Busy July

I know, it’s August, but I completely missed the timing because I kept forgetting it was a Friday. I only remembered probably at 10pm on Friday night when I realised the next day was Saturday, so I apologise for the lack of updates. At the same time I’m not sorry because my life has been so terribly boring that I cannot possibly bear to put you all through yet another wtf post on meaningless nothings.

I previously wrote that I wouldn’t let work get to me, but as of late since we have been so busy, all I’ve been wanting to do on my days off is just sleep in and catch up on all the shows I’ve missed throughout the week. I’ve been fairly exhausted staring at a computer screen for 9 hours a day (and more since I do so when I am at home), and occasionally doing some moving around and carrying things that can be up to 10kg. The other day we were pasting on large scale posters I designed onto the shop front, which left my delts super sore since I was holding a (wet) broom [wet brooms are heavy] trying to remove/ scrub off some nasty posters people stuck on the glass before we were able to stick the posters on. And here I was dreaming of painting my entire apartment by myself… lol… my poor delts… maybe next year.


I just realised there’s graffiti. I don’t really ever understand why people do it… waste of paint/ money, bad for the environment… all those CFCs and all.

Although it is not the first time my graphic work has been published before, it was the first time it has been printed in such a large format for commercial use (ie. someone is actually willing to print stuff I have made, and not me printing my own A0 boards). My boss came up with the idea, but I did the graphics (I didn’t draw those from scratch of course, but someone’s got to edit and put things together). Previously I was doing the architectural drawings, which was something I didn’t think I’d ever need to touch again. It was good though, because I still had it. I’VE STILL GOT IT.

Now excuse me while I go disappear a bit more… next week I need to make 2.5m squared banners… 10 of them 20 of them! It’s going to be a busy week. Or two. I may possibly weep. Just a lil’.

I’m starting to feel the stress from work, so I need a bit of time to remove myself from it mentally. There really is no need to let anything apart from what is the most important to yourself (ie. yourself and family – includes friends) get to you.

The most relaxing highlights of July included having a hearty meal which I briefly mentioned last time with a friend who is due to get married in less than 2 months’ time. I’m going to exercise hard until then O_O I also went and had my once a quarter frequency haircut, but since I am trying to grow it out I only asked for a trim. Thank goodness though, it’s now not tangled unlike before, so hopefully I will be able to style it well on the wedding day. I’ve been trying to look up wedding (guest) outfits and I bought a dress for it. Unfortunately it makes me look fat and is too short to be appropriate for the day. I tried to wear it as a top but the back has a zipper that keeps sticking out and it looks terribly funny. Sigh. I may possibly be back at square one… I am still trying to figure out what to wear, but at the same time, I really don’t want to buy clothes just for the occasion, because I know that I won’t wear it all that often in the near future. It also means I have just wasted my money buying that dress, which seemed like a good idea at first… maybe if I dropped like 10kg though. Not possible, considering the most I can do is about 8kg, and that’s only from being super depressed.

I’m losing weight naturally but in places I wish I could keep. My jeans used to fit nicely, but now they feel loose and saggy. Is it possible to lose butt fat/ water that much?? I thought that since my pants were loose I purchased a pair one size down… and couldn’t zip at all. My legs felt like they were going to explode in them (or rather the jeans were probably going to explode off my legs). Makes me wonder how some people are so thin. I mean of course it’s possible and all, but for me I simply cannot imagine.


Photograph post-haircut; usually it does not look this light, but lighting ftw! I was probably wearing really thickly drawn eyeliner and had maybe 5 coats of mascara on that day. All useless when you use a low resolution camera and have fat eyelids like I do – and inner eyelids at that; at least with single eyelids you can see the eyeliner… I actually need to blink for it to make any difference. On a side note, my hair has grown so much considering it was pretty short before.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with this primary blue colour lately, but it’s a great change from my all black outfits which are not only boring, but occupy over half of my wardrobe space. Black is just such a safe “colour”, but I’ve been forcing myself to wear something bright since it can also put you into a better mood – or at least, I think so!

I’ve still got a bunch of posts on my mind to write, but I just haven’t really figured how to go about it.

I’ve been watching a fair few dramas lately, but the one I’m addicted to is Marriage not Dating, simply because all the characters are so quirky. Fated to Love You was also alright since it was all funny and couldn’t be taken seriously, but now that it’s hit like episode 10 everything goes whack – which goes for Trot Lovers as well. Apart from that there’s not much I’m really watching though Gunman in Joseon seems pretty good. I can’t handle too much action and suspense though, I like to watch things that are simple (unless I have nothing else on my mind). Looking forward to TVN’s Mermaid though.

I’ve already given in and joined the Jo In Sung is swoon-worthy bandwagon. Despite his facial hair growing super fast even under all that corrective makeup he looks so good on screen. How can some people be so photogenic? Please give me some of whatever that is.

Also, 1 Night 2 Days season 3 is going places I really like. I’m glad I picked it up again and from now on I promise myself not to watch variety shows in Chinese subtitles because the translations are so awful and don’t make sense it actually impedes on the viewing experience. I may also give up Running Man… it’s going in a direction that is not progressing.

I also watch  the occasional J-drama if I am interested enough, and decided to go with Platonic since Domoto Tsuyoshi is a fairly good actor and I had a good impression of him since Summer Snow. His performance didn’t disappoint… the drama was so twisted and the whole thing was just so sad. Nakayama Miho’s eyes are still so freaking huge and she has aged (nicely) since Love Letter. If you like to watch tragedies, then this is for you. His portrayal of his character was spot on… and to think that even at the end of the drama, nobody ever called his name or even mentioned what his name was. Absolute tearjerker.

That pretty much marks my crappy July. Oh, and we have new neighbours on this floor, and they don’t seem so nice because they are leaving all their cardboard boxes in the garbage chute room. Take down your own cardboard boxes and rubbish! If the rubbish doesn’t fit down the chute, you must take it down yourself! Such laziness really is astounding. Then again I know of people who are even lazier than that – I think that laziness is alright in regards to some things, but when it’s associated with common sense, righteousness or what you are assigned to do, then no excuses!

Until next post 🙂


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