What if life was symmetrical? (image heavy)

It has been a while since my last post, but I have been (proud to say) quite productive. Each day I am making the most out of my time and I find that my time management is a lot better than it was before. I still am having trouble squeezing in time for exercise (there’s so much I want to watch on my computer and there’s no space to do exercise in my room!) but other than that I am not really wasting time. I’m doing a better job now sticking to a resolution I made like 2 years ago to go out every week, which I have done probably 3/4 weeks in the past month. Time really flies.

Visiting friends

I visited my old workplace and it seems like I am missing out on all the juicy drama!

That was a joke by the way, there wasn’t all that much, and I would rather be the way I am ie. out of trouble/dramatic matters.

It was good to get back in touch, because they were the people I spent the most time with every day. Pretty much I would spend a good 50% of my weeks with them, so we all grew fairly close.

Search for happiness

I’ve been spending a lot of time riding on a bus that actually takes the “long route” rather than a direct route. If I were to go directly, I would need to change buses, which isn’t bad – however I chose to take the longer trip because I can do more and relax a bit more. Back in architecture, we had a project about how terrible our transport system was, but E said he actually preferred a longer/ slower trip because that was also part of the experience. As such, I began to look forward to these long bus rides instead of thinking of them as a burden or waste of time. I started to contemplate about various things and noticed that it was the same bunch of people riding the same bus every morning.

People were all different and doing different things. They were all getting on and off different stops, but I think the question that I thought about the most was “how many people on this bus are actually happy?”. I’m not sure why I thought about it that way, but it was still an interesting thing to think about nonetheless. Am I happy? I’m not too sure. I’m happier than before though. Before I was clearly depressed, and the sad thing was it wasn’t even personal, it was work-induced, which is something I hope none of you go through.


Another thing that I did on my long bus rides was reading. I finished The Devotion of Suspect X which was a well written and ingenious novel. The ending really made me cringe in a way more like a heart ache than anything else. The novel was so interesting in many respects – how far would you go to trust a stranger, and how far would you go when you devote yourself to someone you adore? The sacrifices some people make can be amazing in many ways.

I also finished reading Norwegian Wood which was also a well-written novel with vivid imagery. However I wasn’t sure what I gained out of reading it. Some people say it’s a bit like an autobiography, but again with Murakami, my gripe is that there are too many questions left behind which I rather were not there. It was better than 1Q84 though, which had a somewhat sloppy and rushed ending without really detailing what was going on. It felt like I read a thousand pages about something that I really needed to unravel, but then it diminished into nothing after all those pages. I’m not even sure if I want to recommend Norwegian Wood as a “you should read this” kind of book; it really didn’t have anything significant in it. For someone who claimed they loved a girl that much, he did absolutely nothing for her and didn’t manage to stay faithful in the end. I found that pretty depressing, but that’s what happens when you read something written in first person – you never get the full picture.


Baby shower

April has been a month of action. I visited a friend’s place after she had her lock-down in her apartment for one month after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. There’s a Chinese tradition where mothers don’t shower, wash their hair, leave the house or do any heavy housework for a whole month. Some people can’t really explain this that well as to why there’s this myth, but it’s because there’s a belief in Chinese medicine that if a woman gives birth, their body is significantly weakened. If you expose yourself to wind or cold (so this includes actual wind, and also that cool feeling when you take off your clothes to take a shower, or step out of a shower), that will enter your system and will make your years down the track harder. It’s a bit like letting your body get attacked at its weakest. I hope I explained that in a way that actually made sense. There’s no real proven evidence it works, but there’s no proven evidence it doesn’t.


Always bring a present to a baby shower. Seriously. This past year or two all I’ve been seeing is people getting engaged, forever alone singles finally dating, people getting married, people getting pregnant, and people becoming parents. Here I am, still at home twiddling my fingers typing on a keyboard. I contemplated if I should buy a bunch of baby clothes to save myself the trouble of buying later, but decided against it since it was unclear how many garments I needed to have and give away LOL.

Anyway, I had a good relaxing Sunday afternoon nibbling on fruit and various items. I KID. I STUFFED MY FACE. But in all seriousness, it wasn’t really that either. You just want to keep eating when everything’s cut up and placed neatly on three tier platters.

Photo(s) of the month, symmetrical lolz

I originally took this photo because I wanted to show the effect of the mascara I was using, but it was so lopsided (my face I mean) I just couldn’t bring myself to post it up. It was hard just cutting out the eyes because it looked so strange. When I did half a face, it was alright but a bit lacking in aesthetics.

I have probably the most asymmetrical face known to mankind. One side my jaw is far squarer than the other and although it drives me insane I’m not going to do anything about it since I don’t enjoy the idea of sticking anything into my skin. I hate visiting the doctor even for a simple checkup, let alone something that farfetched.

Anyway, here is a super abstract image of my face flipped. As most of you gather, this absolutely looks NOTHING close to what I actually look like. I am just throwing it in for the lolz.


It sort of resembles me. Unphotoshopped except for the flipping part.

Seems a little perfect but moreso creepy. Maybe it’s a good thing that people’s faces aren’t symmetrical. We’d be a world of cyborgs.

This look was brought to you by Dior Diorskin Forever Compact foundation, Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara, Etude House eyeshadow palette and a touch of Smith’s Rose Salve lip balm. I’m not wearing false lashes and I think they seem long for not wearing false lashes, that is. I can only show the length of the lashes when I do a photo of my eyes closed, it never shows up when I have my eyes open! The foundation is a little too red overall and a tad bit too dark for my actual complexion, but it’s not terrible. It means I can’t wear blush though. As for the lip balm, it works a treat because it’s tinted! Only thing I don’t like about it is how it has menthol in it, which makes your lips probably slightly drier and gets you addicted. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing again because I have my eye on another product, but I do like how it has lasted me for ages – a tin is like $13 and seems pricey compared to a $4 pot of Blistex, but I’ve been using it for a very long time and I’m not even half way through.

I’ve been more or less doing this look lately (with the optional mascara) and I’ve been experimenting with how I draw the eyeliner. So far my favourite is not necessarily flicking the line up, but rather extending it so that my eyes appear “thinner” and longer. It’s just a bit different because in person my eyes seem to point upwards just slightly and are quite round. I wish they pointed upwards more, because it means I have more leeway for them to sag – ha! It’s not the case always in photographs and more often than not my eyes seem to droop in photographs 😦



This image is small (100% and not resized) and brought to you by the meitu app. No photoshop, just some filter. meitu makes everything look good. I generally avoid taking photos from this side, but the sun was coming in so I could not resist.

This month’s photo. This is what I mean by making the eye look thinner/ longer! Just that bit on the end really makes a difference, but if you don’t extend it enough it will make your eyes look even rounder, which is my most common mistake. These past few days I’ve also noticed that my hair does not hold curls at all. This photo was taken about maybe 15 minutes after doing my hair, but by the time I left my place my hair was just wavy – and soon afterwards straight :\ I’m not sure if it’s the humidity or whatnot, but I think it’s time for me to invest in a good hair wax.

My hair is already too long and I want another haircut, though my hairdresser does not work weekends. Speaking of which, I had a really funny dream where I turned up to the hair salon and was denied my appointment because he was busy doing something else or they rescheduled it or something weird like that. It was basically my nightmare experience at this dentist (actual event that happened) and paranoia of having bad hair. I never thought that something like that would appear in my dreams, but it did – and it was amusing in a way. I’m sure I could find another hairdresser if I needed to.

Well, that’s about it from me at this point of time. I have a lot on my agenda to go and I’m really looking forward to this long weekend thing. I should have booked myself to go away somewhere, but I completely forgot about it because I was so used to being miserable and working all the time (even on public holidays). Now I finally get to enjoy public holidays like how average citizens do. I’ve also realised that my obsessive compulsive habits from work have now passed on and I can’t stand it if things are messy or disorganised. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing – I don’t even know how to procrastinate at work, but I procrastinate badly at home. It’s just a thing since I work so hard I don’t want to come home and work even more.

Next post is likely going to be a review. I’ve got one more month until I can fully evaluate the Clarisonic Mia2, but I have several things I need to write about anyway.

Have a safe and sound Easter, everyone!


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