Challenge: Reading in Daily Life

So recently I stopped updating for a while. Oops!

A lot of things have been happening lately. The most significant thing being that I turned in my letter of resignation a few weeks ago, so now I’m just trying to piece together my life and figuring out what I want to do next. It was a bold decision, but it was something on my mind that I was thinking about for a very long time. I was always uncomfortable with the idea of having an unsteady flow of income and waking up without knowing what I had to do during the day. However, things seemed to work out better than expected on my part and the extra time I have is somewhat rewarding.

Through this experience I have truly learned the importance of time and I have decided not to waste time as much as possible. I would usually get irritated if I get stuck in traffic or spend forever waiting for a bus to take me home after work, but I guess the main point is that I get irritated not because it’s an inconvenience, but rather it’s a waste of time. To combat this issue, I have decided to preoccupy my “wasted time” to something much more productive that takes my mind off the concept of time.


I’ve written in previous posts about watching The Human Condition, which is a South-Korean variety show aired on KBS World. I find the show interesting because they challenge and question the meaning of life and test the limits of a modern person when given certain conditions they need to adhere to.

One of the missions that I felt I identified strongly with was the reading in daily life mission, as it has been a very long time since I sat down to read a book. I haven’t given myself the chance to sit down and concentrate on a book, mostly because I need the time to go and do exercise (which I have neglected, and now I am fat).

My favourite site to buy books is still bookdepository dot com (link is on the right hand side menu) as they offer free shipping worldwide. So far I’ve received everything I’ve ordered, but just be a bit careful because once I pulled out a book I ordered from the mailbox above ours (!!!) so yeah, things can happen.


The Little Prince was one of the books that I keep hearing about and was a book one of the members read for the challenge. They didn’t really say much about the contents of the book, but it was one of those books that you need to read once in a while to understand what it is. Even so, the interpretation of this novel will forever change depending on where you are in life.

It’s important to buy unabridged versions, or else there is no point in reading.

When I received this, it took me about 30-40 minutes to finish it. It’s a very thin and short book, but it felt good to read after so long, and it made me think about various things. The most striking/ memorable part of the book was when the little prince first met the businessman who was busy counting stars and took pride in the number of stars as he believed it made him rich. Despite the stars being simply a number on paper, the businessman still continued to collect more in order to obtain more. What do I value and why do I value it? Is it because it is mine, or because I make it mine? Or is it simply because of a sentimental attachment? Or is it the quantity? I think these questions are valid and every day there should be an effort made to contemplate about possible answers which say something about yourself as a person.


I also ordered these two- 1Q84 volumes 1,2 and 3, as well as The Dream of the Red Chamber, which was to continue with the “you need to read this once in a while” theme. I was thrown in 2 bookmarks, and for good reason – 1Q84 is about 1300 pages long, and the other almost 1000 pages. I have a feeling this is going to take a while to read.

Now, another thing to think about is should we buy books or should we borrow books? This is a question entirely up to you to answer. I buy books because I find that I will most likely read them (since I paid for them, I will read them), and I have no habit of visiting the library. For all three books I paid about $55 which is a really good deal considering the length and quality of the texts. $55 is the price of a really fancy dictionary or less than 3 Japanese magazines at marked up prices. All in all, I think it’s not bad and I will definitely take a long while reading.

Here are the episodes of the daily reading mission, which I really enjoyed. I also enjoyed the living without water episode.

The past week I have been sitting on very long bus rides to pretty much the middle of nowhere. One time I sat on the bus for an incredible 1 hour and 40 minutes due to heavy traffic. Usually at times like this I would listen to music, but even so there is a limit to how much you can listen to before you get agitated and wonder when you will reach your destination. Luckily these days I carry the 1Q84 novel wherever I go, and it was very handy for that long bus trip. I think I read about 150 pages just on that single bus ride. After starting the book for about 5 days, I’m now 3/4s way though. I’m currently on page 943 out of a total of over 1300 pages. Not bad. At this rate I can probably finish the novel tomorrow or the day after.

I’ve got other stuff to write about seeing that I did do a lot the past few weeks. I will need to find time again to write about those things, since I’ve taken time out to read and do the occasional exercise. I’m also paying more attention to my skin, especially the skin that is not just my face. I’ve always neglected my dry skin so I’m taking time to moisturise.

I’m also excited to announce that I have officially bought my first ever concert ticket. It sounds crazy that I have never been to a concert before (performances I have been to, but not concerts!) and I’m struggling to make sense of the idea myself. I’m looking forward to picking up the tickets later on. I will write more about that next time, for now, I need to rest as it is past midnight and I have a lot to do in the next few hours to come after I wake up.

Hope everyone is doing well, and if you have a habit of reading please do let me know. If you have any book recommendations, also let me know. I plan to buy Norwegian Wood next.

Will be back soon.


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