Le doodle returns.

So after posting the above tweet, this took me a grand total of 1 hour to make.

It has been a while since I drew anything, but I figured that I still have a few skillz that may be useful every now and then. My le doodles are always weird and cartoonish, but it doesn’t really matter to me or anyone for that matter.

To give myself a topic as most of the time I try to draw anime/manga style and mostly of girls with ridiculous hair and costumes, I decided to do something different. Of course, it is difficult deciding what – so I decided to use a word generator. I basically hit generate until I could come across 3 words that I could actually draw about.


As you can see, 6 words is far too difficult. 2 is maybe a bit simple, but three? Just about right.

There are so many different ways to interpret the three words: attack, star, rust. Rust was hard though, I must say, but I cheated.

With le doodle, the easiest way is to do a simple line sketch, scan it in and then colour it in. I can draw freehand on the computer, but it will look really messy or will take forever. I can’t be bothered pulling out my tablet any time soon either.


So here we have a star being attacked by a star using a star staff and another star with a Star Wars light sabre. They are both from the Chemical FE Rust troops and either zoomed or warped to this poor cat lady. Well, that was a great waste of my one hours’ time and a sheet of perfectly good A4 paper.

But never mind that, I will use the back of it.

Next week I will draw something anime style. I don’t think this weird I-don’t-know-what-genre type of doodle suits me.

I would work on it more, but I don’t want to spend any more time on this.

I am too good at wasting time. Until next le doodle (if ever O_O).


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