This is going to be a short and sweet review. There’s not much to talk about it because it’s more like an envelope than anything else.

On a scale of 0 to 10 on wearability I rate this a -5 because I have worn/ used this clutch a grand total of zero times since purchasing this clutch in 2011. Yes, 2011. I couldn’t believe it until I dug out the papers (as you can see above) so I am very surprised. In terms of actual wearability, you can wear it every day. Go out, wear it. Go to dinner, wear it. It’s such a classic you could probably wear it with pyjamas late at night at your local supermarket. I just need to actually use it.

Anyway, I’m going to refer to this clutch as the YSL anyway. I know they’re Saint Laurent Paris SLP whatever, but when I bought this clutch it was still YSL. I can’t remember what the name of this clutch was, because the tag that came included said it was a Sac du jour, but I remember it being the Belle du jour. When I search both people seem to use them interchangeably? I’m going with my initial instinct.


Satin monogram dustbag. As you can see, it is creased. Not surprised. There is another dustbag inside that is white and is like a microfiber or something. All YSL’s dustbags are like that.


The patent leather is pretty nicely textured. I like the fact that it’s pebbled rather than smooth. The photo is pretty bad but the stitching is actually black. It’s a black on black which is really easy to go with anything.

This clutch is in the large size which will be able to fit your wallet, phone, keys and a few extra things. The clutch is available also in a smaller size.


There is one large open compartment (hence this is why I said this is more like an envelope) with the patent leather on the underside of the flap. The inside of the clutch itself is lined in black satin, with Yves Saint Laurent printed in gold on a smaller inner compartment where the card is.

There is a magnetic snap button closure. I can’t help but wonder if it would be better with two snap buttons like the Va Va Voom, because with just the one, your flap may not sit parallel as it may pivot (if that makes sense).

For those who are interested in the clutch, it is still available for purchase despite the change in label name. It should retail a little over $1000AUD now (that’s like more than double what I paid originally!) and is available in several variations, such as a metal logo on the front and in calf skin.

And that’s it. Nothing else to say. Now it’s time to actually use it!

Other matters about me lately…

This week was hectic, busy and absolutely draining. I was really stressed out today over a matter (I get to somehow dodge the bombshell tomorrow, but not for long) and got an instant migraine. Well, it’s not actually a migraine since I don’t know if it is one as it hasn’t lasted for all that long, but I mean, for at least 2 hours is pretty nasty. Anyway, I thought that work was a battlezone as I constantly kept getting bruises (I should just do a post on this alone, I have so many photos of my bruises collected from just the past 6 months it’s so ridic), but now it’s slightly worse because I think everyone (with the exception of like 3 people) needs to lose like 10kg each because we can’t afford to be fat. I used to call my workplace an obstacle course, but now it’s like the Amazonian jungle. You touch something by accident, you freaking die. It’s like the liquid lava game you play jumping from your sofa to sofa. That’s how narrow it is. Well. Whatever. That’s all.

Tomorrow I finally get my day off and I’m looking forward to getting my long awaited haircut which got delayed by Valentines bookings, and then a fully booked out Friday last week. How insane is it that my hairdresser is booked out until 6:30pm?! They close at 9pm, but that’s just crazy. Doesn’t he need to go to the toilet and pee? When does he even get a lunch break? Why am I even asking these questions? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO NEED HAIRCUTS? I DO NOT GET IT.

On a completely random matter at work someone mentioned the “would you prefer a woman top half with mermaid/ fish bottom or fish top half with woman bottom half body” question. While everyone else was trying to choose, I somehow questioned how mermaids could actually exist. I mean, considering that fish are cold blooded creatures and humans are warm blooded/ mammals, how does that even work? … Never thought of it that way? Now you have. Mindblown. At least the others at work were, they never thought of it from that perspective. Damn rationality.

Anyway, all stress aside I’m just going to enjoy life as it is right now. I’m currently watching KBS’s The Human Condition on their kbsworld Youtube account and their words of wisdom are really inspiring. You just need to feel grateful for what you have each day and look on the brighter side of things. I try to think like that, but after a period of time when you know you’re constantly being lied to or being jipped you just want to rage quit and flip the tables. But for now, I am grateful for what I have and I will try to enjoy each day rather than anticipate it to be crap.

Reviews to come. I don’t have anything interesting other than reviews, but if time permits and if I get the right opportunity, I hopefully can start taking more photos and add more material to this blog fashion-wise or lifestyle-wise rather than just static and boring reviews. After all, there’s only so much I can review; I don’t have much to actually talk about.

Have a great TGIF tomorrow and a good weekend!

UPDATE: I’ve used it! Grand total of one time (congratulations). I could fit a small wallet, bus tickets, phone… a tin of mints and that was it. I didn’t have space for keys! I guess I will need to rethink how to use the clutch if I can’t fit my keys in :\ But anyway, it’s quite a comfortable size and not difficult or awkward to hold. It’s sometimes a bit hard to close it though (you have to get the magnetic snap button parts to match up), but otherwise it’s a great bag to take with you when you are visiting a salon for your haircut, or a place where you do not want to leave your handbag unattended.


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