is now

As per the heading title, I’ve changed my web address to reflect the name of the blog itself.

From April 2018, the domain will also cease to exist.

I’m currently really unsure about this blog as I’ve hit a stage where I don’t know how to continue – or rather, I don’t think I have the right direction. For the longest time I’ve always wanted to just delete and start fresh. “miketsu” was always a temporary name as it translates to “undecided” since I had no idea what name to give my blog.

Blogging or updating was no longer enjoyable for me. I was lost for a long time.

I will most likely start up a new blog/ website in the next half year or so, dedicated to either life in general and also for my photography/ etc. I know this page has been a mixture of both, but I think I need some time off to think and revamp. As for life in general, I think I would like to restart since married life is vastly different to my life as a bored, single and pessimistic young adult aimlessly finding bare minimum enjoyment to small, unimportant details in life. I can’t say I am different as a person, but in terms of my attitude, and what I want to concentrate on more, I really want to start over to keep things consistent – which was never the case here.

As for my photography work, I’m looking forward to doing a photography/ travel/ lifestyle blog. I’m not sure if I will keep them separate or have 2 different channels, but I will work it out later.

Thank you for following all these years – I’ve kept the name “miketsu” for about 15 years now, but I think it’s time to move on. Don’t worry, I will update and let you all know where I’m at, once I feel like I’m back on track. For now, it’s temporary goodbye until I link to my new home, where I feel at ease.

Love, Misa



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