Clarisonic Mia2

I’m starting to think that I should have purchased the Clarisonic with whitening as there is a body function!!! I DID NOT KNOW THAT.

Well, that’s what happens when you go for a cheaper option, lol.

Note that this is not an advertisement, this is just a review on what I think about the Clarisonic.


For those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, the Clarisonic is a very popular err machine used to clean your skin, in particular the face.

I didn’t do much research on the Clarisonic, but I heard good things about it like “I’ve never felt my skin being this clean before” and briefly saw before and after pictures. In some cases the Clarisonic stresses how much oil and dirt it removes from your skin, some show an improved skin texture (acne to little to no acne) and tightened skin. For me, my main interest was “deep cleansing” as I’ve started to find that I’m noticing the presence of my blackheads more and more than ever. They probably always existed but I never really paid attention to them, but they are really annoying me now!

Now that I’ve made the switch from BB cream to powder foundation, I think it’s important to clean my skin of impurities so it can breathe when I’m not packing on loads of product onto my face (okay, not loads, but compared to usual).

The Clarisonic boasts that if you have cleaner skin it will make it easier for skincare products to absorb (hence work) and will make it easier to apply makeup as well.


The Mia 2 (from here on to be referred to as CM2) comes in a variety of colours but I chose the white as I think it looks nicer. There is an option for what speed you want and the Clarisonic comes with a default normal brush head.

The CM2 has a well designed handle which is comfortable to grip, and it’s not heavy at all. It fits in your hand, as does the charger, so a lot of thought has gone into the design. The two grooves on the bottom of the handle is where the charger magnetically attaches, a bit like how you charge an electric toothbrush. The CM2 is also waterproof so you can use it in the shower.


The first time I used it I was surprised because it made a funny beeping noise and then jolted. I then realised it was to signal for me to move onto the next part of my face. Basically the auto-timer is split into 4 intervals, so it’s up to you to decide how you divide your face into 4 parts. The instructions have it all written, but I can’t be bothered – generally I do it like this:

  1. Right side of face
  2. Left side of face
  3. Forehead
  4. T-zone

… but if you are very particular, read the instructions (unlike me). Because I know that even if I do, it won’t change the way I like to work around my face… which is clockwise.

I find this very handy and after all that it was like, “was that all? So quick?” I think it was only about a minute or so in total.  Super fast.


The bristles are actually very soft, which was a surprise. The first time I used it, it felt like nothing much. I don’t know if you can see it though, on the top left corner there is this stray super long bristle. I guess they like to put dodgy ones into the actual package? I don’t know, it was just unexpected, maybe just a bad batch.


Each brush head has something similar to that of an elinchrom fitting which you will need to twist on and off the CM2. You will need to change the brush head once every three months (like your toothbrush) and they come in a variety of different types. I am starting to regret the large pores one above. I was actually supposed to buy perhaps sensitive or something, because my skin is very blemish prone at the moment – not to mention I don’t actually have enlarged pores (DOH). Well, I was expecting to use this for my body but then I realised they actually sold a body brush! I should have purchased the Plus whitening Clarisonic instead because it has a body mode :\ Well, too late now lol.

Probably my main concern about the CM2 is that it wasn’t what I expected – I was hoping for a deep pore clean, but what this delivers is a gentle clean that probably will deliver good results over a reasonable period of time. After a week of using the CM2 I have noticed that my skin is softer, smoother, and I have less breakouts. At the same time I noticed the really odd blackhead appear, but they are easy to remove. After three months of usage I have noticed that my overall skin texture has improved. I have less blackheads than before (though marginally) and breakouts are less often, and pimples seem to go away a bit faster (though I don’t know if it’s due to the products I am now using).

The downside is that now I can’t live without it! Without using the CM2 I feel that my skin is not clean.

Now that I make an effort to remove my makeup first and then use the CM2 (once I forgot and the brush was covered in makeup – though that washes off the bristles really easily), I find that when I apply toner with a cotton puff, there is pretty much no makeup residue on the puff. Before I would still have traces of makeup, but the CM2 changes all that so I know that my skin is actually clean. After using the CM2 my skin also feels refreshed which is something I don’t feel after washing my face manually (apart from the cold water) and I have noticed that products absorb faster, and oil comes out of my pores directly rather than clog up.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Clean skin, quick to clean your face without worrying if it’s not clean (time-saver), complete oil removal
  • Improved skin condition, less chance of breaking out
  • Smoother skin
  • Gentle enough to use twice a day
  • Fully waterproof, safe to use
  • Decent price for the machine ($175AUD)
  • Battery lasts for quite a while (10 days’use – twice a day – on full recharge)
  • Two speed settings
  • Timed setting/ prompts, very handy so you know how long to clean your face
  • Products absorb quicker and better into your skin


  • Once every 10 days or so, you will need to manually wash your face once (either morning or night) as it takes 18 hours for a full charge
  • The CM2 does not have a dock or something so it does not sit flat on your counter top. You will need a paper towel/ towel so that your CM2 does not roll around! I’ve dropped this into the sink once because it just has no flat part for it to stay put. You can put it on its side, but ideally you should have the brush facing down so that the water drains out.
    My way to combat this after about 2 months is to simply dissemble the brush from the body and place them on a paper towel or towel. That way the brush actually dries, and the body has a flat part to rest on and it will not roll off your counter and possibly self destruct as it hits the floor.
  • You can never dry this if you do not dissemble the brush from the body to dry. So the “you only need to remove the head once a week to cleanse/rinse” is pretty much a lie, because if you do keep the brush on the body and only remove it once a week, you will have no chance of having a dry brush. It will be forever wet because the CM2 is always in an awkward position that does not drain out all the excess water inside, or can be in a position where there’s plenty of airflow to dry the thing out.
  • You spend more time washing this than your face
  • Does not foam, so you will need a super foamy cleanser. This doesn’t sound like a problem because some cleansers do not foam, but if your face is dry and you use this, it will feel tight and difficult to glide over your skin. So yes, your skin needs to be moist or foamy for comfort reasons.
  • You tend to press really hard on areas that you want to clean more, which will definitely break/ hurt your skin so you must remember not to apply pressure when using this
  • The brushes are more expensive on the long term ($30AUD each, so $120/year) – though this isn’t really a negative unless you have a money constraint or you don’t want to waste things/ want to recycle/ reduce environmental load.

As you can see, the positives and negatives are weighed quite evenly, but I would say this is more positive than negative, as in the end you have better skin! There are just some design issues like how messy and how it tends to roll around, but other than that my skin has not felt smoother! I wish it did more for blackheads, but that’s just too bad, I guess I will need to continue my mission and find something to rid my blackheads for good.

Although the CM2 is a good cleaning utensil, you will still need to exfoliate or do mask packs or whatever. This alone will not improve your skin, but it will be the foundation for it. So far the most effective way to reduce blackheads (in my opinion anyway) is doing a mud mask (super thick) and gently wiping it off with a cloth or sponge. Blackheads aren’t removed, the but dirt in pores reduce significantly.

Would I suggest to buy? Yeah, why not? For someone who is busy like me, I skimped out on cleansing my face for about the past year because I was tired, stressed and felt that I could save time. In the end I messed up my skin and it just got worse. Now, I can save time, but within that time I know that I have done enough to clean my skin as good as a 5 minute+ manual clean down in a minute or so. Less stress, more time, better skin.

My next post is scheduled for the 23rd May, but in between I may post something (I don’t know yet). Until then, keep warm (Sydney is crazy!) and stay safe. I am dreading turning the almighty 20+6 next week, but my birthday monies have gone down the drain (literally) because our hot water tank went bust. It lasted 11 years before kicking the bucket (okay I stop with these puns), and I’m currently waiting for the plumber to come hauling a new one to me and replace the old one. And this coincided with my day off – how lucky(?).

Until next blog!


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