Blogging gon’ wild

Hello all! As you can tell I am currently redoing the layout/ graphics for miketsu blog since my previous layout has apparently retired. I will be working on the layout for the next week or so, so there will be the odd change – you will know it’s complete once I take down that “under construction” sign at the top of the page. I figured that it was about time for some change (I typically change my layouts pretty often – once every 3 months, but I got lazy and it stayed the same for 3 years haha) and a positive change. Hopefully you will find this layout a bit more engaging. I will try to have less text and more pretty pictures. For now though, this one will be text 😛


Swollen tonsils will ultimately end in coughing

Panamax really helps getting rid of the pain of swollen tonsils (Panadol will probably work, but you will need 2 tablets instead of just one). As soon as I started getting a runny nose I still didn’t think too much about it, but then the next 2 days, oh my – the coughing. Coughing wakes you up in the middle of the night, and you feel like your lungs have taken a beating.

Not only that, your skin gets so dry and your eyes are swollen. Apart from having a croaky voice though, not much else is that different.

I’m alright now, but it was really about a week of coughing. The coughing fits were probably the worst, especially at work since you are talking mid-sentence and you want to throw up blood on the floor. I kid, no blood was involved.

Bathroom (mini) renovations to come

So about a year or more ago our vanity basin got uhm, destroyed. Basically there is a bigass hole in it and the taps aren’t really working. I don’t know how we lived with it for so long, but we did. Finally it’s all going to go back to a normal vanity unit (read: new) at the end of the week. I am actually excited. That means that we get a new vanity unit with actual drawers so we can throw out all the makeup/ skincare that we totally forgot about and no longer bump our heads on our stupid protruding bigass sink every time we straighten our backs after grabbing something from the cupboard!

On top of that, we are getting all of our taps serviced since we’ve never really done that since moving in over 13 years ago. OLD MUCH? Everything leaks and it drives us insane.

I must say, this is a pretty huge hole in my pocket anyway – I was actually planning to buy a bag at the end of the week, but I’m a bit hesitant now because I’d rather spend the money on home renovations. Not sure, my priorities are messed up anyway. I HAVE TAXES TO PAY TOO.

Nails of the week

I think I’m going to bring back the “Nails of the week” tag to life. I used to seriously do my nails at least once every fortnight for fun, but then stopped after I felt my nails were getting weaker since I do a lot of stuff at work that effectively weakens the nail (this includes using nails to open tightass clasps, touching various types of chemicals for various types of cleaning and touching a lot of fabric – also various types of cleaning). I don’t really have much to share because I don’t own a lot of colours (or rather, I do but they’re not good quality polishes, and I want to stick to O.P.I from now on) and I have a limited number of designs to show.


My “new year” nails. The leopard print was subtle since the contrast between the nude and gold was so little, but to me I liked it because it’s such a popular combination these days whether it be fashion accessories or handbags. I would really love a nude bag with gold hardware, but I am super paranoid about getting something like that dirty, so I will have to pass. I know what it’s like to get your handbag stained from clothing, so I tend to stick to darker colours.

Every second nail was either leopard or lace with a little leopard print down the middle. I didn’t use a very thick nail polish to do the prints, so it was a bit weak, but it was nicer than having plain nails.

At first I really didn’t like this shade of nude because I felt that it was too light, made my fingers dark and was a bit too pink. But actually, it’s not bad and I think all nude colours look good on the nails because it makes your fingers look longer.


Well, the leopard didn’t last too long, because I had the base colour already for almost a week before stamping the print on. This is what I have now – it’s a deep fuschia with random zebra stripes – or a whitish colour with fuschia stripes @_@. I like this look because it’s pretty versatile. If this is a bit too much, you can have black stripes instead (which is what I wanted at first, with a bit of gold – but I figured I should try it with white and gold first for higher contrast).

Nail stamping is so easy and takes literally 5 minutes to complete all 10 nails. I’ll definitely be experimenting more later.

I have a very busy week ahead with not a lot of time to blog (mostly publishing drafts). When I have time though, I will definitely do a bunch of reviews (which is something I haven’t really done regularly in quite a while!).

I was going to post this in a separate post, but seeing my plans have gone down the drain, I’ve decided to chuck this under here too.

Updated wishlist – or not

Each year I have a tradition of buying one bag for myself to add to my small collection of designer bags. This year I have to keep it to just 2, because I think in one year I must have bought 4 or 5, which is way too much. Last year I made a pact to buy one, but I ended up getting two – one being the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (small in black and silver hardware), the other being a Karl Lagerfeld lambskin handbag – not very expensive, but it was unplanned for.

This year I have to decide between three bags – I’ve been eyeing these probably since a month or two ago. Prior to that, I didn’t even consider these at all – I was in a bit of a bag slump where I didn’t really have anything I particularly wanted. At one stage I really wanted the Prada tote, but after an influx of people wearing the bag and seeing how horrible some people wore it (as in the condition was really bad for something that is pretty hard wearing) I gave up. The girls at work went all out at one stage and bought “friendship/ work” bags together (Balenciaga), but I have absolutely no interest in Balenciaga at all. The Chanel classic flap is just way too much and if I didn’t buy it at $2500, why would I buy it when it’s $5500? On another note, the seasonal variations at $4700 seemed a good alternative until I saw it in the flesh – EURGH. Lady Dior’s nice, but patent leather is not repairable, and I want to stay away from lambskin because it’s too soft – I’m someone who likes their bags to keep stiff. The odd crease is fine, but if it’s everywhere, just no. Anyway, I just didn’t really see anything that made me particularly want to have it. Now I’m sort of like, “ooh I wouldn’t mind having that”. In other news, I have removed the long strap of my Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc so it will permanently be a short handle bag to become my new “speedy/ boston” bag.

I need to stay at one bag per year, because I have a lot of bags I don’t use. It’s either I need to rotate my bags more often, or I buy significantly less, if not at all.

First preference: Givenchy Antigona (Medium)

antigonablk antigonablue

Images from net-a-porter, the online store for Givenchy – sort of.

As you can see the medium bag ranges up to about $2600AUD. Plus import duties it should retail at close to $3000 give or take – which is okay considering I have a friend who can get me a discount. I went to David Jones the other day to have a look and I was sad to see they only had a small Antigona and it was retailing at a whopping $3600+. There was a medium with like pony hair or whatever it was and it was $4800+!!!

I have no idea what the retail price of this bag would be until I actually see it exist on the shelf, but it has to be the right colour and size for me to consider. If i t’s $3600, I will sadly have to pass. It needs to be close to $3000 for me to really give the thumbs up.

Céline Trapeze


More styles at 

I never really cared for Celine because I always thought that their bags were a seasonal thing (at one stage it was the Luggage, then it was the Trapeze, now it’s the Phantom and the new square lock clutches). I’ve always liked the Trapeze, but never really considered it until I kept hearing good things about their leather. The thing that bothers me the most about this bag is the suede bits, as I have never owned suede and knowing how I wear my bags, this might be a little more maintenance than I would like. This is more of the price range I’m interested in, it’s available at David Jones for about $2700, which is actually a reasonable price. But wait – not anymore. I had another visit and now it’s over $3000 which to me isn’t really worth paying considering there were only 2 colour combinations to choose from and they were UGLY.

I never thought that an all black bag could look so dreary! How I was so wrong. I bet if I carried it, it would just look like I was lugging a black thing around.

Don’t get me wrong, people look fabulous with this bag (but not everyone). I just can’t imagine it on me. I just couldn’t stand it up close – looks alright in pictures and on other people, but was it enough for me to really be motivated to buy? Nope. I would rather spend the money on a glass box and the remaining on a pair of ultra high booties and just put them into the box for display (not for wearing). Sorry.

Valentino Va Va Voom


From Valentino’s Online store.

I am really surprised at myself because this is something that is really not me. I mean, it is me, but is it me 20 or 30 years down the track? I’m not really sure, but I’ll have to be super badass to pull this off down the track.

I really like this bag D: It’s the answer to not getting a Chanel Classic Flap and it’s a bag that not many people wear, which is one of the criteria I have when I think about bags.

However, this is priced at 1590 EUROS (roughly $2500 AUD) and I’m not quite sure if that’s what I want to spend. I still have a clutch I have not started using. I have plenty of small bags – about 5, though possibly unfit for formal occasions. Do I need this bag? This is why this is my third choice.

Surprisingly, the price was quite close to the European price (not really a surprise, but one could hope). I never imagined the bag to be so puffy though. Also because it’s a magnetic strip closure, the bag doesn’t really quite close perfectly straight, and I am SUPER ANAL ABOUT LINES. If they’re not straight, I will go crazy. Maybe it was just a display thing because I didn’t bother wearing it or trying it on, but after discussing with friends, we came to the conclusion that my money is probably better spent buying something else. It’s much more expensive than the Louis Vuitton Sevigne I purchased before, and that had a metal bit on the front, long strap, handle, compartments (all these things are the same as the Va Va Voom so far). But it ALSO had a zipped compartment, an actual lock to close the bag (not a magnetic strip) and it was fully lined in suede, whereas the Valentino is lined in twill.

I could even perhaps get a Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity instead at a much lower price point and it’s very similar. IDK.

I think I need to continue bag hunting, because I’ve essentially gone back to zero. So much for getting a bag – now I’m back to twiddling my fingers wondering how much the medium Antigona will retail at. And I don’t necessarily need a big bag like that.

Another possibility is I go back to the Louis Vuitton Alma BB which I previously gave up on, but am I really a Louis Vuitton person? I’m not sure.

Other things I want:


I really like this. It probably smells better than any other fragrance I’ve purchased. But the staying power is so lousy and I have like 4-5 bottles of near full bottles of perfume waiting to be sprayed.


Damn this piece of expensive metal. Only reason why I want it is because I know it is going to eventually cost a damn fortune (not that it doesn’t cost one now). At the same time, I don’t know if I really want it, it’s just so expensive and I could buy a watch instead. I will make up my mind by Christmas this year, or if I get to go overseas.

I also want a Bearbrick (400%) and a huge wall sticker to decorate my room. It’s actually really difficult to decide what kind of wall sticker to use! It’s going to be a fairly large area so it has to be right before I go ahead and order the sticker. I looked at lots of interior home design ideas and the most striking one is just plain blank walls wtf. I’m not going to stick a plain white sticker in my room… that’s just a waste of money cause it’s just the sticker without being printed and just cut to size. Well, more to think about.

I’m making plans to paint our apartment in March and I won’t be hiring anyone to do it. It’ll be just all  by myself. How exciting?! I get to paint the whole apartment by myself and I have a time frame of about a week to complete it. I’m also planning to change all our door handles and to repaint our doors, but I need to learn how to dismantle a door lock and install door handles before I do so. Oh, and I’m also going to build my own shoe shelf. Misa with an electric drill – THE END IS NEAR.

This post has been longer than expected. I will probably blog again in the next few days with something I keep getting search results for. I don’t think I’ve posted up my “face of the month” photo for this month yet… argh. Will deal with that later.

Will see you all soon(ish).


5 thoughts on “Blogging gon’ wild

    • I used to really want a Saffiano leather tote but just got turned off in general since the gold on Prada’s hardware rubs off really easily (there is a 2 year warranty and they will replate it, but they send it to Hong Kong to do so) and leather softens so it looks prematurely old. Nevertheless, I still think the bag is really beautiful! Probably best not to buy in Australia though, Prada here is so overpriced! (or claim tax, or get a friend who works at David Jones to get you 10% off – better still, do both)

  1. You should defs get the Givenchy Antigona in black! It is such a well-structured bag and looks so much more expensive than it actually is. I got mine recently online for only $2100 AUD including import duties 🙂

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for the comment!
      Wow, $2100 including import duties… that’s a really good deal @_@
      It’s a pity I’ve already settled for the Valentino clutch… so maybe next time!

      Thanks again for visiting ❤

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