Okay, the title is just trolling you all. I bet you all clicked because you really thought I was going to write about it. In fact, most posts I see with a similar title never actually gives you anything in relation to the actual title itself. But I will prove you all wrong.

Just kidding. This is a really old draft that I found because I couldn’t be assed typing anything new. But nonetheless, I think anyone can still relate.

Firstly though, Valentines – what was Valentines. I think I put too much emphasis on it. Well anyway, I think I was probably spoiled during Christmas. So folks, don’t put too much into Valentines! As in, there are more important/ significant days in the year to celebrate.

01. Work.

Yes, work. I’m sure you’re all sick of me talking about it, but what can I do? I go to work 5 days a week and there are only 7 in a week to begin with. Work has its cycles on me – I can go turbo for a week or two and then after that I get so exhausted I barely make it through on the bus(es) back home. I used to think that there was something wrong with me because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open… now I’m just starting to think I’m just really tired and it’s probably a sign that I’m actually sleepy.

02. Getting my health back on track.

So I switched my GP (ie. general practitioner, doctor – whatever you want to call them). My previous GP was an elderly man – he’s still got it okay, getting a needle from him doesn’t hurt at all. But he’s starting to lose it in the respect that he’s just too old. He can’t really tell if you’re okay or not, and I think as a doctor he’s a bit too optimistic like “there’s no way you can get that, you’re too young for it”. I just think he’s too preoccupied with his own health concerns so he just doesn’t get into the details for you.

The first thing I did was get a blood test from the new GP and when the results came back I was so surprised that she told me it was no good having zero immunity to diseases such as hepatitis. Well, fair enough. I always had one other thing on my mind – and that was the fact I never had chicken pox. So again, zero immunity since I was not vaccinated against it.

So here I am, after several visits (almost once a week) I’m getting myself immunised. I know it costs money and it’s literally a pain, but I think if you’ve got some time, do think about it as it’s quite important.

Oh and the good news? Apparently everything now is normal. I was low for iron, vitamin D and pretty much everything really – but now they are all normal figures which is pretty good.

I’ve also paid more attention to my skin. I’m definitely drinking a lot more water and I’m monitoring my skin. I was super lazy for a year or so and pretty much ruined it – my persistent blackheads and occasional pimple will continue to drive me insane, but now I can see fine lines under my eyes (ie. one line per eye). This is actually pretty normal, but I was hoping I’d be one of those never-grow-old people you only read about in fictional novels. Guess it’s time to work harder. I’ve also rediscovered the joy of actually buying things from actual beauty counters and whatnot – I tried to avoid them as much as possible knowing that Australian prices are hefty in comparison to overseas pricing. That and I know I will buy unnecessarily because of “gift time”. Now that the Australian dollar has dropped so much it breaks even again, so whatever. And as for the gift time seduction? As time goes by, I have trained myself to have excellent (yes, rare use of a superlative there) restraining skills, simply by telling myself I still have stuff, unused in my cabinet somewhere.

I’m going to get the other three wisdom teeth that I have out at the end of the month (yay for Easter holidays covering up my lack-of-sick-leave-holiday-leave-ass) – yes, all at once, so I will have a tough time. Given we will be catching public transport, I’m not really sure if I will be up for it – but I think I rather do that, than ask Monsieur to pick me up, and probably laugh at my swollen squirrel face.

03. Binging on (Korean) dramas – and then giving them up

Not-so-recent dramas I watched, because this draft is so old it will celebrate its birthday soon. Skip these if you don’t want any spoilers – most likely I won’t reveal everything, but just general thoughts.

High Society (SBS)

I wanted to like this so much but Sung Joon is like trying to eat a rock hard rice cake straight out of the freezer. How can he be so dull? With barely enough screen time and development for the main couple, the drama instead pumped out crazy amounts of screen time for the second couple (which by the way did a great job in terms of chemistry and acting and visuals); the drama just had too much left to be desired. It also felt like it was cut short at least 4 episodes – no insight on the company’s future, what happened to evil noona and did oppa win?? Seriously??

Most importantly, what was the message the drama was trying to convey? I think it was really weak in sending out any message at all.

Heartless City (JTBC)

This is an older drama but after watching Falling for Innocence and unexpectedly enjoying Jung Kyung Ho’s character more than I had expected (I watched it for Yoon Hyun Min and Kim So Yeon, actually) I decided to give Heartless City a go. And I was overwhelmed.

All that gangster and underworld goodness – this is like my type of drama without doubt. I can’t say it was perfect, but it was still pretty good. All those fight scenes – how can someone be so calm and walk away and not get caught??? It was so good I’d watch it again.

I’m Sorry, I Love You (KBS)

Yes, another old one (mostly because I’m on a Jung Kyung Ho marathon). I tried to watch this about 5 years ago but could not understand why anyone would watch it or enjoy watching it. I can’t remember if I was watching it from a VHS tape or just a really bad quality clip, but the sound was quiet, the picture blurry and the subs just difficult. I just don’t know, but maybe I wasn’t into it enough. I gave up after one episode without really knowing what I just watched and left it.

Having said that still so many people say it’s so good it’s so good and that it’s a classic and too many variety shows make references to the most classic lines in the drama. I decided that now that I’m older I am mentally prepared to watch it. And I must say, it’s actually not as bad as I thought. I thought that one line would be spoken per 10 minutes… and most of the frames would be stills… but not. Well, I guess not, because I enjoyed it.

But if you want to know my random train of thought, it mostly went like this: Oh hey, Flinders Street station! Wow, 10 years ago Australian money and the money is still the same as now. Where did they get these people from to portray Australians? Where is this club? Why is this western guy holding his cards the other way?* When is he going to get rid of that horrible pornstache???? His teeth really haven’t changed in 10 years – wait, they are laminates? Wait – laminated teeth existed 10 years ago?

*the actor was holding his cards so that 3 of hearts etc was facing outwards… usually you face that to yourself and not show others…

Well it’s a classic. Classic acting, classic lines. Dramas aren’t like that these days – it’s a shame. There are so many emotions you can convey without saying anything, but these days, they choose to speak rather than act. Less is really more in this case.

I’ve still got several hundred (yes that’s right) episodes waiting for me to wait. That’s several hundred hours considering each episode is an hour long. I’m not sure if I will ever have the time, or if I will ever get through any of them, but I shall slowly and eventually when I can.

I stopped watching Korean dramas for a while because I was finally prepared to buy a tv aerial cable (yes, I know you guys are all thinking “but who doesn’t have a tv cable?!“). The story was we had a new aerial line installed (this was a whole building thing) and it came with a new head/ adapter meaning we needed a new cable. I know this probably sounds boring as shit, but hey, I deal with cables almost every day now it’s like mainstream to me. Anywho, cable in, and then sudden marathon of all day Food Network and occasional commercial tv. I think I enjoy Cutthroat Kitchen a little too much for my own liking, but that’s what’s been holding me down.

Due to my upcoming holiday (which, by the way, is going to be to Tokyo, Japan, omg how exciting I’ve never been and finally will go etc etc) I have decided to stop watching Korean shows because I will get all of my languages messed up (as if they aren’t already messed up as they are now).

9 Ji Kara 5 Ji Made (From 9-5)

So I have a real weak spot for Yamashita Tomohisa and decided to watch it. Apart from the usual “starring Yamapi…. as Yamapi” and admiring his tan/ black hair for once etc, the show was just fluffy and all. Guys like him really don’t exist, and if they did, got nothing to do with me. He was a really sweet character though – as if you wouldn’t get pissed waiting a whole day. I get pissed waiting 30 minutes, so…

4. Thinking of ways to rule the earth

Half kidding, but also true. I really need to find out ways to basically live smarter, but not harder. Until I figure this out, life will still be hard. But I will think about it and one day, just one day I know I will figure something out.

5. Cooking

Food Network is excellent for this, I must say.

Because Monsieur (to my mum anyway) is an emaciated mess (not really, he just owns a metabolism akin to a black hole) I have been trying to play my role of nutritionist/ sneaking in extra calories/ making sure he gets meals on time. He is incredibly busy, and I know the feeling. He is basically what I was when I was in uni, and I know it’s impossible to juggle lifestyle with the amount of work you need to process and pump out. I’m trying my best to help out – not sure if it’s really actually helping or not, but I try. So far, I haven’t made anything inedible. I kid. I’m a kitchen Midas – everything I touch turns into rainbow unicorns.

I am planning to move out some time this year, so I will need to do more cooking. I have made a huge improvement though, from taking an hour to prep and cook a meal – but now within the hour I can make several things, including the meal and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. I’ve become more efficient and I kind of like that.

So um, I know my last New Zealand post hasn’t been out (and it’s been more than a year – trololol) but I maybe…. maybe will post it. Eventually.

Anyways, hope you’re all having a splendid time – until next era,

Love, Misa


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