Hi everyone!

I’m not sure if you have been noticing a few changes here and there, but I’m officially announcing that I have finally purchased myself a domain!

If you follow me on wordpress or via email subscription, nothing much will change, however if you have linked my blog on your blog, or if you follow me on Bloglovin’, I would really appreciate it if you could update your links/ follow instead. It doesn’t actually matter on the long term since my blog is still hosted on wordpress, but it just is shorter and neater than the wordpress extension.

I have always wanted to purchase my own website server and domain for many years, but I only got around to doing it now because I have finally decided on a domain that I think sounds right. I have the tendency to make up some weird gibberish. I know there’s one really obvious domain that I should purchase and make mine, however it is just too hard for most people to remember the spelling. I decided to make a compromise and have half that is easy to spell, and the other half perhaps not so easy. I really wanted to rename my blog, but the name miketsu was just something I had since my very first actual serious blog and everything was named after that. If only I had something else easier in mind, but too bad I just have to stick and live with it!

Well anyway, now I have a schmancy fancy email address as well (all updated in my contact page and all).

My Stash

Another thing I wanted to introduce is MY STASH page which you may or may not have noticed has popped up during the past few weeks.

This page is a collection of reviews or mentions of all the ridiculous crap I have bought over the past few years. I’m still trying to find everything, so it will always be under construction, but for people interested, it is basically a one-stop for everything designer accessory/fashion related. Simply click the image of what you are interested in and it will take you to my post.


After many years of not really understanding what good tags could do, I’ve decided that I will use them. So every post from here on will feature tags, and also have the new watermarks. I know the site will be messy with different watermarks and everything, but there’s not a lot you can do when you have over 1600 existing images on your account.

I’m in a process where I will be trying to make the most out of this one year trial with my new domain and I will work harder to bring better posts and features. It’s been a long time since I really got back to blogging, which was my number one hobby back in those days.

Please don’t think that these new changes will have any impact on the material I will be producing – it will be the same, I’m just only trying to improve what I have. It’s not like my writing style or opinions will change with these changes, I hope everyone can see that these are improvements!

From now onwards I will be blogging about once a week, furthest apart every fortnight and I will be scheduling more posts now that I have more time on my hands to type things up in advance. That way, I will always have a post up every now and then regularly, instead of a mass of unexpected regurgitation of babble. As always, I am open to suggestions, so please don’t be shy and leave me a comment every now and then! Thank you for reading this post, and I hope that I can bring you bigger and better posts!

And back to normal matters aside from website launch business (although it was about 2 weeks ago already lolol)-


I’m not sure how my work will turn out because things are uncertain and not so stable for now. I’ve got an interview lined up which I don’t know I will be attending or not. I am still not sure of exactly what I want to do. Although I really want to wear a suit to work and tie an expensive silk scarf made in Italy around my neck, I also really like the freedom of wearing my favourite sneakers and jeans to work. By the time this post is scheduled to go live, I probably would have sorted this out. I will blog about that soon. Like, an actual blog about work. My experience lately has really left me thinking a lot about work and what it means to work.

My current working hours aren’t as long as before so I have felt an incredible sense of liberation since I have so much time to do other things and for the first time in years, I feel like I actually have a life. It’s amazing. But I still need to tutor :\ I thought I didn’t have to, but I still do. Am I working a bit too hard? I’m not too sure.

New Project?

I am thinking about doing a new project soon in my spare time, but it ultimately depends on work and what spare time I have. I think it will be a really interesting project, for me to test myself and go discover new things. Really, I think it will actually be fun. But first, I need to get my timetable sorted out.

Countdown to my first ever concert!

Scheduling this post for the 30th April means that my first ever concert experience will be just 9 sleeps away!!!

I cannot wait! I hope the concert will be awesome. And of course as usual, separate blog post for that.

Once again thank you for reading this up. This is really just a filler post, but luckily for you, next post will be exciting. Anything with pictures is exciting. Naked ones. Just kidding.

Until next time!


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