So it has been about 5 months since my last post… there is not much to say other than trying to juggle bits and pieces of my life and trying to de-stress myself.

I will be back at some stage to complete the New Zealand posts (if I haven’t already – because I honestly can’t even remember). At the moment I am a bit preoccupied with planning my next trip, which I intend to take in April 2016. I’ve been busy trying to get a passport underway (I cannot begin to even describe the incompetence of the people at Australia Post and the way they process passport applications like you are a fugitive just because there is a slight difference in name and refuse to accept official documentation from another country – albeit the document being in English – and then “sharing” this personal information with other staff members, yes, how professional) and finally got it all to happen at the Passports Office. We were getting disappointed and our spirits down because of it, but all this made me more determined to obtain the passport. Now that has been achieved, and I’ve booked the tickets and hotel.

My next trip is going to be quite an important one to me, because it has sentimental value. Probably around ten years ago I made the promise to take my mum there, and now it’s finally happening. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to, but something was always in the way of me going.

I’m not the outgoing type and I’m afraid to try new things, but recently I’ve been trying to push my limits a bit more so I can step out of my comfort zone and learn more. With the new trip coming up, there will be plenty to plan, and I have a lot of language revision to do since it will be in a foreign country I’ve never been to before. I’m really excited about it, and I will definitely write more once I have details sorted out.

In other news, I must really recommend to anyone who has sensitive skin or easily clogged pores to spend an extra 5 minutes at least each time you wash your face. I’ve ditched the Clarisonic because the 90 seconds or so it works for doesn’t seem adequate for a good clean. I mean, it is definitely a good product, but after I started getting little bumps that wouldn’t go away I had  to question where and why it went wrong. For a long time I had trouble with my skin (due to neglect) that I relied on products to cover up the imperfections. Now even though it’s not perfect, I wouldn’t be so against the idea of walking out of the home with a completely bare face. Try it, it will make a huge difference.

For those who are still keeping up to date with me via Twitter or Instagram, thank you and please continue to do so, because I may not be around to blog as frequently as I like. As you may gather from my Instagram feed I’ve been having a good time, and I will continue to do so 😉

Hopefully I’ll post again soon, I do have some things to post about. The photo above was just taken last night at USYD’s graffiti tunnel by my work colleague. It was a really candid shot, but figured I’d share. (And it was not until recently that I figured that what bothered me was not the size of my face but the strangeness of my chin and nose that seem so pokey – idk)

All the best, and will return (better than before),

Love, Misa


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