Yeah, I’m sorry.

A lot has happened in the past 1-2 years since I last blogged, and the main thing that changed was a big one so it completed turned my world upside down. If you’ve still been following this blog and keeping an eye on my Instagram feed, you will know – otherwise for a super quick summary of what has happened:

I got married

What a bombshell! I didn’t expect it and didn’t think it was coming for me that soon, but after about 5 months of dating I was proposed to, and then married after meeting for 1 year. For girls out there who are worried and wondering, don’t fear, seriously, it can come for you any time. Now I am dealing with consequences like complicated tax returns (I still have nfi what is right or wrong – might consider paying an actual tax accountant to lodge my return), doing house things like cooking, cleaning and getting shit under order (well unfortunately I am extremely good at housework so that doesn’t help my situation much).

We had an intimate ceremony at the Royal Botanic Gardens with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as our backdrop, and a lunch reception at Sydney Park Hyatt hotel. If I didn’t invite you, do not take offence because we really wanted to keep it small. I basically invited people like family and friends I physically kept in contact with or saw recently in the past 3 years – trust me, that’s not a lot of people. I got a lot of flak for not inviting my cousins or say, my aunt’s husband – but why? If I have only met someone for 2 minutes after 10 years of knowing their existence for the first time, does that warrant an invitation, just simply because we are distantly related? I certainly don’t think so. Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent, but I wish that more people would place emphasis on the importance of guests rather than the quantity or the need to invite people/ tag-a-longs as a courteous gesture. I’ve been to large weddings and I must say I think they’re awful, especially when you barely get a chance to talk to, or take a photo with the bride and groom. Well, whatever floats your boat anyway – just my own preference.

I moved out of home. We have 6 goldfishes we deem our children. I’m obsessed and in love with Japanese cosmetics all over. We discovered truffle fries and are addicted. I still eat ice cream in winter. I’m taking photography seriously now. I own a ring light. I have a better and more powerful machine to do my work on now. We play on our PS4 – or rather, I watch him play GTA5 on PS4. We have a favourite sushi joint and are regulars. We try to buy items that are matching but always end up being mismatched. We love game arcades. We have a display cabinet of One Piece figurines.

Overall I’m happy. We still have a long way to go, but this is just the beginning – our first year anniversary is coming up in just a few days. Thank you to my husband for being patient with me and being so understanding – I think we get along well because we just know somehow, almost magically what we will say or do next. As for the impatient times, no thanks – room for improvement (regardless of how difficult I am, lol).

Recently got my first big client

I’m running businesses on the side, or rather helping out (I would like to consider myself as like, a contractor because that’s what it is right now). I’m venturing out into photography and finally decided to buy myself a decent DSLR and a lens I’d say “hell yeah” to. I will be posting more photos up (when I eventually do blog) and I will probably delete my older posts with crappy photos or poorly written text – the list goes on and it’s not my priority, but it will maybe happen one day.

I have too many things going on right now, but that’s all part of growing up. I have a car I seldom drive and needs its 6 months servicing. I’ve started taking the train and bus to work again after relying on lifts. The biggest and probably best thing I’ve done for myself is set up ways to achieve things without relying on the one obvious source. I also now wake up early in the mornings and get more things done.

Visited Japan, the land of unicorns – twice in the last year

This was a childhood dream/ plan that was never really executed due to parental misconceptions and self paranoia. I actually had a fantastic time there, so much that I revisited after a mere 6 months. Heck, even my mum enjoyed it so much she’s asking me to take her again. I don’t even know where to start or begin, but Japan for us was like a second home almost – prices were similar to what we were paying in Sydney, and thankfully for my rusty knowledge of Japanese (doesn’t help when you don’t revise after 10 years), the locals were friendly and were eager to help knowing that I could speak a little bit of their language.

To be honest I’m not really sure where the direction of this blog is headed. It was intended as a lifestyle blog of whatever that comes up randomly. It still is. I don’t know, what do people want to hear from me? Traveling things? More beauty things? Reviews? Life musings?

Give me another month or few and once I know, I will get back to this blog and see what I can do to keep this place running. I’ve lost myself a little bit in life and I’m still figuring things out, but I think we can make this work with a little bit of effort and heart.

I may blog about Japan next time round… or something. It took me such a long time to update because I didn’t know how to update without feeling dissatisfied – but at the moment, I’m reading through this post thinking “this is about right”.

Laters, and hope you all missed me as much as I did you guys.

Love, Misa


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