Kose Sekkisei Medicated Powder Wash

This will be a short and sweet review.
I’ve been reading a lot of good things about this cleanser about how amazing it was. I have just heard good things about Sekkisei in general, so I decided to give this a try if it was “proven”.

I was using the Tamagohada cleanser by Hadalabo previously which was gentle, however I felt that it didn’t really clean my face deep down as much as I had liked. Without much expectation, I decided to give this a shot.


The Sekkisei powder wash actually does come in a liquid type as well, but I thought that if people were recommending this one then I should go with this one. It comes in a really pretty blue plastic bottle and a glossy box as well. The instructions say to use the amount of a 100Yen coin in your palm and then add water to foam. Mind you, I have no idea what a 100Yen coin looks like, so I went with about a 5- 10c Australia coin. Basically, go with the smallest coin size your currency has and use common sense. You don’t need a lot, and it goes a long way. There is a drawing on the box, however, showing how large you need it and I think it’s way too much. Each bottle is supposed to last you about 150 times (so about 3 months??), but I think it will last much longer.

This foams up so much it’s excellent with a Clarisonic or just even manual cleansing. I felt that this was really good and cleaned up my face of any trace of makeup even with a manual wash.

It apparently also uses medicinal ingredients (mostly tree things and whatnot) which are “natural” and there is some stuff on the box saying that it repairs/ protects the skin from UV damage or something.

There are some things to note though that aren’t so great.

Dries out your skin

Strips your skin of all oils which is great for summer and all, but during autumn and winter your skin will feel tight. You will feel like you want to immediately tone or moisturise. Unfortunately for me, I cleanse my face before I shower, so I can only tone and moisturise after I shower, which can take some time in between.

It was probably the first time I have ever experienced something close to what people describe botox as, as I could not wrinkle my forehead at all if I don’t moisturise after cleansing my face within 15 minutes or so.


You will have this all over your hands when you foam it up, and you will spend more time washing your hands than your face, especially if you use it with the Clarisonic like how I do. It also stings your eyes if you get it in your eye, so caution caution.

Beware of spilling the powder as well. I can’t say that this is a cheap cleanser, to me over $30 is quite a lot for a cleanser, considering the one I used to use cost me about $13. It’s a medium price point, but not something you’d be happy spilling onto the floor.


The fragrance is actually quite pleasant, but it may not be for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin and get irritated by fragrances easily. Another thing to note is that because it is powder form, you also need to be careful not to spill the bottle, and most importantly do not inhale this powder. I know you all might get curious and want to smell the product before using (which I certainly did), but I snorted the powder and choked for a good 5 minutes. It’s obviously not good for you in that respect, so do take care when using this product. Sometimes the powder still lingers in the air after pouring it out, so just try not to inhale because I’ve tried choking on this invisible powder at least twice.

Otherwise I haven’t seen anything else that is bad about this cleanser. It does a really good job cleansing my skin, it seems gentle enough (although a bit drying) and foams like it’s happy foaming up. Packaging is great and I can see myself using this for a very long time. I’m just not sure if I want to continue using this during the colder months (considering I should switch back to the Tamagohada for the colder months) but I can’t be bothered at this point of time. I haven’t noticed any immediate whitening or anti-acne effects, but my skin certainly does feel more refreshed and is definitely clean.

I’m not sure about whitening effects, but I think my skin tone is a bit more even and the red parts are calmer. I still have freckles or whatnot from my UV-ray attack otherwise named Hong Kong 2012 (yes, 2 years ago).

Note that this product contains talc.

I purchased this online and it is about $40+ for this product. Perhaps a little pricey for a cleanser considering I’ve tried $2 Teatime cleansers by Etude House and find them perfectly adequate, but considering how a little goes such a long way, it’s a good price to pay.

Again I’m not sure about this one since it dries me out a bit, but considering that it has improved my skin, I will definitely give this another shot and I would repurchase.


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