Interlude (text only) post


A lot has been happening these past two weeks or so. Although you may have noticed the odd blog post from me, all of those were scheduled in advance. I left myself a little bit of time in between those posts for me to actually type up a post like this (every now and then), but my time is quite restricted!

This is what has happened in the past two weeks, and well, All I can say is that I am thankful I was never a starving artist.

Signed a contract to work permanently

So things do happen. I cancelled my interview to a very exclusive, high end luxury boutique (second round too!) because I am quite the strange person. I would rather work harder in a smaller company to see what I can bring, rather to work somewhere already established. Nevertheless, I thank the manager for their time and attention in my first round interview, which went down positively. I am now working full time and doing what I like to do. It may not be perfect, but to me it is an improvement as I feel that it offers me the things I value most – one being fairness. It sounds strange in a way, but I use this word to describe a lot of workplace situations, and it was not quite one I could describe my previous job.

All in all, I am happy now and that is all that matters. Because my working hours are slightly shorter than before, I feel that I have a lot more time to do the things I enjoy. For now I am actually living a life with a job, not living a job with a life.

I will definitely be writing a post later in the upcoming weeks/ months about finding a job. I think that it will provide some insight for some, because my situation was a bit complicated.

Overhauled my home network and made a surprisingly big improvement

I am not the most tech savvy person out there. I might be good with using particular programs and some functions, or I can find ways to do things in a cheat way, but usually if things are the way they are and I find them difficult, I usually don’t bother much.

One thing that has been bothering me for the past year or so was my Internet connection. I have had this connection for over 10 years now and never really experienced anything terrible until the past year. One main theory of mine was that the modem was simply too old and could no longer handle the Internet speeds as it was not designed for fast Internet. Although my Internet speed was still good with no real problems, the dropping signal was the main concern – you are doing something or watching a video online and then suddenly you need to refresh since your connection died. I have never seen the Google Chrome dinosaur so many times, ever. And the worst part is that my connection is connected to my computer directly using a cable, so no real excuses there (unless the problem is with the cable, which actually, I have never considered. OH WELL.)

Another concern I had was with my mobile phone. My included monthly cellular data is very little and I constantly miss out on messages people send me, since I don’t keep it on all the time. I have no wi-fi to connect to. Technology these days is so advanced that media players no longer need to store things on them to play things, you can simply wi-fi and stream movies direct off the net. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t really have that much of an interest in these things.

After considering my options after a while, I decided that I needed to change my modem to a wireless one, and made the decision to go buy it. The instructions online seemed easy enough, and I went for something that was recommended, cheap, and reliable.

For those who have an Optus ADSL2+ connection, and you’re still using that crappy supplied modem from yonks ago, I suggest it’s time to actually change it. Although I couldn’t say it was terribly easy (it took me longer than expected, but that’s because I unexpectedly had to reset the modem, even though it was new out of the box?), it was easy enough. It takes like 30 minutes max. If you do everything correctly in one go, it’ll take you like, maximum 10 minutes. That’s all there is to it. The modem I purchased was a Billion 7700N and it only cost me $53 which is so unbelievably cheap as there are modems out there for like $200. Use the included thing to separate your phone and ADSL line (I didn’t at first, but I did eventually). Do reset the modem so that the Internet light turns on. Put in your username and password and then set your connection to be secured and give it a password. No need to use the CD to do all this. It’s really simple.

I am now typing this post up from my laptop, which is something I pretty much never do. All of my internet/wi-fi enabled devices are connected up to the Internet and the connection speed as well as signal is a dream. No more ugly cables around the place – there used to be this 20m long adsl cable from the living room to my bedroom. Now that is gone, it looks like the corridor is as wide as Moses parting the red sea, and not war zone district 5.  I know I am sounding live a cavewoman because I am so giddy about a wi-fi connection, but seriously, I always took it for granted as something you have in a public space to be shared by zillions of people, not in an apartment with only one person who knows how to operate a computer.

Anyway, do it. I am over the moon over something small, but it’s more worthwhile that way because I can at least appreciate what I have. I think sometimes you take things too granted like “BUT I PAID THIS MONTH’S INTERNET BILL WHY DOES IT KEEP DROPPING OUT”. Instead, maybe we should all take a step back and think, “I am blessed to even have an Internet connection”. Sometimes it’s just worth contemplating about.

I also purchased a new media player because the old one kept acting up. Only this time it is a huge empty box with the option to add in a 3.5″ SATA harddrive. And yes, I did buy one eventually and installed it. Figured out how to format the thing, but I must say, if you use a cheap media player don’t format it GPT. Your machine won’t recognise it and your efforts will go to waste. You’ll just have a huge storage unit, but your machine won’t be able to read the files on it. So stupid – wish I knew so I wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble.

The good thing, of course, is that now I will have a 2TB drive with everything on it. No more external USB harddrives – just one unit with everything.

So, technology! The joys and frustrations it can bring.

Went to my first ever concert and dreams do come true

A few years back, JJ Lin came to Melbourne for a concert. In fact, I wrote about it here.

If memory serves me correctly, I was still studying and possibly had an assignment to hand in. Either way, it was not a feasible option for me to fly down to Melbourne for the night to watch the concert as I would have to stay overnight and return the next day. Something like that.

There are only a select number of artists I would like to go see live, and JJ was one of them. Pretty much I could remember listening to his music since I was like, 17. Finally he came to Sydney. An ex-colleague of mine who also likes his music called me up, and I booked tickets online. I went to collect the tickets once available and was pleased to see a heap of tickets already purchased by other fans. The venue was shut down to a smaller size, but it was originally limited in that respect. Our seats were not too far from the stage, and the sound was super clear and good.

Due to a string of happenings, I ended up going with another ex-colleague, so we caught up over a simple and quick dinner after work and made our way to the venue.

For copyright and other reasons, there are no photographs here. If you are interested, simply visit JJ Federation on Facebook or whatever and there are some shots from the night.

I was only really getting into the concert about 1.5 hours in, and could only wish it was longer. He sang mostly his more recent songs with only a handful of older songs, but the highlight was definitely the last song, 江南(Jiang nan) which was his debut song. He definitely has a funny sense of humour and was like, “this is the original Jiangnan style!” (Note that Gangnam is actually the same as Jiangnan).

Anyway, his dimples D: But anyway, he sounded better live than on the track to be honest. He showed his charms by playing guitar, piano, dancing and even doing his own rendition of Michael Jackson and Savage Garden.

To end, thank you JJ Lin for a good concert. It was my first and it will be memorable. You also seem like a really cool guy, wish I had more friends like you!

Other things to anticipate

Alright, yes, more reviews. I am also trying to improve my photography set up – I have a bunch of equipment, I just need to actually set it up and use it when I have something to photograph. I am still working a casual/ part time job on top of my full time job. I spend about 4 hours every other week to make kimchi. Only things I still have on my agenda will be to take better care of my finances, plan a trip to the hairdressers soon (and dentist – and doctor for a check up) and to reintroduce exercise as a regular routine. I have no trouble watching The Human Condition on KBSWorld though. I must question my priorities.

Though although I have been saying it often, watching that program has really transformed me bit by bit. I was taken back by the no chemical products, reading and waste related segments.

Sorry for the long text, but there was just a lot! Follow my Instagram on the right side bar or Twitter for real-time photographs if you can’t be bothered reading what I have to write.

My next post is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th. It will be about the Clarisonic Mia2. Happy Mothers’ Day!


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