HCNY and Sydney Buses “Faulty Ticket” Replacement

I started writing this draft about a week ago – Chinese New Year has err- passed, so don’t mind the future tense although it’s in the past now. I spent my Chinese New Year at home (for the first time in three years) and nursing some swollen tonsils whilst blowing out my nose. What an interesting way to start the year. I generally have an idea that when I don’t buy things I get sick (this is such a good way to justify excess consumerism) and it seems that this idea is largely true. Just kidding. ‘Cause I did buy stuff. It was definitely from fatigue. And lots of people are sick at the moment. 

I think I wiped down close to 80 square metres of window glass, mirror or fly screen. Yes, my annual window cleaning ritual. I hardly do any cleaning, but if it’s cleaning it’s either cleaning the shower or wiping our windows. Chinese New Year is coming (end of the month) and you’re not supposed to do any cleaning on the day, so do it in advance! I don’t have any other days off until then, so I had no choice but to do it now. I am currently suffering from super dry skin particularly my legs and arms, so after I finish my 2L of Crabtree and Evelyn body lotion (which is probably never) I will be on the hunt to find a better product.

Speaking of the New Year, this post was written because I would like to write about something that has never happened to me before in the 20+ years of riding a bus in Sydney – I got the words “faulty ticket” printed on one of my MyBus2 Travelten tickets at the end of 2013. And by end of the year, I literally mean it – it was the 30th or 31st – I can’t even remember, but most likely it was the 31st because I remember riding the (very empty) bus home so probably everyone was out watching fireworks.

One would think, “this ticket can’t be faulty because it worked the previous few rides”, but anything can happen to the magnetic strip. I once had a ticket which had a really saggy magnetic strip and worked fine, but I guess it’s not always the case. It happens, but luckily, it’s no biggie.

When I got this printed on my ticket I showed the driver, and he told me that I needed to call 131 500 (this is a number everyone should know off the top of their head) to organise a replacement. He also told me NOT to ride with a faulty ticket because you can get fined for riding without a valid ticket (obviously it’s alright on the trip that you actually get the faulty ticket – I mean, what can you do? But the next time you ride, bring another ticket because the faulty ticket print will have the bus number and date/time stamped at the time the message was printed).

I simply went online (no real need to call); I have no idea what website I went to, but I had trouble understanding/ seeing the fine print for instructions on how to return my bus ticket, but here is a link with perfectly clear instructions: Replacement Tickets – Sydney Buses.

I didn’t send my ticket off immediately since it was the new year and possibly there wasn’t someone in office, so I waited a bit before sending. Pretty much twiddled my fingers for a week to week and a half, and then got this little baby in the mail.


Ah crap, my watermark isn’t in the corner 😦 I am lazy and I don’t zoom out but now I see it. OH WELL, I’M GOING TO LEAVE IT SINCE I HAVE ALREADY UPLOADED IT.



Sydney Buses/ State Transit Authority was very kind and gave me a replacement ticket as well as a plastic sleeve.

Well, a big thank you to Sydney Buses/ State Transit Authority for being prompt. Now I’ve got my ticket back and that was a stress free and easy way process.

For those who thought tl;dr and have a “Faulty Ticket” –

Send your faulty ticket to the address below, and it’s best to include a note as well with your details in case (just having your name and address on the envelope may not be enough just in case if the envelope accidentally gets misplaced or destroyed y’know?). I know it says Reply Paid, but I put a stamp anyway (it’s only 60c and I’m paranoid). Make sure you seal the envelope well and have the return address clearly written on the back of the envelope in case if your mail gets really err mashed up and the “to” address cannot be read and needs to be returned to you. And if you’re worried about it not being sent, you can buy a tracking number/ signature on delivery from Australia Post. For me, I put on a stamp and made sure I addressed it to and from very clearly. And did I say to include your faulty ticket inside? Just double checking.

State Transit Authority
Ticket Distribution
Reply Paid 2132
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

So in the future if you get a faulty ticket, no need to fret. The process was easy and everything went better than expected. Thanks again to State Transit.

Oh, and in case if someone asked this question – “why is the silver pen so much fatter than the gold one?”, it’s because the silver one has a USB inside.

Next post will be about consumerism and monies. $$$


6 thoughts on “HCNY and Sydney Buses “Faulty Ticket” Replacement

  1. Happy (belated) Chinese New Year! Hope you’re feeling better now and that your tonsils are okay.

    The best hand cream I’ve used is the NIVEA Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream (I used to use Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and thought that was the best).

    I tend to get extremely dry hands and the NIVEA has turned my hands baby smooth so I don’t suffer from dry hands anymore! Perhaps you could try using it on your arms?

    I tend to apply it at night before I sleep. There is a bit of residue but it sinks in quite quickly and best of all, it’s less than $5 at Priceline.

    I do like Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy but don’t find it moisturising enough. Love the smell though!

    • Hi Linh, happy (late) Chinese New Year to you too! Thanks for the suggestion, I should try the Nivea 😀 Crabtree does some great smelling products (I’m addicted to the Rosewater line) – initially not bad, but not enough moisture on the long run.

      • Have you tried the C&E cookies? They are so yummy! I adore their shortbread but it only comes out at Christmas time.

        It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t find their hand creams moisturising enough. I thought it was just because my hands were too dry (and beyond help)!

        • I haven’t tried their cookies yet, but I could imagine! P:

          I never really had dry hands, but when I did I started to use the odd hand cream after using C&E I could feel that my hands were only moist when I applied hand cream :\ Sometimes if I apply before I sleep I would wake up in the morning with dry hands!! Before it was sufficient, not any more 😥

          • My dry hands are self inflicted – over hand washing on my part. Oh the joys of public transport and being employed as a public servant lol!

            That’s pretty annoying if you apply before bed and still wake up with dry hands!

            I’ve got a few hand creams in my stash that I bought before discovering the NIVEA. So I’ll let you know how they go.

            • Ooh I’ve always wanted a Government job *__*
              Yes, it really defeats the purpose ;_;
              That sounds great! Thanks in advance 😀 I’ve heard some good things about the L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream too.

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