2014 in retrospect and 2015 resolutions

This took me longer than expected… but first off, happy new year! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays. My 2015 started and ended with smooth public transport (people on holidays meaning less commuters and less traffic – seriously, why can’t every day be a holiday?), unexpected Christmas presents and some extra dollars to pay bills/ go shopping with.

2014 was really a year of “I don’t give a shit about anything as long as I am happy” and it sort of worked. It made me a bit conceited though (to some people anyway), but whatever. We all deserve to be conceited about something once in a while.

Here are the main highlights of 2014;

Found a new job
READ ABOUT IT HERE. This took the most courage, but I did it in the end. I know you’re all sick of me talking about it, but for me it was something big. While I enjoyed my first permanent job immensely for the people I worked with, I just couldn’t win myself over and justify staying.

Went to my first ever concert
READ ABOUT IT HERE. It was something that I have been meaning to do, and I finally did it. JJ Lin is amazing live.

Ticked off things from 2013’s 30 Day Challenge wish list
ORIGINAL 30 DAYS POST… AND TICKING OFF THE LIST HERE. My 2014 in terms of adding to my small handbag collection stands at a somewhat modest count of 2 items from Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney. Although I held back, I don’t think I ended up spending any less than previous years. But that’s okay.

Attending my first ever wedding. Alone.
Okay, so going alone sucked, but it was one of the first formal events I had to attend.

Visiting New Zealand!
The people there are seriously all so terribly nice and the pace of life over there is perfect. If I had lots of money I would seriously consider packing up everything and moving there to retire – I would climb all of those trails and travel the whole country by car.

Here is an image I have not yet posted (since I’ve been postponing part 2 for like forever). This was one of my favourite places ever.


More of my graphic material being printed in large scale format
My 20 page catalogue for work was printed about a month ago for public distribution – 500 copies were printed! My large scale banners are also hanging up in store and also outside my workplace which can be seen by thousands of commuters each day.

Discovering Forever21.
I didn’t write about it at all, but I ended up buying from Forever21 like… twice? Thrice? This was before I even knew they were going to open in the Macquarie Centre or wherever that is (far far away from where I am anyway). I’ll most likely go check it out one day but I heard it wasn’t that great. Well, I will go for a mini excursion to see exactly how their pricing is and what the range is like.

Other ridiculous things that happened that I didn’t mention:

  • My favourite, most comfy and best fitting Westwood Melissa shoes broke. Because of the shape of the shoe itself (how the top part is “cut out”) it makes it super easy and prone to cracking when you bend/ flex the shoe. This is assuming of course, there is a crack or a rip to begin with – and this could be due to a variety of reasons such as a manufacturing defect that is not readily visible, or just not knowing and wearing the shoe wrong. The most annoying? Only one shoe has this problem – the other is perfectly fine, but it means a perfectly good shoe goes to waste as it is no longer a pair and irreparable.
    In remembrance of this awesome shoe, here they are in their full glory when I first unboxed them. Makes me think twice about getting jelly/ rubber shoes though – maybe not a great idea. I only wore the shoes for like 4 months and they broke.
  • Basically condemned online dating. So pretty much this explains itself but I don’t want to put other people down because meeting people online is the easiest way. Best thing is most likely it is free. Unfortunately for me, I have pretty much closed myself off from others and have a pretty low confidence level in trusting other people. I get paranoid because I don’t know who the other person is until I actually see them. Well, I must say if you are sensible, it doesn’t hurt one way or another.
    I didn’t mention about it because I wasn’t sure if it was right to write about it since it is kind of embarrassing (I KID IT IS SUPER EMBARRASSING TO THE POINT YOU WANT TO CURL UP AND ROLL AWAY) and went down really really badly. It was funny in retrospect, but deep inside I knew I should have just not turned up since I had this gut feeling I didn’t want to wait in cold, rainy weather, in a place I didn’t want to be, sick, tired from getting off work for some douchebag who couldn’t be assed turning up on time. I should have just left and went home, but no, I stayed, wasted my time, and met a new type of species which proves that immaturity really has no limits. I can’t believe I had to sit there and listen to someone drone on about reading non-fiction for enlightment (ewww @ non-fiction) and wondering why people read fiction (ie. me). I’m not saying non-fiction is boring, you need non-fiction to gain knowledge, but seriously, can you prove that non-fiction is really and truly non-fiction? I think the only book that proves true to being non-fiction is a dictionary, because it’s the only literature that can actually be proven to be completely factual, objective and correct in its entirety (assuming there are no errors).
    Thanks to this experience I have remembered why I hate people (certain types people of course – or rather, certain characteristics of people) and need to earn more money to move to some remote area and retire.
    If I go into the details it’s pretty hilarious, but for now I will leave it. If I get enough requests to actually blog about it, I may.
  • And there is more, but not very significant to talk about.

These were my resolutions that I ticked off from last year’s resolution list:

  1. Save up at least half my pay, buy only one expensive item.
    I think I did a good job with this. I could have done better but shiny things – we all want them.
  2. DONE – Go interstate OR overseas.
    Yes, this happened. I went over for a short stay in New Zealand.
  3. DONE- Finding a new job.
  4. Reconciling with friends.
    Errrr this was a hard one. I forgive pretty easily, but I’m not very good with forgetting. More often than not each time I forgive I almost immediately regret when the other person either takes forever to reply, doesn’t turn up on time etc – all these are factors leading to me to believe that (1) you do not value me as a true friend (2) you do not bear basic respect for me. You can say I did tick this one off because I did try, only I regretted soon afterwards. Rinse and repeat cycle – I think though, if it is the same person who does this to you, you’re better off without them.
  5. Blog at least once every 2-3 weeks.
    It worked for about half a year until I just got crazy busy with work. I was doing pretty well for the first few months… but oh no.
  6. Be healthy, stress level to zero. No migraines.
    My migraines stopped coming, but I have crazy lightheaded dizziness. Not sure which one I would prefer (preferably none to be honest). Guess it is time to add more exercise into daily life as it is lacking.
  7. Take up a new hobby.
    Someone… make me do something. I would usually be open to attending classes, workshops or whatever, but I don’t want to do things alone! About 60% of my friends are residing overseas and the other 30% are married or have children.
  8. DONE- Do one home renovation.
    Though technically I didn’t do it myself – but it happened. I promise in 2015 I will finally paint the walls >_>
  9. Cook more.
    I was forced to do so… but it worked.
  10. PROGRESS- Take better care of my skin.

I don’t have many resolutions for 2015 as such as I know that even if I set them they are useless unless I actually try to make an effort, but here they are anyway:

Resolutions for 2015:

1. Keep fit/ do more exercise.

2. Receive a big fat pay rise or find a job that will give me one
I know I have just only started my job (it’s been like 10 months now!), but I need to consider where I want to go and what I want to achieve or do. I enjoy working with the people I do, but maybe it’s some sort of curse – just because I work hard and can complete a lot of work, I always am working in places that are understaffed. Employers always seem to think that if they have one employee who can finish the work there is no need to hire more. I understand this from an economic point of view, after all a business is run to make money. However it just feels unfair, you know?

I have time to consider my options. Most likely I will probably stay on for another year, but that will depend on the situation at hand.

3. Travel at least once during the year
Depending on the Australian Dollar, I will consider where I want to go. At the moment South Korea, USA and Japan are quite top of my list. I’m still a bit creeped out since there may be radiation in Japan, but it’s just somewhere I have always really wanted to go.

4. Start/ complete renovations, if not consider moving.
We’ve lived in our apartment for 14.5 years now. I like this place – it’s bright, sunny, close to everything and I can watch fireworks from my balcony or window. There are shitty things about it too, being sloppy strata management, being forever a black hole on google maps (y u no deliver to me?), being old and requiring more maintenance (as is the case with all apartments more than 10 years old), and not particularly liking the neighbours (I have a crazy woman downstairs who wakes up at 5am to rearrange her outdoor furniture on her balcony – and yes she drags the table along the tiles, rude neighbours demanding you let them in via the intercom without saying “please” or “thank you” [FYI we didn’t let them in – no key? Your problem + we don’t even know who you are], and mysterious chain smokers somewhere but I do not know where).

Thanks once again for reading until the end. Sorry if this year has been boring. I hope you all enjoyed 2014 and have a great 2015 – I know I will try my best to make the most out of this year. Until next time!

Next post: Michael Kors Selma


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