Short filler post

Hi everyone – I will have some time (finally) during the Christmas break to get my drafts back on track and to keep posting. This past month I have been struggling with poverty… Internet data poverty. I have 50GB of peak time data and somehow I used up more than half in a week all thanks to owning an Apple TV and Youtube-ing the crap out of it (if you buy it you should use it, right??). I also uploaded a heap of photos from my trip (reasonably large since uploads are included in the download data limit) so I skimped out on my Internet and disappeared for a while.

Those posts I promised will come… eventually. Sorry!

On other matters I have been really busy with work. The boss decided it was time to have that Grand Opening party (although we moved in like 3 months ago trololol) and I was like an in-house graphic designer for the past week or two. I rushed all sorts of deadlines (set by myself really) and finished a 20 page A5 catalogue (or more like revised it) – redesigning the front cover, made 4 invitations for different types of media, about 8-10 web banners (yes, design is required), 11 hanging banners (big ass banners 1m x 2.5m to hang from the ceiling – all different in nature) – adding onto the 10 banners I designed a few months ago, at least 1 A4 poster advertising something, put up maybe 20 product listings as we have new products coming in, packed probably 100 parcels/ orders, whilst taking orders, replying emails, making sales on the floor and answering the phone. Yes, I am exhausted and I am amazed at how much work I do and wish I was paid much more.

I’m sure I did more work than what I mentioned because suddenly the girl who usually helps clear the orders and packing suddenly disappeared and didn’t turn up for work recently. We also had over 100 boxes of stock come in and I probably cleared about 10 boxes of those within 2 hours… but still this is not enough as the back part of the store (where the event will be) is still under construction and we need to clear those boxes… this party by the way is in 4 days’ time… well, less now. 72 hours non-stop is probably not even enough and we will be cutting it close.

I was also going to rant about idiots on the bus but I will refrain from doing so because I’m going to get a lot of slack for it. I finally get another day of rest and I am looking forward to it. We have a new “helper” at work, but um, they don’t really help or get much work done. Kids these days are amazing – for example if you tell them “here are some flyers and envelopes… we need to mail them out – stick on the address label and stamp” they will only do the things you tell them and won’t bother sealing the envelope. They will also ask you where to place the stamp and put the return address in the most prominent part of the envelope in place of the recipient’s address. It will also take them 1 minute to do 1 envelope. I’m serious; I wish I were kidding though.

I’m not really sure what the whole deal with “work experience” is. It’s just a fancy word for “please hire me, I can be free if you want, but if you like you can also give me some money, but I won’t put my heart into work because finding real work is way too hard and I don’t want to commit”. When I was in uni, I didn’t have a job – in fact, I never had one. Not once in my head did the idea of doing work experience ever cross my mind – the only thought I had was actually finding a job. Why should I get work experience somewhere totally unrelated to my interests and not get paid properly for it? Is it because people feel insecure and just want to do something with their time? Is it because they do not want to face the disappointment of not being hired?

I really do not understand why people do work experience in something they don’t really care for and not even try to be proactive about it. Well, all I can say is that some people will learn failure the super hard way. But then again, they are so conceited that they will forever be in denial and treat anything as a success, just because.

If I could rewind a few years back, I would work just as hard as I do now and do exactly the same. I would learn everything I could in the shortest time possible and collect all the skills I can and become an invaluable member – or active contributor – of the team. Time is precious, I don’t understand why people waste it. Even if you waste time, do it in a way that you don’t regret it. Seriously if you don’t give a shit, go waste your time somewhere else and play a video game instead. Just don’t do that at work. Man up (or woman up) and just be honest “I’m not cut for this” and everyone will just say “you poor baby, go have an early mark and enjoy your holiday instead”.

Rant over.

Anyway, the party was over and to my slight disappointment it was just work that whole day to be honest… I had less fun than those last minute casual workers (who ate more than I did, and didn’t do what they were supposed to do – this is why you should not know about logistics if you are anal about logistics not going to plan and obsessive compulsive about order). I’ve had a busy month. To summarise:

  • Kitchen drain got blocked and had to be unblocked with some form of crazy acid
  • Doing all the housework non stop (I’m seriously, my hands were not dry at all for half a day) – maybe I really do not want to be a house hermit for this reason
  • That work party which sucked out most of my soul
  • Intercom upgrade – looks cheap and horrible but at least it makes more sense now
  • Visiting a new dentist who is tons better than that asshole who made me trek half the city to get an x-ray when there was one just a few streets down (WHY??)
  • Getting my dizziness back – flashback to final year uni of 4 days of continuous sleep. I never really rested after New Zealand and then got sick… staring at a computer screen for about 6 hours+ per day really kills me especially since I do a lot of scrolling and graphic work it really messes up my eye brain coordination. It’s getting better now though.
  • Had to live alone for about 4-5 days for a reason I won’t publicise.

Other news:

What is this honey butter chip, what does it taste like and where can I buy it? I love potato chips (sad reality) even though I don’t really eat junk food – I am so going to look for these to have a try!

Watched the first 2 live action adaptations of Rurouni Kenshin, and was really addicted I had to rewatch both. I’m satisfied with the adaptation (though the characters and story were all meshed together and shuffled around), but I am glad with the casting of Kenshin since he is no doubt the hardest character to portray well. I am also very impressed with the holding power of Gatsby wax (you will understand if you watch any Japanese drama or movie). After that I decided to rewatch the anime… I have been marathoning for the past few days and everything is slowly coming back to me. Good times – it has been years since I watched it. In our household Kenshin has a special place because it’s one of the few animes we watched together as a family and own on official VCD (note that is not a typo, yes I am that old). I wish that my dad was able to watch the live action adaptation… he probably would have enjoyed it.

One of my favourite songs which I think they should really use as an end theme forever for Kenshin… I even own this OST on CD (3rd OST for the Kyoto part). TM Revolution is amazing. You can Youtube for other versions of the song, but although this is long I kind of dig that guitar solo at the end.

Song starts at about 1 minute in

I will be back with a post in the new few days as I will have a 4 day break. Until then, merry Christmas and hope you all have a bunch of awesome presents under the tree or in your stockings! I only have one under the tree… “tree”. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s a box of chocolates lol. I’ll be waiting for the 25th to open it!


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