Diorskin Forever Foundation Compact


I’ve been enjoying my new life out of work a little too much. I’ve been occupying myself by doing things I enjoy, such as a lazy movie in the afternoon, actually getting things done (reading, making stupid payments otherwise known as insurance and tax) and abusing the most I can out of a MyMulti1 ticket by venturing out to the city one day per weekend just to buy another MyMulti1 ticket (for those who don’t know what this is, this is a ticket that enables you limited train travel depending on distance, but unlimited bus and tram travel. I live bus distance away from the city).

But just to clarify, I’m not unemployed. I am still working 5 days a week, just not at my old workplace. My new (but not yet permanent) workplace is a lot laid back, and I have plenty to keep myself occupied with.


This is my friend’s dog, who I see at work. She is a cutie, but can be vicious to strangers lol. She barked a lot at me the first time she saw me, but now she chases her tail when she says hello in the mornings. I personally do not have much experience with pets or animals in general, so this is the first time I’ve had this much exposure to a household pet. Call me noob or whatever, but that’s just the way it is.

Also probably for the first time I can recognise that owning a pet has therapeutic qualities. You can de-stress and you can also have fun. Despite her not being my dog, I do feel happy when I see her around, so pets can have that kind of effect on you.

Anyway, that aside I know I’ve been lazy and all so here’s just a quick review – I’m pretty short on material because I want to use the Clarisonic for at least 3 months before reviewing it. There are other things I can write about as well, but it’s all the same – I want to use it a bit longer before I make up my mind!


I get a Dior shopping bag. YAY!

I have a friend who works for Dior cosmetics. I have recently swapped from BB cream to powder/foundation because I couldn’t stand how oily I became by the end of the day. I also could no longer see anything particularly amazing about BB cream in terms of effects on my skin. I saw no whitening effect and I was still breaking out and looked like an oily fry pan.

I was using a Biotherm compact for the past few months – a bit pale, however it did alright. It wasn’t very good with coverage, but it did keep me somewhat matte and I was not too terribly oily as it was to an extent that I could accept.

Well, using a compact means that you need to either refill or buy another. In this instance I chose to buy another because I wasn’t really happy with the Biotherm texture… it was a bit cakey and the coverage as I mentioned early, was pretty average. I wasn’t sure if the colour matched my skin either, so I decided to trek a short distance where my friend worked. I can’t say where, but it is one of the major department stores.

There are two types of Dior foundation – one being NUDE (light coverage – about 2/5) and the other being FOREVER (better coverage – about 3/5). I went for FOREVER as it has better coverage which is what I want in a compact. I was going to buy the NUDE in loose powder but they were out of stock. I really wanted to try the colour first before buying because it was something I never actually did. Every foundation or BB cream I bought was either too light, too dark and was generally a surprise. Sometimes you just really need to buy in person because that’s included in the price.

There are only 3 colours available – 1 2 and 3 and all three come in two tones, pink and yellow.

I was given colour 2 as apparently 1 would be too light for me. I said that I wanted something to match my actual skin rather something lighter. I was also given the choice to choose between a pink or a yellow tone as I could suit both types – my friend recommended that pink tone as it looked more natural and the yellow seemed a bit too yellow and flat. This is ultimately up to you to choose, but as I usually skip blush and I do redden quite easily, pink actually does suit me a bit more as it seems a bit rosy and gives me a good complexion. Yellow made me look a bit sallow.


The compact comes in a velvet sleeve which is like a dust cover and will prevent your compact from getting scratched. Everything is consistent with the gold and navy packaging of Dior cosmetics even back when it was still Christian Dior.


There is a mirror and a sponge included. The sponge has two different textures – one being more of a fluffy fabric and the other being purely sponge. I use the fluffy side to get a silkier application. I assume the sponge side will give you a matter finish.

At first I was a bit hesitant after purchasing this because it is a lot darker than the Biotherm foundation I originally had. However, once I used the powder on my face, it really was the same colour as my skin tone because I couldn’t really tell where I applied powder. The coverage is also pretty good – maybe two applications over a blemish or pimple pretty much hides it without the use of a concealer, so that was very convenient. Don’t you hate it when you pack on powder to cover up something just to have it look cakey?! Well, this wasn’t the case, a thin application still did the job. I did get a bit oily by the end of the day, but it wasn’t too bad either. Probably you will need to touch up, but the coverage was better than the Biotherm, which I really needed to pack on for the powder to last me all day.

Apparently to change the powder it is quite easy and from what I am guessing you only need to snap it in, unlike some brands which glue in with a pre-stickied back. Well, I don’t know until I actually need to change the refill, but so far although the colour is a bit dark compared to what I’m used to, it is the correct colour and I will live with it. The best thing is that it looks natural, which is what I am after.


My friend also went a bit overboard and was generous to give me various samples to try. THANK YOU!

The Dior compact foundations retail at $92AUD each (for both NUDE and FOREVER), with the refills being $60ish each.


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