Many people may know about SK-II and its benefits due to its main ingredient, Pitera, which is extracted from rice.
I happened to stumble across this particular product because SK-II products can be really expensive, but this was only about $40+ which was surprising given it was 75ml.


The Facial Treatment line is a pretty standard/ classic line for their products. I wasn’t really sure what the Milk really meant, but I understand now – it is super runny and it is exactly like milk. Maybe a bit thicker, but not quite as thick as condensed milk. Light condensed milk? I’m not really sure how to explain it. The texture is quite watery and you tend to tip out more than you want because it comes in a glass (milk?!) bottle. Alright, I’ll stop with the milk references.

But the glass bottle is a nice touch. Makes it seem like you purchased something really expensive.


This particular item is made in Japan and like the other SK-II products, there are no added fragrances. Luckily it doesn’t stink, but it probably smells like (trying to refrain) a milk stripped of milk flavour. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not unpleasant either. It’s probably more on the unpleasant side though. However I really recommend if you’re someone like me who actually has some pride in having a face that smells nice, invest in a good facial mist that smells nice. If not, a liquid BB cream or foundation to give yourself a bit of smell. Since I’m using powder, I’m now using a facial mist to help cover that lack of smell – or slight I-am-not-sure-about-this smell.

The packaging looks pretty good though, but I’m a sucker for really simple bottles – and it matches with the other SK-II products I use.

I included this photo in because I wanted to give you all the heads up that there is a plastic wrap on this bottle. If you do not see this, it has been opened and is not brand new.


Main/ top ingredient is Pitera. And then a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t look too natural with the exception of maybe 3 things.

What to say about it? So far it didn’t really break me out, but did it have anything amazing in terms of Pitera power? Not really. I have a bunch of acne scars and this did nothing for it. I actually used a body massage oil and that helped it fade more than this did. There is no SPF and basically nothing other than the fact that it is light and sinks in quite easily. This is not enough in autumn so don’t think about it for winter. I’m using it now in April (which is mid-autumn, not even the harshest autumn month) and my skin feels tight. During the summer it’s alright, but you will always need to wear a sunscreen over this.

So apart from no real whitening properties, it’s just really a mild lotion that gives you a bit of moisture.

I noticed that if you use this with the Facial Treatment essence, it really works wonders – I wake up with a good complexion and my face is not oily at all, though I don’t know if that is the work of my facial mist.

Given that it was still $40, which isn’t really dirt cheap or terribly expensive, I won’t be purchasing this again. It’s just so watery and doesn’t really do much. I mean, it doesn’t irritate your skin, but it doesn’t have any real healing effects – and if it did, it really doesn’t show, or it takes forever to work. There are other moisturisers without SPF and are thicker in texture and do better things than this for a similar price, so there’s no need for this at all.

Another point I wanted to raise was that although Pitera is the main ingredient, it’s so watered it doesn’t even matter. There are a bunch of chemical things in its composition that makes this product a huge question mark. Do they sell Pitera just on its own? If so I would purchase just that. The other things added in are just to fill up volume. I will be buying something a little more “natural” next time.

Hope you’re all having a good Anzac Day. By the time this scheduled post (yes, scheduled!) I would have probably just rolled out of bed. Aha! The perks of not having to work on public holidays. Love it.


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