling them for some unknown reason. I welcomed the idea since I’ve never been to Gold Class before, and just wanted to know what it was like as an experience. You can’t go to Gold Class all the time, so you have to do it once and just hope that the movie you’re watching is worth it.

Gold Class is actually situated and hidden inside the Gold Class Lounge which is a bar. There are 3 cinemas inside and you need to go up a set of stairs.

The first thing you do before going to a movie is of course, go to the toilet.

There are actually a set of extra toilets just for Gold Class viewers – there are 2 individual stalls for men, and 3 stalls for women. That’s right – imagine using something similar to a disabled toilet. The walls are filled right to the ceiling so you can’t hear what the person next door is doing – they’re clean, not smelly, and they’re just right downstairs from your cinema room.

Private toilet suites. Le hmm.

We actually didn’t know that there were separate toilets, and we went beforehand to the public ones. DOH. So we just went again. I was just taking photos with whatever low battery I had lololol.

So I also took this photo to show how large and awesome the space was. Tiled walls are fascinating. Hmm.

In this photo, you can see A sitting there, posing 😛 (she won’t mind if I post this up, it’s too small to see her anyway lol) – this is pratically the whole cinema. There are only 5 rows of seats with just like 8 seats in each row. Those weren’t our seats; our seats were actually 2 rows further up – we just sat there so we could be in the photo lol. I took a lot of photos of us in our seats but it was just too dark and the photos didn’t turn out well 😦 I drained my battery cuz I tried to use flash – sadsauce.

So, this is me. The reason why I am posting this photo up is because my chair is reclined. I actually also have my legs extended since there’s a leg rest – you control it with the buttons on the side of your chair 😀 The thing that sucks the most about Gold Class though is that there’s nowhere to actually put your bag (you could put it on the table, but that’s a bit distracting – it should be kept below eye level, IMO). The armrests aren’t really exactly wide enough for it (I could have put it on the seat next to me, but yeah – you know, I don’t like to leave my stuff lying around in the dark).

Here are our tickets. Every table has the seat number and a bunch of serviettes. From the previous photo you probably would have noticed that the serviettes are standing up (there’s a metal serviette holder) – for some reason, our table was special and didn’t have it. Another thing that sucks about this is that while you’re watching the movie, those darned seat numbers are still lit up. I had to cover them with the serviettes so I wouldn’t get distracted during the movie.

we were the only ones in the entire cinema. DOH!

The great thing was we could talk to each other during the ads and stuff. It was a bit creepy since there was nobody else, but hey, it was awesome. We had the entire cinema to ourselves. We could have sat literally anywhere we wanted, but we stayed, since we already had our seats adjusted lol.

We both decided some days beforehand to watch Tomorrow, When The War Began, which is a pretty popular novel by John Marsden. I studied it in Year 8 for English, and I’ve also read the entire series at some stage. I must say I’ve forgotten a bulk of the storyline, but the general plot is that a group of friends go camping and return home to find that their town has been held captive/ invaded by an unknown country/ set of forces. I thought the storyline was pretty cool and the range of characters were quite interesting too – couldn’t really imagine it being made live action, but it was possible.

My verdict – the movie was pretty good! They didn’t skimp on the action scenes and destroyed plenty of things. Their cinematics weren’t too bad since they used helicopters and stuff to film bits of it – and the depiction of Hell was actually really, really good.

A bit of spoiling ahead – skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to know.

There were some things I didn’t like, and that included changing bits of the storyline – some changes were suitable (well, Audi instead of BMW? Meh – dunno) and well yeah, I could live with them (FYI I read half the book the night before, just to refresh my memory lol) – one crucial thing they changed was omitting the wishy washy relationship between Ellie and Homer. Some bits were a bit choppy – they arrived home like BAM! (It was similar in the book though – one chapter they’re in Hell, next chapter they’re like “wtf” when they get home) – I’m also not sure about the depiction of the troops as being distinctively Asian looking. I sort of would have rathered they masked the entire army so it wouldn’t point at any particular race – because in the book, it never described the appearance of the troops – Marsden only noted their language as being foreign and unidentifiable.

Overall they did a good job juggling the storyline, and cutting to the points where it mattered, because there was a lot of gibberish in the novel. I was afraid the movie was going to drag on, but it didn’t – thankfully for that! The characters were also distinctive and you could easily identify them which was good.

We felt all the vibrations from under our chairs every time there was an explosion and because we were so spaced out (you literally probably wouldn’t see the person/ row in front of you), it felt like you were in the scene. I felt nervous when there were bits that were full of suspense – only thing to note is that if the scene is quiet, you can hear the film rolling from the projection room – if this is you, sit at one of the rows in front.

I finished the second half of the novel just tonight, and even though there were a lot of disparities (one of Chris’ lines were actually Fi’s in the book…), I could overlook them.

It was a good movie – our money was well spent, and I’d go watch the sequel if they made one. I thought the ending was quite clever albeit slightly cheesy – it left enough for you to look for a sequel, without promising a sequel.

Gold Class tickets are not discounted and are generally $26 a ticket (I think). We got them for $25ea (lololol not a big saving but whatever) – I think it’s okay to treat yourself to Gold Class maybe once a year if there’s a movie you really really wanna see. I must say, for $26, it’s not bad. I mean, Vmax is already $23 or whatever it is.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Sept 9 2010 Sydney

Img src: Screencap of

So I read about it a few days ago but I didn’t really pay much attention to it – but everything (well okay, not everything, but a lot of the shops – just go to the website and check out the list – if not look out for the FASHION’S NIGHT OUT painted onto the glass of the shopfront) was on sale. Just for today!

I thought the initiative was pretty damn cool – just a few days ago I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it – to my surprise they were setting up catwalk spaces and stuff everywhere! Myer, David Jones – but in particular, here’s a photo of it in the Strand Arcade, which I should go visit again soon:

Catwalk is awesome – all the chairs were reserved and stuff – man, SO BUYING TIX NEXT YEAR to Fashion Week – sigh~

They had a DJ ready to play. They were testing out the sound system! And out of all the places to be located, they were on one of the cross bridges. I stood on one of them and they bounced a bit >_< I’d be so scared if the bridge collasped under me lol – but then again, it’s structurally designed. Should be okay 🙂

They also had champagne at Dinosaur DesignsA was offered a glass lolol – she declined though- it was kinda weird to drink their alcohol since we weren’t buying anything 😄 FREE ALCOHOL! But yeah there are some beautiful boutiques up in the Strand – can’t believe I’ve never noticed there were more levels – it was our first time. SO. DAMN. AWESOME. Made me wish I was doing something fashion related.

We mostly did window shopping, until we got to David Jones – it’s the Flower Show again (the annual Canberra Floriade [?]) and they’ve got the floral displays on the ground floor again! I was there last year at DJ’s marvelling at how beautiful it was. I’m glad they did it again this year. I better go again with my camera charged to take photos.

My favourite display were the cherry blossoms lol – there were lots of these, but yeah ❤

A lot of things are in fashion at the moment: the hottest being florals in all sorts of forms – fabric florals, literally flowers as (hair) accessories and soft chiffons as well as lace (lace sleeves, half laced tops, lace dresses). In terms of shoes, there’s no doubt the military boot will be around for quite a while, as well as studs, zippers, buckles and soon – crazy eyelets. Allanah Hill has a shoe very similar to the Gmarket military inspired heels – so I have a feeling they’ll be all over the place soon. Bows are popular, and clogs are coming back.

However, one thing that I really wanted that has never really gone out of fashion was a straw hat, and before long, we were trying on hats at DJ’s.

I found this extremely cute hat – it has a bow tied on it, and it has two heart charms and a clear crystal charm dangling from a silver chain around it. I really like the patterning of the straw and it’s really flexible and I think as far as hats go, this hat surprisingly doesn’t look too bad on me. Me + hats = disaster. Everyone was taking photos at DJ’s because of the flower displays, so we went nuts taking photos lol.

So here I am taking a photo of the birdies, hoping that my battery revived – and it did! For 2 photos… and died again 😦

The price was alright too, compared to their other hats – so I bought it out of impulse. But oh, it’s so cute – I couldn’t resist 😦 I’ll wear it to the beach or to the park!

I just hope I don’t regret buying it :S


So that was my choc-a-bloc day. Hopefully if you guys don’t mind, I might skip Freaky Fridays since this post was so long. OH WAIT. IT IS FRIDAY NOW. *ticks the FF category*

Sleep tight! Signing off at 1:14am. Good night/ good morning people!

Freaky Fridays – rampage.


Hai 🙂

Friday design

It went alright. Wasn’t bad, but I need to do lots. Will dedicate some time over the holidays to work on it. Never fear – at least it went better than expected.

I actually had a pretty good day, despite all the stress – the thing that pissed me off the most was not getting anything in the mail. It’s just such a waste of time 😦


I don’t actually have much to write about today because there isn’t a whole lot to write about. In summary my week was blog blog blog – work work – post – work – post – work – post – work some more – post some more – so I’ll just do that and I’ll post up an entry I drafted from a few days again to entertain y’all. I’ll be on holidays for about 2 weeks so hopefully I’ll have some exciting things to write about – for the meantime, enjoy my drafted posts and hope you enjoy the lovely weekend ahead!

Freaky Fridays

Oh crap! I can’t believe I almost forgot to blog today >_< I’ve had a great start to the week but a really craptastic ending towards Friday (as you know, as the week nears Friday, happiness goes down, but shoots up after Friday).

I have a lot of work to do, lol. I’m not even kidding.

I’d probably still have enough time to write my Monday post – but yeah, apologies for that in advance.

I think my net connection has also decided to die on me as of late (uh oh) so I won’t be able to share anything juicy with you. So here’s the first lo-fi version of Freaky Friday.

Awesomeness of the week:

  • Watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world on Wednesday. Really cool effects, but wasn’t as funny as it could or should have been – mostly because the crowd in the cinema probably weren’t as amused? I dunno. I liked the movie though. Really liking Michael Cera lol.

This is probably even funnier than the movie itself. But it’s epic pwnage – you should watch it.

  • Sold my Biotherm skincare set yo! Money is money – at least I don’t have to let my stuff go to waste sitting in my closet. Bad thing about that is that most of that money will be going to the end of year exhibition that we’re having for design. Hmmm.
  • Nausicaa is a really good movie. But it took me 30 minutes to realise her pants/ tights were cream coloured, and it was not, in fact, her underwear-less bottom.

It looks like her leg. Seriously. No img src or else I’d redirect you to some site selling HP printer ink. Guh.

  • I haven’t received any more parcels! What’s going on Australia Post?! I’ve got I think at least 2 parcels I’m supposed to already receive by today, and another one coming soon. All in total, I’ve got 5 parcels in transit coming to me. WHEN ARE THEY COMING? I’m excited and want my purchases!
  • I feel like I’ve aged a few years. I look so tired and worn out. I partially blame it on my laziness to even apply makeup (aka bbcream) to my face. Guh.
  • Read so many ridiculous news articles it’s not even funny. Will share that with you all on Monday. Well, one article, anyway.
  • What’s up with Australia’s Government again? What’s going on? Hurry up and make a decision. The upside to that though, is that AUD to USD is staying at around 88 US cents.
  • Mentally exhausted. Marathon conversations – insanity.
  • Big Bang releases their new Japanese single and MV, Beautiful Hangover. I’m thoroughly convinced that the MV is largely about inception; GD steals girl from TY, Daesung sells TY drugs to get over his depression, Seungri monitors TY’s every move on CCTV, T.O.P looks very slick and appears to have no role cept to look awesome on screen. But at the beginning, GD saw TY with the girl – inception? Or perhaps T.O.P is the girl’s pimp, so he’s pulling all the strings. Just sayin’…
  • The Real Slow aka Wheesung is back – not sure what happened to his US album, but WHEESUNG ❤
  • Also, Samantha Thavasa mixes Beyonce with Kimura Takuya:

If you have a Samantha Thavasa bag, pretty much the most wanted man by women in Japan will touch your arms ever so delicately as such.
(Sorry no img src – I was sent this image by my friend)

I don’t think I could have ever wanted a Samantha Thavasa bag, but after seeing how hot Kimura Takuya is in this pic, I’m having second thoughts.

I’m going to have an early night, because I have a full day tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to start tomorrow night and work consistently. Gotta do well.

Until next blog!

Freaky Fridays

Okay, this Friday really sucked for me.

I was originally not going to blog, but I thought it’d suck more if I made it a promise (and I don’t even have anything due in) and not blog when I’m supposed to. I can’t skip!

This is gonna be a really crap post –  I apologise for that in advance lol – but then the post I did last night makees up for it, I guess? Food pics always make people happy. I think 😉 Also I retweet some amusing things in my Twitter anyway – so I guess you all can be occupied with that if you need, lol.

Song of the moment

It’s so damn hard for me to let you go… T_T??

Currently pumping this on repeat. I really love this song for its ballad and its gradual build up. Don’t ask me why, I just tend to really like songs like that. Also describes a lot of what I’m thinking about too, unfortunately.

And for those who haven’t noticed, BoA’s back in the Korean music scene. I know I’m a bit late myself, but just letting those who didn’t know know anyway. I used to really like her back in high school because of her song “Duvet” for an anime named Serial Experiments Lain. I thought it was such a beautiful song lol.

Australia goes to voting polls this Saturday, 21st August 2010

Well for Australian citizens over the age of 18, it’s your chance to vote! Well not really a chance since it’s compulsory.

Who are you going to vote for?

I’m not going to say who I’m going to vote for, because I’m not convinced either “large” party is that great or better than the other.

Be prepared for your mainstream TV to be full of really boring counting vote news – it’s a bit like staring at the stock exchange. Well okay, if I put it that way it’s not that boring – but I used to always think that just one channel is enough lol. I want to be like, watching The Simpsons or something instead if you know what I mean.

Need to dig out motivation!

This week I am seriously doing to do a lot of work! No more distractions! I’ll do my hourly daily exercise! It’s been a few days since I touched my hula hoop (Monday, in fact – or perhaps Tuesday was the last time I did it…) – I miss you hula hoop! I shall give you my love soon! xoxo


  • Gmarket gave me my voucher (YUS) – now what to get. Navy-coloured jacket vs heel of some sort. It’s a toughie.
  • My dress hasn’t been shipped yet!!!!! RAWR – I will chase that up soon U_U Wtf – shouldn’t take this long.
  • Thanks again for the recent comments – I believe I’ve answered all of those. Keep any questions coming!

Freaky Fridays

General updates on life

My flyers were printed some time this week – yay! Cannot wait to see them.

Friday is definitely my most hated but favourite day of the week – it means the weekend is soon, but it means design is on.


As you may or may not have noticed it’s almost a trend for me to go out somewhere on a Wednesday – it has been two (or was it three?) weeks without fail (most probably 2) but this week disgruntlement etcetera etcetera entailed and a whole bunch of rage/quit furballs were being spat.

Wasted a day at home, but hey, it’s Wednesday; why not?


The sky was beautiful.

Thursday was the “deadline” for the magazine ad I was designing. Unfortunately we weren’t really too sure on what was needed, and we were under the impression that we had a space where we could do whatever we liked. Turns out the magazine wanted a somewhat billboard style ad (large image, typography, little text) – so I just had to make up one from scratch. Didn’t take too long, looks okay for its purpose, but I feel that it could have been better. If only we had more time? Or perhaps if only they allowed us to not be so stripped back in terms of graphic approach.

Either way, I won’t show you the original ad (in case if we can reuse it one day – though I doubt it), and I’ll post up the final ad when it’s published in the magazines. Keep an eye out for it!


I really hate Fridays up until 5pm because usually it means I’m super lost and have no idea what’s going on.

My lunch was a small Thai chicken noodle salad – with no chicken in it 😦 She didn’t get any of the chicken which was laid on top – sigh.

I was stressed because I knew I was very behind that I barely ate half of it and worked and worked and thought about it.

Sorry it’s so big…

I even got a papercut. I tried to like, not have the cut look so clear? But my camera is just too crisp and captured the teeniest bit of detail. I’m sorry if that put anyone off. I tried my best to cover it lol. But as most of you know, papercuts aren’t too bad – it just looks bad, because of where it is cut as well.

I reckon papercuts are the most useless injury ever – they’re pretty stupid. But anyway, it does hurt because it’s in a sensitive-ish area (you know when sometimes you get the skin peeling upwards and it hurts???). I was feeling a bit anxious at this point – not doing well with design, AND a papercut! And sorry for my chipped polish lol. It’s been a few days already 😛

Luckily though, my design seems “do-able” and I feel a lot more at ease because I’ve considered a lot of problems already (it’s something I tend to do all the time), so I just need to continue to develop it. At least I’m on the right track, so that’s good!

I had “dessert” at a place at Kingsford after class with my classmates at a place called the Mochi Dessert Cafe or whatever it’s called and the stuff there is absolutely disgusting. Do NOT go there. Waste of money and the food comes slow (I intentionally ordered a ready made mochi so that it would be served to me really quickly so I could start eating it – that way when I get home I won’t feel too stuffed to eat dinner – but it came AFTER the others’ stuff. I waited about 7-10 minutes for a mochi in a glass window to be plated up and served to me. It should in reality take 3 minutes tops!). My friends had some random number mochi (number 2 perhaps) – one cold, one hot – and apparently it was really sweet and pretty gross. I had a strawberry green tea – it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever drank – so bad that I didn’t even make it to 25%. I left my drink, 75% full on the table. That’s how gross it was. The place is cramped and they play really awful music. Call me slack, but I absolutely cannot wait until that place is gone. It’ll be for the better.

So now here I am.

Zipia (Korean “wholesale” fashion) or Japanese brands?

So, I logged onto Zipia in eons the other day. I had noticed a few changes – they now tell you what products that are going to be in stock soon, which is really awesome.

Another thing I noticed was how ridiculously expensive Zipia has become.

One Zipia order, I bought a jacket and I remember it being $47, because it was probably the most expensive thing in my order. I check the site and it’s now $50.

You might not think this is a lot – and you’re right, because by clothing price standards it’s not bad – but the $300 minimum thing, PLUS you need to pay shipping – a few dollars per item adds up. Instead of the average 15 items (not all clothes, includes accessories and whatnot) for a barely $300 order (plus about $100 shipping – USD), you’ll only probably end up with maybe, 11, 12 items? That’s not particularly good value for my money.

Oh yes, and not to mention, the items you get from Zipia are pricey anyway ($30-$50 or even more for a dress) and you don’t even get a brand for it – a Korean brand, but I don’t know any of them (it’s not like Cherrykoko, Sechuna, Dodostyle or anything). Probably none of them large enough to own their own boutiques, in my opinion.

Lately I’ve really been contemplating on investing in a bunch of really sweet candy dresses – they’re probably too dressy for every day wear, but they are great for special occasions (like for example, attending an engagement, or a wedding). I know that my wardrobe largely lacks in light coloured clothing (I mostly wear blacks, greys, dark blues) and dresses. FYI, I own about 10 dresses or less – probably about 7 of them are black. That’s not really that great.

Rewind a bit for the anime conventions and my online researching of costumes and stuff – I suddenly really like lolita dresses for the fact that they are just simply so cute and adorable. People generally don’t wear them too often. I can’t pull it off probably, but I’d like to just own a select few (nothing too over the top).

Rewind a few years back, I used to really read Japanese magazines (trust me, I used to buy them lol – in fact I should probably go back into the habit of doing so) – I loved Japanese fashion and their clothes. Pricey and unavailable to international consumers, they were merely just a dream to me for that “one day when I go to Japan…” trip which may or may not happen. (My dad is 120% against me going to Japan. If I go, I’m not going to tell him where I’m going!)

I debated on whether or not the prices here in the Sydney boutiques were better than ordering online, since you could try the item on and test it out before you invested in something so pricey. By pricey, we’re talking hundreds – preferably high $100s, $200s, up to $300 >_< I honestly do not think it’s worth it, so I started doing my research.

Beware of ebay when it comes to Japanese Vivi fashion – a lot of them state “vivi style”. It’s okay if you are after the style and something cheapish, but if you want a particular dress, I suggest you try your ultimate best and hardest to find out the brand and buy the genuine article. I looked at a lot of the genuine listings and they’re not priced too badly – they’re about $60 shipped per dress, which is a measly fraction of what the boutiques charge here.

Unfortunately/ fortunately for me, I fell in love with a floral sundress – while it wasn’t too pricey, the price tag was at $85AUD plus shipping and a 5% paypal fee – it wasn’t even an overcomplicated dress either. It was relatively simple – one that you could wear to the beach or wear to the park or out shopping. It was one of those that I really wanted, but that much for a dress? I’ve paid more, but the dress was a Sass and Bide! Lucky me, I found the exact same dress somewhere else but for a fraction of the price – guaranteed authentic, complete with tags 😀 $45AUD shipped yo! I cannot wait until I receive it! I’ll definitely blog about it and review the dress.

At this point of time, $45AUD shipped for a Japanese boutique branded dress (a popular brand in Japan too) compared to a similar priced dress from Zipia – hmmm. At this point of time I’m thinking the Japanese option is better value for money. Will only be able to tell when I get it 😀 Should be mailed to me tomorrow ❤ Arghhhh I cannot wait!

Gmarket – where’s my moolah?

I’ve won the August Top Bloggers again, and usually they give me a gift certificate without fail. For some reason, this time round they haven’t given me one – they sorta… skipped me. Customer service this time hasn’t answered my question (I think someone who didn’t really know what I was asking answered it). I really do hope they give me a gift certificate… if not I might have to email ._. I shot them another question (under a different category) and I’m hoping someone else who knows what I’m talking about will answer me.

Seriously, I was wondering… I kept checking my mail and got nothing, but my latest Gmarket post was getting hits. Then when I checked the site, I had won it, so I wasn’t imagining it. 

EDIT/ I just got the reply from Customer Service and I should be receiving it some time – if not, I’ll need to contact them later. That’s alright 🙂

Plans for the weekend

Glorious shooting, lots and lots of fun.

On Sunday I’m going to aim to do a lot of self-improving – yes, by that I mean visiting a church and also finally starting skipping rope (for 30 minutes or so). I’m not sure if I have the resolve to do either of them, but I hope that I can complete them both.

But anyway – yeah – hopefully I’m going to be productive this weekend, and there’s a lot for me next week! I’m going to enjoy my Friday night as it is and, well, I’ll be back with probably a photograph filled Mazel tov Monday 🙂

I think I’ll be posting up my Gakkenflex “bling” next week, and stats on my new camera the week after.

Until then, I am also craving to buy something from LV. Fashion related. OOOOH SHOULD I OR SHOULD I NOT?? Should stop burning holes in my pocket yo 🙂

Until next blog!

Freaky Fridays

So indeed this Friday is quite freaky; I had to leave class early because I had a headache which felt like something/someone was constantly stabbing the back of my head with a pick.

How did I get to feel this way? Well the weather has changed from Wednesday being lovely warm to Thursday being nail bitingly cold. This morning was exceptionally cold (I woke up very early with a headache, and had to surprisingly go all the way to Martin Place for a lesson at an office), and the wind is the worst part. Makes your head feel hollow 😦

Keep your memories

So after going out on the Wednesday and having photos taken, I took the liberty to print them out.

It looks like I printed/ took a lot, but I actually reprinted 2 photos twice because I couldn’t get it to print to the edge since I didn’t know how to feed the photo paper properly lolz (you can see on the far right photo there’s a white strip down the side). Anyway, I have 2 spare extra prints that I’m giving away to my friend since he was the one who took the photos. Just as a souvenir I guess.

If you’re wondering what printer I use to print these, I own a Canon Mpx-830. It’s a multifunction scanner, printer and fax (though I don’t use the fax) – the quality is excellent and I only change ink cartridges once a year. I mean, look at the photo print quality – that’s something you’d easily get from a shop. The only dumb thing I do is always buy genuine Canon ink – I’m thinking of buying an album and collecting a bunch of portraits of myself, printing them off and having it as a portraiture/ photography book. If that’s the case I better start buying the compatible inks! Could save a lot of money.

I know photos especially in print form are largely extinct to an extent because of the sheer volume of photos we take using our digital cameras. I encourage you all, if you have the spare money to of course, to bring your memory card somewhere and print some of those off 🙂 I’m planning to do it at home (unless it really kills my ink that badly) – but yeah, just a thought 🙂 I literally don’t have many photos of myself – I guess now is a good time to start 🙂

Do it yourself!

So with weight loss comes with needing to punch extra holes into a belt.

There are literally just a few types of belts available – but if you like the type of belt with holes, there are essentially two types – one with the practical buckle where you push the metal bit through existing holes, or one with the decorative buckle where you push through holes possibly you punched yourself.

I own the latter type of belt (I don’t see why I should spend so much money on a belt if it’s not going to have an awesome buckle…) – Mr Minit Randwick kindly punched my 4 extra holes for free. At the time I thought that I only needed 4 holes – I fit into the 3rd new hole (that’s like, the 6th one including the predone ones), but soon I started using the last one. Now the belt is loose again and I could do with an extra 2 holes.

So, acknowledging that I can’t abuse Mr Minit forever and hope that they’d do it for me every time, I went and got a hole puncher so I can do it myself.

Once again, I found this forcefully stuffed into my mailbox. Seriously?!

This is a PARCEL – normal mailboxes do NOT accommodate for parcels because the slot is only maybe 2.5-3cm wide at the very most! Whoever our new parcel guy is, they’re doing a very crummy job. I appreciate the fact that they are trying to save us a trip to the Post Office by leaving it in our mailbox instead of leaving a card, but if the parcel is given to you, you’re supposed to deliver it! No attempt was made whatsoever to deliver it – it was just stuffed into the mailbox.

Once again, I’m glad that the item isn’t broken, but at this rate, forget about the items in the parcels – I can deal with a broken item, you will break our mailbox!!

I’m alarmed at how silly some people are. You don’t force something larger than the slot into the slot! Sigh.

But anyway. I ordered this off ebay and it was slightly more expensive than the most common listings (from Hong Kong) – I opted to buy from the United Kingdom/ England because I figured I’d trust the quality of their hardware more.

The hole puncher comes with 6 different hole punching sizes so you can even punch holes in a leather wrist strap for your watch 🙂

The trick so far is to sort of clamp down and then turn the hole puncher like a can opener so the hole gets punched all the way through. A bit like twisting.

The dilemma of the memory card

Omg wow. It took this ridiculous customer service over 2 days to process a replacement form, and they haven’t even sent it – they’ll do it next week. If it still doesn’t come within 5 days after that (ie. next Freaky Friday) I’m gonna chuck a fit. Waste of time. Who the heck takes an entire month to deliver a memory card? Wait until I blog about the replacement form I had to sign – it was complete rubbish.

Once again another really short post

I’m sorry once again! I have to end it here. I’ve been blowing my nose out periodically for the past hour and I’m scared that I’ve come down with something. Hot shower and cold/flu medicine entails. Mazel tov Monday post will be awesome – or at least I’ll try to make it awesome; promise!

My entire class pretty much is sick with some form of sinus related issue, and I’m hoping I didn’t catch anything! It’s still possible to fight back – go immune system, go go go!

Until next time!

PS: To make up for it, I’ll include a beauty related item in Monday’s post. ❤