Anna Sui Brush

A BIG SORRY TO MY EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS. You might have received an email about a weird face mask review that was actually a draft. I had a massive brain screwover telling me that the “PUBLISH” button was the equivalent to “SAVE DRAFT” but it wasn’t. All I did was remove a space between two words because I hit the space bar twice *massive facepalm*. Well, if it’s any consolation, I’ve decided to blog to compensate for my mistake – win win? And you get to read a review I started drafting about 4 years ago.

I’m also making quite a few changes to my blog in the upcoming days/ weeks, so please keep an eye out for it! I will officially post when the changes are done and let you all update your bookmarks/ links/ whatnot once I’m ready. I should have thought about it thoroughly the last time I created a new watermark, but it just didn’t occur to me because I wasn’t really thinking all too much. I’m not sure if I really want to go back and edit over 1600 photographs :\ Probably not.

Anna Sui Brush:  Type P

I know that out of my posts, the topic I talk about the least is my hair. I never really had any concept of looking after my hair until I started working (previously) with a former hair technician. He really looked after his hair (in a way – that is, in terms of hair products and styling) and it was from then on that I actually did notice that you can tell if someone has styled their hair or not, and it makes a great impact on how you look! I will probably review my GHD hair straightener one day, but for now, brush!

I bought a new brush last year from The Body Shop since my brush was getting old and yucky, but I just generally noticed that I was losing a lot of hair even though my hair was cut short. I’m not sure if it is from stress or not, but I have realised that my hair seems to be less than before. I’ve heard many good things about Anna Sui brushes, but I was too chicken to ask about them when I was at Sogo Causeway Bay. Now that I can finally buy one online, I have decided to give it a try since I loved the compact mirror so much.


It comes in a simple plastic box, typical Anna Suit style. I knew it was a foldable brush, but it was very compact and thought it would be larger. I don’t mind though, this would be great to take on a holiday or traveling, but since I was going to use it at home anyway, it didn’t really matter much. It’s also fairly lightweight and it’s a pretty good fit and fits comfortably in your hand so you get a pretty good grip. It’s nice to see a brush that fits your hand and not the other way around, which most brushes are (with the exception of a toothbrush). Everything is designed for a reason!


It’s well made and sturdy. The details on it are super pretty. I love roses very much so this was perfect.


When unfolded it looks like this.

I thought that it was going to be really hard using this brush since the bristles are hard, but if you don’t exert too much pressure, it just glides through your hair. Because the bristles are far apart, it makes it easy for you to clean the brush. This was different in the case of The Body Shop’s brush – although you can wash it, it was very hard to remove hair stuck at the bottom of the brush, but with this brush, my brush is always clean.

Probably the only downside of this brush is that if you hold it funny, it folds unexpectedly and you should work in medium sized sections when brushing (which is what you should be doing anyway if you want to save you hair and not yank it all out in one go). Price-wise it might be a little too much for a plastic brush, but there are many brushes out there selling at $100 a pop and I don’t quite understand why. For me, this was about $30 or so and that seems alright.

I know that there are other brush types and I would like to collect and try them all – I think that these brushes are great because they are plastic you can wash them easily without worrying about them getting old. You know how some brushes you’re supposed to wash but you don’t want to because you get water stuck inside them? Well this won’t be that case as there is not place for the water to enter inside the brush.

The only thing to note is that because the bristles are hard you need to be careful when you do clean this brush or try to brush through some really intense tangles because I get paranoid that the bristles will snap. So far so good and it doesn’t seem to be the case, but you can’t never guess what will happen!

This is a really short post because there’s not really much for me to write, but again, big sorry to those who got that funny draft in their emails to read! Hope you all are enjoying the Easter break (if you have a break) and I will be back in a week or so.


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