Head cold, exhaustion, question marks

Today’s not a Friday, but it is the last day of August. (!!!)

So I have gone MIA once again. Work has been absolutely crazy since we are going to move to a larger store and everyone has been going nuts since we have restocked some of our best selling items. Every day has been so busy doing this or that, and I haven’t had much of a chance to catch a break. Basically if you watch those Hollywood movies and there’s always one girl who does all the errands, that’s pretty much me. But my errands are within the store and stretch as far as the nearest post office. At times I was part graphic designer, part technical support, part sales, part *cough* social *cough* butterfly, part labourer. Have you tried lifting 2-3 kg boxes one at a time (note that I have really tiny hands, I can’t grab large boxes two at a time – ie. one per hand – so I need to do it one by one) with a runny nose without a tissue in sight? Well surprisingly it felt really horrible like this uncomfortable workout, but after that I felt better. So have you got the cold or flu? Try being a labourer for a few hours. Your immune system will welcome it.

On other things about hands – for those didn’t know, a standard brick is designed to fit into your hand so ideally you have your cement spreader in one hand, brick in the other. No surprises – I can’t do it. The brick sadly was not designed for me. Maybe I just need to build with lego or something instead.

Anyway, I am still happy though. One afternoon I returned to my desk and my boss left me a copy of a promotional magazine/ booklet with two of the advertisements I put together for him inside. Everything looks so much better on glossy paper. Too bad I don’t have a photo at the moment – it’s on my desk and I haven’t managed to do anything with it.

My business cards also have arrived, and look much better than I had expected them to be (even though I was the one who drew it). I’ve finally been to the new store and it looks so much more amazing than the place we had before was. I can’t wait until everything is organised and complete because it seems like a great place. Only thing I dislike is the location, it is further away from me.


The weather in Sydney has also been crazy wet with rain pissing down from the skies consecutively (for the whole month of August to be honest) – and as a result of being tired (haven’t been sleeping well lately and I’ve been a bit overworked) and being battered by rain, my immune system crumbled and gave in to a cold. Luckily it’s only a cold and not the flu. I was about to praise myself and give myself a pat on the back for being one of those few people who have managed to stay healthy during this winter, but I suppose not. Seriously, if you feel the symptoms, just sleep. Sleep does absolute wonders.

In regards to the flu though, be careful because the virus is crazy this year. It’s just so terrible with so many sick people around – even my cold is pretty bad since I was experiencing body aches, fever, chills – my throat still hurts after a week because the weather is so dry. It’s raining… but the air is dry. Seriously Sydney? I think this is the difference between Sydney and Hong Kong – when I was in Hong Kong and got rained on nothing happened because it was still warm (hot) and humid. I get sick here because it’s cold and dry. WHY THANK YOU.

Before I got sick though, my friend and I went to 1912 which had a really nice atmosphere. It was so different to any other place I’ve been though the lighting reminded me of that bar in Hong Kong on the 7th floor of some hotel I forgot the name of. The food was generally high quality fusion style, though the pork belly (main on left) was a bit salty. It was really soft and well cooked though. I’m missing photos of the baby potatoes and edamame (not like you’d miss out on much).


I was the one who chose the wasabi mayo cuttlefish – and it was really light and nice. I’m glad to see that it is actually white and not brown because it means they are using new/ clean oil. If you wonder why fried food comes out looking burnt it’s either they over fried them or more likely, used oil that has been used quite a bit (yes, you can reuse oil when it comes to deep frying). This is a general rule why I rarely eat deep fried foods, but this was nice. The salad was also good – I have a feeling the only saltiness you can taste is actually the vinegar, though I don’t know for sure. The salad has really thinly sliced salmon sashimi on top with a mysterious red finely chopped something. I suggested it was possibly saffron, but at that volume I don’t think so.


I’ve already commented on the pork belly. It looks small but it’s really enough food. I had like half a piece of pork belly and literally two bits of the beef (medium rare). I was full from the entrées to be honest!


I didn’t think I’d get so happy over frozen yoghurt, but ever since Azuma disappeared (I need to google where they are or if they still exist) I don’t know the meaning of life without frozen yoghurt. This hands down wins. This is frozen yoghurt with nuts and some strawberries on top – the nuts surprisingly give the yoghurt a really good flavour and the strawberries tasted as good as they looked. I skipped the cream though.

Overall it was a good night after a super long day at work and with rainy weather. I would definitely like to visit again.

I would like to give a shout out to the friend I went with to 1912. He’s leaving the country and may not be back (like every other person I know, seriously, why people? Am I seriously that terrible you all need to LEAVE the country?? I kid I kid.). If you’re reading this, come back! If not for good, for vacation or whatever! Stay in touch, and if I go to Hong Kong I will visit.

I wasn’t able to see him off at the farewell dinner since I was sick – sigh.

Either way I hope you come back. Whoever needs to step in/ replace has some big shoes to fill…


Bye also to this little cutie as he is taking her with him overseas. No more crazy barking, random vomiting on the ground and scolding her for being silly. This little dog has changed my perspective on a lot of things. I will no longer complain about how you stink, look grey instead of white from rolling around on the grey carpet, or accuse you of having fleas because you like to scratch and bite/ tug your butt a lot. No more little hand to hold either :\ Don’t lose any more teeth! Take care.

Wisdom teeth

I am also planning to get my wisdom tooth removed soon.

I’ve been bothered by this wisdom tooth for about 2 years. My previous dentist was waiting for it to come out more so that he could remove it for me… but it’s giving me way too much trouble I don’t think I can continue living with it. As far as I’m concerned, about half of that tooth is lodged in my cheek and not in my gums.

The day of truth will be in the second week of September. I will trust the surgeon that it takes about a week to recover, because I need to attend my friend’s wedding at the end of the month. DNW to turn up swollen and beaten. Fingers crossed!

Random did you know – did you know that a wisdom tooth can kill you? If you didn’t, now you know.

And the winner is Winner

In any case, August has been all about Winner! I watched Who is Next and Winner TV and just waited. It’s been like a year since they were promised to debut “immediately”! Well, I’m glad and happy since I haven’t been into music for quite a while.

Other random comments

I need to lodge my tax. Next post will be an epic essay (maybe) if I choose to publish it. I really need a holiday/ break – if someone wants to go away in November to like Fiji or somewhere similar, LET ME KNOW I WILL PACK MY BAGS AND GO WITH YOU.


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