My Pandora Bracelets

Recently I’ve been getting a few searches for Pandora bracelets so I figured I should post about my bracelets now compared to my initial bracelet which was posted in this post a few years back. I must say, my bracelets look very different now.

I know Pandora’s not for everyone and for good reason – nobody can really see what charms you have unless they are into Pandora as well. Over time the price of the bracelet accumulates and for just silver and 14K gold, it’s probably not worth it. But what can I say? It’s a novelty thing. It’s different to the other bracelets out there because you design what your bracelet looks like and I must say their quality is pretty good. This applies to a ton of other charm bracelets out there, and I guess the appeal is that the charms have some sort of collectible or sentimental value to them which makes it special.

It is possible to get addicted collecting charms, which is something I can see right now. This is my small collection. It won’t be growing any more.

My initial bracelet was an 18cm bracelet with a pink theme – mostly hearts, flowers and anything that was super girly. Due to some restraints I ended up having red in the mix (which is actually one of my least favourite colours, despite me having various red items) and soon afterwards the 18cm bracelet was too large for me to wear.

A Pandora bracelet is fitted correctly if you can fit just 2 fingers between the bracelet and the wrist.

Depending on if you like your bracelets loose or tight, you can either size up or down. I was told that my correct size was 18cm, but it wasn’t as there was more than two fingers’ space under. Your bracelet will stretch a little over time, so if you have 2 fingers’ space, even if you fill up the entire bracelet, it will maintain that amount of space due to the nature of the bracelet being a snake chain.


Taking the opportunity to buy a 17cm bracelet and starting “fresh”, I put all the charms I liked on the 17, and then moved all the ones I didn’t to the 18. I tried to keep colours similar. If I really hated a charm, I’d remove it and replace it with something else I liked more. It was a continual renovation cycle where the aim of the game was to get the perfect bracelet where every charm mattered.

I started my third bracelet with a royal blue theme all purely because of the hot air balloon charm. I originally wanted a light blue and gold theme, but that changed because the hot air balloon uses the primary blue rather than a light blue. This bracelet is reserved mostly for fancier events or days when I’m feeling particularly outlandish or need to match with other gold accessories. There are 2 charms missing – one is a pendant charm which I am waiting to purchase for the centre, and the other being a charm that someone can gift me. Whatever, I’m not going to buy the last one.

Out of all these charms, 3 charms were gifted to me either as a gift or via a lucky dip. 2 charms above are limited edition (the teddy bear and the Royal Baby pram).ย At least 5 charms are not shown in the photograph above, as well as a Pandora bangle. I also have about 5 rings and 3 pairs of earrings, though that’s not that much when you think about my charm collection. This isn’t a large collection either – I know customers who have like over 10 bracelets it’s crazy! Don’t ask me to guess how much I’ve spent, I don’t want to know! If I have to make a wild guess I could probably trade in all three of the above bracelets for an 18K gold Cartier bangle (no diamonds), assuming I could get back the retail value.

My rate of accumulation is average 1 bracelet per year.

The red bracelet has still got room for improvement.

Anyway, this year onwards I’m going to say enough is enough – the most I’ll have is a 5 clip bracelet, but that’s it for me. Most likely I won’t even get the 5 clip and I will finally consider the Tiffany and Co. tag bracelet which I have been eyeing for about 10 years. Literally, TEN YEARS. Okay, maybe 7, but that’s close enough. Most of my colleagues own 2 Pandora bracelets, so I think I’m a bit farfetched with 3. I know there are people with bracelets of all different colours, but I think I have quite enough as the blue bracelet actually can be a white one (I have an extra white murano facet which I can swap with the blue).

Do Pandora bracelets need to be filled?ย No, not necessarily, but to me, it needs to be filled because it’s about the charms, not so much the bracelet – therefore I cannot stand to have a single bit of bracelet showing. That’s why all mine (except the blue) are filled to the brim. I also think that you need a bit of everything on the bracelet for it to be complete – by this I mean two-tone, gold, murano, plain silver, some hanging, some cubic zirconia, spacers. I used to think that spacers weren’t necessary, but Pandora has recently really revamped their concept of a spacer and they’ve become essential to the bracelet.

Most likely I will be back very soon with another post because I think I’m going to do something that will change well… my current lifestyle at the moment. I have made a very important decision which is very risky, yet could potentially be rewarding on the long run. More later.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I’m completely flat out today. Soon!


6 thoughts on “My Pandora Bracelets

  1. It’s so interesting seeing all the different charms on your Pandora bracelet. I can understand the addiction to filling up your bracelet and how expensive it gets!

    I used to be sooo obsessed with the RTT heart tag bracelet – I really wanted one but something just kept stopping me from handing over the cash for it. I still think it’s a gorgeous classic piece though so you should definitely consider it – try it on at the boutique!

    • I stopped wanting it because it felt like everyone had one! Now that it seems the craze is all Cartier it feels like less people are wearing it now lol. I will consider it later… I think I may be able to get it for cheaper since I have a friend working at a duty free store, but I will need to travel out in order to buy. Shiny things, damn it!

  2. I stopped wanting it for the same reason as you.

    At my last retail job (at a university bookshop) every fifth customer I served, had one. I saw it everywhere. In my head, it just became too common. I used to want the 1837 ring as well.

    The ultimate turnoff was when an old primary school friend randomly came by my workplace and she had both of those pieces on her – that’s when I knew, I could never buy those pieces for myself LOL.

    I genuinely did love those pieces but everyone wears Tiffany so you’re bound to find people with the same items as yourself.

    I have to admit I still like their other pieces like the bow necklace, the mini bean necklace and the starfish.

    My only Tiffs piece is the RTT heart lock necklace – I don’t wear it anymore but I might break it out one day… when I can find it. I think it fell under my bed somewhere hehe.

    If you can get the bracelet duty free, I say, get it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • My co-worker has two of the 1837 rings on the one finger lol. It’s always a let down when you really want to buy something but everyone has it, I hate jumping onto bandwagons because it looks like everyone is copying each other! It’s hard though since it’s a recognisable design and that’s why people buy it lol.

      Their designs are nice and I think they are somewhat well-priced compared to its competitors. That RTT heart lock is really nice, you should wear it when you find it! I only have the ear studs and want a pendant to match, but I’m afraid it’ll look too much.

      We’ll see about that! Maybe one day… it’s not really on my list of priorities right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The 1837 ring is a classic so I can understand why she has two LOL!

    Jewellery is really personal and I don’t like having the same pieces as others (strangers, I don’t care but friends, I do) – it’s unavoidable if you’re buying from Tiffany’s though hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

    I kinda think their stuff is overpriced but at least it’s great quality and they stand by their products… unlike some brands *cough Chanel*

    I may cave one day and buy that mini bow pendant – I’ve always loved it and it’s affordable. The problem is do I splurge and get the yellow gold version or the sterling silver? I can’t justify spending the money on the gold version if I don’t wear the piece forever – whereas the silver one, not a big deal coz it’s cheap. But I also don’t want to add more clutter to my jewellery stash. I’ve got quite a few necklaces but only one neck. I’m not really big on layering necklaces either.

    Do you have the RTT ear studs? They’re adorable! ๐Ÿ˜€ Which pendant do you have your eye on?

    • Probably Tiffany is a good brand to go if you’re going to friendship rings or bracelets then LOL, that way you don’t have to mind so much ๐Ÿ˜›

      For silver Tiffany is overpriced, but seeing that so little maintenance is required, I think that it’s not so bad. Gucci has a lower price point for their silver which makes it really attractive unless you really don’t like the brand. I really don’t know how people store their T&C jewellery aside and pull it out months later for it to have gone black. I’ve had my earrings for years and never really had to polish them ever, but I clean them anyway.

      Chanel’s terrible and hopeless when it comes to their fashion jewellery. I really like their cuffs and may go for another pair of small logo studs, but it’s really not worth it for brass. I can’t believe that after my friend bought TWO of the same pair of earrings (one she lost one, the other had the stem break off) she’s still buying from them. Crazy!

      Well, think about the bow pendant. Will you be wearing it several years later in your forties? I think like that these days with my larger purchases so that I don’t regret it later. If you can’t see yourself wearing it down the track then it’s probably not worth the investment.

      The RTT studs have been pretty good – I once bent the stem all the way down by accident, but I pushed it back up and it didn’t break! Not gonna let that happen again because that was too scary. I don’t really have a particular pendant in mind at this stage. It’ll definitely be gold though, but as for what I’m not too sure.

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