Just a week ago I posted up my updated wishlist. I had my feels all over the place because I didn’t really know if I really needed the bag and would be afraid it would be one of those regret purchases, but I don’t think I have made the wrong decision. When I tried it on I thought to myself that I really do prefer this bag over the Chanel classic flap that everyone is wearing. If only I had more money I would collect all the different colours this comes in, because it’s a really wearable piece and its simplicity completely won me over.

It was a Friday night after a super long day at work. Yes, Valentines Day. We had a monster day (pretty much didn’t sit the whole day) and walked up to David Jones (which was like a 15 minute walk, so so far on weakened legs). At first I didn’t have plans to buy the bag, we just went straight to Clarisonic (which I will review shortly) and had a browse around. Then about 40 minutes later my colleagues were like “let’s have you try on the Va Va Voom, just try it and see”. Then it was like “since you’re here, you might as well”. And yes, I give in pretty easily when it comes to situations like this, and just thought, “okay yeah, why not”.

Probably the first thing to note is that this bag does not come with a box. It has been ages since buying a bag that doesn’t come in a box, but because this is small it doesn’t really matter that much. The thing to note though is how you store this bag. I pretty much had the sales assistant take out every single bag they had in stock so I could choose which one I wanted as the bag is a rather delicate calf skin. At times like this, I suddenly remember why I like older skins because they tend to be thicker and more resistant to scratches. A lot of the scratches or mini dents are mainly because they didn’t store the bags so well (eg. placing one bag on top of another one with the studs in contact with another bag’s leather), but a few marks were just natural due to the nature of the leather.

The texture of the bag feels pretty nice, but I will need to be a bit careful with it as I have a feeling it will be fairly scratch prone.

The sales assistant who served me was very patient was really nice as I was super annoying and wouldn’t accept the one they had in the drawer (not the display cabinet, but storage) and went down to the basement to get me two more to choose from. I give her props because she must have had a pretty long day at work.

At the moment I am storing my bag as it is below, with the chain tucked inside to prevent the chain denting or scratching the bag. What happens inside or on the edge of the bag doesn’t matter, but the front and back does. At least I think so, anyway.


The Va Va Voom (now referred to as VVV) has a handle grip as a design element and a practical handle if you decide to go ahead with it as a clutch. For some, you can also slip your hand in when you are wearing your VVV as a side bag, you can still slip your hand in to embellish your hand if you don’t have any rings on. I think it’s a very comfortable grip and it is not only aesthetically pleasant, it is ergonomically well done. I’m a real sucker for things that are at 90 degree angles, a strange liking I developed from studying at university.


The VVV has two large compartments and one small compartment (where the card is inserted) for smaller items. There is also a red Valentino label on that small compartment and the interior is lined in black twill.


The chain is removable by matching the two openings together and then pulling them apart. It took me a few minutes to realise it, but these ends of the chains only go in or out one particular direction when removing or attaching the chain to the bag, so it’s fairly secure.I love how everything is kept simple and the density of the chain strap is just right so it isn’t boring and doesn’t look like the chain from any other designer.


There is a stamp on the pale gold hardware that the chain hangs from, which is subtle and not in your face. After I took this photo I promptly restuck on my blue plastic which originally came with the bag as I’m not ready to peel my stickers just yet lol.


The VVV also comes with a small envelope with some care instructions/ product description (we all know that this is pretty useless and doesn’t really say anything new and is generally applied to every single bag) and I also had the tag included. For those who have just landed on my page and don’t know where I’m from, the price is in Australian Dollars.

There are 2 magnetic snap buttons to close the VVV and it is very secure once you hear the snap. Even without snapping, the magnet is strong enough to keep the flap closed.


My favourite part about the bag is that I can choose to wear my chain strap as a single or a double strap to adjust the length. I know a lot of bags these days do it, but this is a first for me. The closest I have is a Karl Lagerfeld which has an adjustable strap that utilises the same strap adjustment system as the Boy Chanel, but this makes things convenient.

I don’t have to feel guilty for spending that much on a Chanel Classic Flap (now a whopping $5500 ish) and I don’t need to feel burdened wearing the VVV because it’s a great bag that can be formal or casual depending on how you wear it.

I think I made a good decision, lol. Now I have a bunch of other bags left to buy OTL

During the next few months I will be taking photos of my bags in my small collection and will be doing short reviews as such. I think next on my list will be the Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Patent Large Clutch which I have not used once since purchasing it. Review might even come out tomorrow – who knows?? But anyway, I have a few posts lined up because I have the photos edited and ready to go. I just need text 😉

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far (although I’m writing this at like 10am on a Saturday morning LOL). I’ve had a really hectic and emotional week as you can probably discover on my Twitter, but everything seems better now because I’m in my final stages of my current workplace and I’m planning to leave. Finally. I found that after handing in my resignation I felt a huge burden lifted from my shoulders, but it’s not yet official as nothing yet has been confirmed and I’ve been told to give it some thought. Well, I will take my time.

See you all, probably really soon – bye!


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