…and it’s not jaywalking.

Hello, again! I dropped off somewhere (again), hence the title of this post.

For the first time in miketsumuse history, I did not post new years’ resolutions or reflect back upon the year *insert face of absolute horror here*. But what’s even more shocking is that I am actually typing this post, because frankly I have really decided to disappear off the face of the earth.

I’m really not going to kill myself any more for not meeting expectations, or if things aren’t working out the way I planned. I’m just going to let things take its own course and just enjoy it for good or for bad and see how things run. I’m at a stage where I’m a bit tired from struggling for no apparent reason other than putting pressure on myself.

My cover image is me basically running away from the photographer, Monsieur (obviously not the real name) – and yes. George Street has been closed (for those who don’t live in Sydney) so you have the liberty to stop right in the middle and take photos – yay! Just don’t run away like me. You will end up with an awkward photo, like the one above.

Basically in a nutshell for the past two months, here’s what happened:

Took 6 weeks of medication for gastric reflux

It was so bad I couldn’t sleep for a week, and I would wake up mid-sleep etc – but the good thing is that I’m a lot better now, and slowly improving. I probably should go see that specialist and all, but uhhhh I’m not that keen on spending that much money for an endoscopy and I kind of need my remaining wisdom teeth out more.

This problem is not really new to me – it has been pestering me for probably the past 2 years, it only just got dramatically worse in a short span of time. But likewise, I seem better than before and it is manageable. Oh. I realised how confusing that was – I was referring to both the reflux and wisdom teeth, just to make things a little more complicated 😉

People hate my head/ face and decide it’s okay to hit me

I kid, it’s not that serious. Well, sort of. In a span of 2 months I managed to:

  • Bust a lip (bus slammed its brakes and I had a glass panel in front of me, and smacked it so hard my lip busted and bled)
  • Have a customer drop a 2.5kg metal tripod onto my head, scratching my face in the process (small cut, and yes, it was a cut because the skin was open albeit a shallow one), and then bruising my forearm twice (rebound, bang bang)
  • Smash my head really hard into a low and thick tree branch because I was wearing sunglasses and a wide brim hat, so I could not see

Right now, I am typing, sometimes pausing to ice my head, and then typing again. I hope nothing’s gone funny because I really did feel the impact of that hit (ie. the last one) so hard my teeth knocked against each other :\ Well, we shall see.

Had a really last minute trip to Newcastle during the 4 day Christmas break.

For the first time ever I went away for a Christmas getaway. We had some pretty sad weather so most of our days were just cooking, cleaning, prepping, cooking, cleaning (rinse repeat) – I therefore have no photos of the area, but we had a killer balcony and I was happy with the apartment.

Super large balcony at our two bedroom apartment in Newcastle. You may be wondering why I said the weather was sad when it looks so nice in this photo - that's because in the afternoon it rained... and rained... and the very next day? Hot, muggy, cloudy.

Super large balcony at our two bedroom apartment in Newcastle. You may be wondering why I said the weather was sad when it looks so nice in this photo – that’s because in the afternoon it rained… and rained… and the very next day? Hot, muggy, cloudy.

The balcony was one of my favourite parts of the apartment, and probably a close second was the kitchen as there was an 80s style glass brick window which made the whole place airy and bright. Too bad I only enjoyed the balcony for about 2 minutes… I got a cluster of mozzie bites on my ankle from that short period of time and did not dare step out there again :S

We had a day up at Port Stephens, and we did see a few dolphins (though far away – we were on a cruise), and the weather was cloudy and had occasional showers. Overall it was a really quiet and relaxing stay – I would do it again just for the apartment. It felt like home, but only a new kind of home.

Had an increasingly social social life (yes I know I typed that word twice)

I caught up with many friends, went out to many new and strange places, had good food and got plenty of vitamin D. I’m not really a beach person, but this summer has been just beach visits all round. I met up with K and we did a coastal beach walk, and I got my chest completely sunburnt (like it was red lobster and I could not feel it burning at all) – now I have a tan mark/ line/ patch in a shape of a bib on my chest (I was wearing a singlet) and I am not happy/ feeling it 😦

Anyway, lots of great catch ups with friends I haven’t seen for ages. I’m grateful and happy.

Said tan didn't stop me going  to the beach, though I hope I didn't get tanned. This sweet looking hat is also the culprit which made me (literally) smash my head onto that tree...

Said tan didn’t stop me going to the beach, though I hope I didn’t get tanned. This sweet looking hat is also the culprit which made me (literally) smash my head onto that tree…

Aaaaaand last but not least I’m now in a relationship, so… yeah. I will refer to him as Monsieur for now. For the first time I went and had a Christmas Eve dinner, and I’m starting to understand now what it’s like to be around someone nice. I’m not saying my friends aren’t nice, but in all honesty I’ve had my fair share of really horrid people in my life – sometimes life has its own way; perhaps you need to meet all these horrible people first, before you can learn to appreciate and think to yourself “ah, so this is what people should be like”.

Of course, we’d all rather skip the mean people in life and have it easy, but that’s how it is. Hopefully there will only be better things to come in life, and something to look forward to every day.

Hope everyone had a good new year (it’s late, but not too late because Chinese New Year is around the corner – yes, trying to justify myself), take care until next blog (and beyond).

Love, Misa


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