Being a wedding guest: Internet and eyelashes are full of lies + November travelling

Slight digression: current affairs

Can I mention how crazy our Sydney weather has been? I was at work on Monday and suddenly it just started pissing  rain. One of the guys at work was like “big storm coming up” and I thought to myself, “but the rain has just stopped?”. Everything was going well until I got off my bus – unexpectedly half an hour earlier than usual to find that it was literally flooded and the raindrops so freaking huge that half a second in the rain was enough to saturate you. I’m serious – I could literally count the number of raindrops on my jeans, but they were super damp from just 10 drops or so.

I was going to go home from there (about a 5 minute walk if I’m fast) but as soon as I stepped into a seemingly harmless puddle, I could feel the top of my sneakers being damp. That was when I thought to myself HOW ABOUT NO. I had to SOS it and get my mum to pick me up. I saw countless pairs of shoes ruined in the 10 minutes I waited for her, and most people were like “f this” and went barefoot.

The thunderstorms got worse the next night and there are all these crazy photos of flooded train stations and snow in October up north west. Are you serious? It doesn’t snow in Sydney and it’s snowing in Spring. That just does not make sense.

Anyway, luckily for me I just only ride buses and things have been alright so far. I hope that all Sydneysiders take care because this weather has been so unpredictable. I will be wearing boots or rainboots to work. A high top sneaker just doesn’t cut it.


So last week two and a half weeks ago I went to my friend’s wedding. This goes to show how old this draft is Dx I was meant to post earlier but somehow I just got lazy. Better late than never, right? How is everyone? I have been having a few busy weeks at work and pretty much that’s about it – trying to take things easy.

Wedding guest shopping: 3 days prior to wedding

I had so much torment over what gift to give since I wanted to make it special. I know most people will just give gift cards or money, but I would very much rather give something a little more expensive but has a bit of memorabilia value to it so that she may look at it and go “I received this from so and so for my wedding day” and look back on it in a positive light, rather than just spend the money and forget who even gave you the money in the first place – or for those crazy people who remember everything “I got a gift card from say, Billy and they only loaded $50 onto it which went into a bathroom mat”. Maybe I’m one of those crazy people – but anyway, the search was on and it was hard being on a budget since I know gifts just go and are rarely spoken about.

I decided to go to Louis Vuitton – I didn’t really have much of a choice but still I thought it was a pleasant one and a reasonable one, though they didn’t have the colour/ style I wanted. Either way the sales was really nice and helpful and helped me package everything well as I told her it was a wedding present. I was surprised at how large the box was as I wasn’t expecting it to be that large, but it certainly looked impressive and I was a happy camper.

FYI it was a silk scarf – more like a tie, but I like it. You can wear it in your hair, around your wrist, as a belt, on your bag or around your neck – whatever floats your boat. I also chose it in a lavender colour which is related to spring.


Gift cards (as in the type of card you write in to congratulate someone/ write a message) can be expensive but I managed to wing it by not even needing to purchase an extra card somewhere else. I would like to think that it would be a nice card to keep since you can’t buy it. I was also thinking about the card for a very long time because I didn’t want to buy the same card as other people – I’m not sure how many people actually wrote/ gave cards, but with the little selection available, I think I hit the jackpot for being unique.

I was also given a gift receipt (nice touch) which I included into the gift box, and I repackaged it a little to make everything “fit”. The card was too wide for the bag, so I had to improvise with their trademark leather string (is it leather string? I don’t know exactly what it is) and I added some roses (since that was their wedding theme – I think) for a personal touch. Only thing I regret was not drafting my message so I think I made a spelling error (which I had to cross out/ disguise without using liquid paper) and repeated the same word twice in a sentence (burrrrrn). So yes, draft your cards >_< I was  too fixated on having really swirly handwriting and making it look nice.

Also hint – if you are going to attach your card the way I did below, make sure you punch the hole first before you start writing the card… I punched it halfway and so the card is now hanging upside down. Well, you learn.


Actual wedding day

I was fooled by our usual watch battery man who misinformed my mum that it was going to be daylight savings, so I woke up at like 7:15am on a Sunday morning thinking it was actually 8:15am. Well, after about an hour later finishing my breakfast I was wondering why my computer clock hadn’t changed, just to find that daylight savings is the week after (ie. like, about the time this post is published).

Basically (in my head anyway) I felt that I woke up earlier than the bride herself. On a wedding day that was not my wedding day. Hmm.

I thought that there were going to be a lot of preparations for me because I was going to (daringly) use a new liquid eyeliner for stronger staying power, but because it is quite watery and can take a while to dry I thought that it was going to take me many attempts before I could get it right. Crazily enough I got it right in one go, and also adding false eyelashes was so much easier and took me about 10 minutes when I thought it would take me half an hour. In all honesty though, I cheated because I did not apply eyelashes to my entire eye – only on the ends.


It doesn’t look like much in photographs (sorry for the low res) but it does make a whole lot of difference in person. Attaching a bit of eyelash onto the end of the eye means that you can reduce the amount of mascara (usually without false eyelashes and if I really want to go for the super long lash look I will definitely use at least 3 coats) which also means less smudging. I experienced probably zero smudging and this was after about 12 hours of wear.

Another trick is to glue the eyelash on the bottom of your lashes rather than on top, because nobody will look near your waterline unless they are strange. That way your false eyelashes are tucked well, look natural and don’t look too overboard.

I originally also braided a section of my hair loosely so that hair wouldn’t cover my face. This was pointless because when I arrived at the wedding ceremony location, it was so windy that literally my eyelashes felt like they were falling off.


Result with all makeup complete and hair curled, minus lip colour – and I did not wear that outer cardigan… I wore a blazer.

With my makeup done in less than half an hour, I had about 2 hours to spare before I had to do my hair and catch a bus. It took forever to wait for that time to pass so I highly suggest watching something (which thankfully I found something interesting enough to entertain me) before curling my hair crazy curly to stop it from uncurling later in the day. You will need hairspray, gel or wax to hold it unless you have hair that holds really well. Don’t skip blush because you will need it. I always skip blush but these days I do it in the mornings and I look a lot livelier during the day.

A few days prior I sorted out my dress by ironing it for a good 30 minutes so that my dress was wrinkle free for the day. No dramas and no hassles with my outfit for the whole 8 hours I was out reduced a whole lot of stress.


I got there early and sat in this super cold pavilion thing in the shade. I liked the view though since I could see the Harbour Bridge from where I was. This the the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, by the way. It was still really windy despite wearing sunglasses and I actually had to check if my eyelashes were really falling off -but they weren’t. Basically I was the odd ball in the entire place because I knew not a single soul (well okay a few but not well enough to sit down with them and act friendly) until I saw someone from uni. We briefly talked for like 3 minutes max and then he went somewhere. He was supposed to turn up at the banquet/ wedding reception later that night because his name was on the plate next to my seat. He didn’t turn up :\


The wedding ceremony was a garden setting and I made myself come a bit early as it said 1:30pm on the invitation. These are all lies since I turned up at about 1:15pm, as the ceremony took place at about 2:30pm.

Like I said, it was pretty windy, but it was sunny and warm so I was thankful I was wearing sunglasses. Overall it was pleasant weather. The rose garden on the side (not the arch but the garden itself) wasn’t actually in bloom which was a bit of a pity, but still it was nice.

The ceremony ended with a few photos at the end (super rushed of course) within about 45 minutes and I was wondering what I was going to do until the 6pm wedding reception dinner.

It was only then when I was thinking “what can I do with 2 hours?” that the answer “go watch a movie” somehow amazingly popped into my head – and that’s what I did. Dressed like I was some business woman, I went to the cinemas myself and bought a ticket to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.


I don’t want to make myself sound so insensitive but those two hours+ were no doubt the best two and a half hours of the whole day in terms of comfort since I wasn’t paranoid at who was around me, and I got to sit down and rest my feet. It took me forever from the Botanic Gardens to Events Cinemas (about 40 minutes) since there are no direct buses. My shoes still needed breaking in and since I haven’t worn heels in about 6 months, my legs were not holding up well to the mere 4cm heel. I was just not used to it.

And can I take the chance to whinge about how expensive movie tickets are? I was in a normal cinema – not Vmax, no 3D and it cost $20 just because it was a Sunday. Remember those days when tickets were about $12? What happened?

The wedding reception dinner was actually at 6pm (which you can see from the ticket the movie ended about there). I was a bit “late”  but it was still early since I anticipated the food to actually roll out at 7pm.

I didn’t write much about the present, but I actually carried it around in that terrible wind to the park, then to the cinema so it looked more like I went shopping than attended a wedding. I was so glad to put the present down at the reception – it wasn’t large or heavy, but I was carrying it like a baby so that it wouldn’t get wrinkled throughout the day and looked pretty strange.


I was put on a table with a mix of people, mostly one half being the typical seniors who you don’t really want to talk to (and they won’t talk to you). Thankfully I was seated with some really nice people so the night was not hard to bear. There were conversations going on and I was sometimes involved so it meant my meal was a pleasant one. I noticed that with these banquet style dinners nobody really pays attention to the speeches or what’s going on because they keep pumping out food so people only eat and ignore the actual function. If I ever have a wedding it will most likely be a three to four course and not the traditional Chinese 10 course + 3 desserts madness as I think people are more inclined to focus on you since it’s your big day rather than on the food.

Where I was sitting I had this bigass column in front of me so I couldn’t see the stage or whatever presentation/ video/ slideshow they had on the screen at the front. Out of courtesy though I “paid attention” to whatever was being shown, but I was actually staring blankly at a structure 😦

The night ended at 10pm, so it was a really long day. I sort of understand why people only go to the receptions now because it is a very long time. Without the movie I think I would have been in trouble.

I waited all night to take a photo with the wedding couple, and it was taken by their “professional” photographer – and yes, the photo was blurry 😦 And this was taken by a professional.


I’m the one on the far right. It’s a pretty blurry photo and no amount of any special effects can fix it! The bride’s dress was really nice though, I am really digging this outfit/ dress she has on, though in real life it looked more navy than primary blue.

Outfit consists of: Tan chiffon dress with front tulip pleats (conveniently covered) from Forever21. The underskirt frill was just some random skirt I purchased from some Korean website to give my dress some extra length and make it less see through. Black blazer with a semi-shiny tuxedo collar by Karl Lagerfeld. Black Patent leather cluth – Yves Saint Laurent. Black patent open toe heels by Prada. Silver bangle watch by Gucci, plus some other small accessories you can’t see in the photo.

Though you cannot see it, my nail colour was O.P.I Tutti Fruitti Tonga – slightly peachy yet pink with a hint of sparkle. My eyeliner was by Majolica Marjorca automatic liquid eye liner pen (has glitter in it but minimal glitter) in black; mascara was also by Majolica Majorca. Great staying power, seriously, best brand ever for eye makeup.

So what lies?

1. Internet search exactly when daylight savings is to prevent loss of sleep for no reason at all except silliness

2. Never doubt your own makeup skill and luck prior to a big event if you generally have 0% mishap in the past

3. Do not go earlier than the time marked on the invitation, in fact forget courtesy – it is okay to turn up a bit late but not like 1 hour late, more like 15- 30 minutes late.

4. Weddings do not provide food more than once – expect light refreshments for the “not main” meal celebration.

5. Just because you tug at your false eyelashes and think you glued them well, bring your eyelash glue with you in case if your lashes get loose from crazy wind blowing at them. This is a pretty good idea because I remembered to bring a compact to touch up (didn’t need to in the end), so why not eyelash glue?

6. Just because you invited someone to your wedding (or whatever it is) and they say they will be there, there is a high possibility they won’t – for whatever reason.

7. Whatever the Internet tells you about fashion/ clothing etiquette can be all lies. I saw so many people dressed in black, red, bodycon skin tight barely covering ass dresses, people casually wearing their beach dress plus sandals, white especially white lace – forget clothing “rules”. Just wear whatever you want to wear, because you will be stressed. It turns out that nobody really gives a damn how you look, or what you are wearing – so you might as well just turn up in comfy clothing. Luckily I was still comfortable (minus my shoes because I haven’t worn heels in a lifetime and a half) so no real problems there. I just felt terribly overdressed, that’s all – but in a good way.

8. You will not get many photos with the special couple on the day because they are too busy to talk or take a photo.

9. Professional photographers take perfect photographs. THIS IS A LIE. The only photo I got with the bride and groom was BLURRY. BLURRY!

10. Don’t stress over the wedding gift. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I haven’t heard a word. So just don’t worry about it – give whatever you want to give and that’s about it.

It was overall a long day – it was my first time attending a whole day wedding (that I can actually remember) but next time I’m sure I will have ways of making it less stressful and tiring!

November Travels

I’m going overseas!

It was a bit of a quick decision since I didn’t plan it all too well, but I decided to go overseas for a few nights and just change my mood and everything for a bit and see the world with new eyes. I’ve had many thoughts lately and wondered why I was saving up so much when I didn’t have anything in particular I was going to buy – I mean yes, a deposit for an investment property is a good reason, but seeing that even if I had the money I probably wouldn’t buy considering it would be too hard to pay off the mortgage on my own. Or at least that’s how I feel anyway.

This is the first time I will be going somewhere that is not China/ Hong Kong/ Macau (though China and Macau were really day trips! And China was more like the border of Hong Kong) so it’s kind of exciting. I’ll be heading to New Zealand since English is no problem and close to home. I think I possibly like planning the trip more than when I actually go on the trip, so I have been diligently doing research for the past day or so and booked my tickets and accommodation. And I will see a friend – yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I’ll leave the post here since it has been far too long. I will be busy the next few weeks planning as I will be leaving first week of November – and you probably know me by now, I need to know exactly what my itinerary is before I go or else I will be anxious.

I will have a filler post (hopefully) before I leave – otherwise my next post will be about New Zealand. Take care until then!


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