March: Food


I generally don’t eat out much or take photos of food much because I’m not sure if people have gathered or not, I actually do not really enjoy eating much. Of course there are all those yummy things in the world you would like to eat on a frequent basis, and eating is something important for humans in order to survive. To me though, I like my food bland(er) than the average person and as long as it’s fresh, prepared in a hygienic way and is somewhat nutritious I will eat it. That is why I find it difficult to pinpoint a favourite food because food is just bleh to me.

Nevertheless here are some food shots from March.

Yebisu Izakaya – Lumiere Regent Place


It was my first time visiting the so called mini Japan strip in Regent Place. The interior is quite nice and seems bigger than it actually is. I didn’t actually notice that the person sitting two tables down was actually a reflection of myself >_> But anyway. The usual, touchscreen and all. The food here is actually pretty good. I let my friend do the ordering, and mostly he chose things like skewers, fried chicken wings, the sushi thingy above wrapped in rice paper, a special of the day (beef udon – which was actually pretty good) and a seaweed salad. Sapporo beer is $5 a bottle and I went with a mocktail or whatever you want to call it called “Sakura” which was a pretty orange colour.

The total came to about $65 for 2 people which is hmm, alright I suppose. We just had enough between the two of us and we didn’t have any leftovers.

Note that they will come around with a board or a cart asking if you would like to order the night’s special or sake. It’s kind of cute, but maybe not for everyone. I will probably go back one day.

Lantern by wagaya


Yes, karaoke again. This time it was a work/birthday celebration thing. I didn’t really take any photos apart from this hot pot because it was only until the hot pot that we realised we needed to take photos. Nobody really ordered sushi this time (though I did, because I was feeling hungry and well, deep fried chicken cartilage was NOT tickling my fancy) and we ended up with a bunch of deep fried stuff. This time the food was nowhere as good as last time, maybe because I prefer my foods to not be deep fried, and on the shareable side.

The hot pot above was really salty. Well, too salty for my liking anyway. A successful hot pot should be that the soup is just right for you to drink it as it is (not that you should, because it’s not really meant for that purpose). You can add your own salt/sauce or whatever to it. So this was too salty for my liking.

Apart from that we also had a pizza somewhere, re-ordered the wasabi octopus (that was gone in a flash), had a bottle of umeshu (was a bit too sweet though it was 13% alcohol), and pineapple juice mixed with midori. With that, the bill was exactly $200, split between 5 people it was $40 each. Can’t say it was good value because the food was so-so. But we did sing like crazy for 3 hours. After we finished the majority of our food, lights went off and we turned our room into a club, lol.

Frank’s Pizza Bar and Restaurant – Camperdown


Another March baby here to celebrate with. I have always thought to myself that March seriously has a lot of birthdays. Probably that is the month in which I have the most number of friends turning yet another year wiser (or at least I hope so).

We didn’t have a booking but we were still given a table at 6:30pm on the condition we leave by 7:15pm. Everything except the spaghetti bolognese was salty. The pizza was a bit of a let down because it was a Supreme, but there were anchovies in it. I’m not sure if that’s meant to be standard, because I’ve never encountered anchovies in a supreme pizza before. The biggest gripe is that the anchovies were fishy and you can taste the fishiness in the tomato sauce base since the flavour just went everywhere.

Anyway, the food was alright apart from that, I mean, the pizza was baked to perfection. Total came to just $36 so it was quite reasonable. We were kind of full (well, not hungry, we had a slice of super decadent cream/chocolate something cake beforehand) and even left behind a slice of pizza. Frank’s only accepts cash.

And environmentally sustainable fish — on the right side bar somewhere on my Instagram.

Photo of the month, because it’s sort of end of March. Featuring me in really dim light, heavy photoshop to revive (lack of) colours and a strange pedo-smile.



My hair is still short. But when I straighten it, this can happen. Looks longggg but it’s nottttt.

I will be back with a proper post later. I was supposed to be asleep over 40 minutes ago, but then I got carried away. Late night Sung Si Kyung, not sure if it’s a good thing or not.



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