When you try to make your life interesting, you have no time.

Hello everyone, it’s been a wee short while since my last post, but I will feel free to write about my past few very hectic and somewhat interesting weeks.

Forget the blues of 2013, 2014 should be something different, exciting and challenging. Or so I thought. My mood usually is like OMG WOW down to OMG WTF NO. It’s probably not healthy because my mood can swing from one extreme to another within just a minute – that’s the result of over-thinking everything.

Karaoke on a Monday night

For no real reason, the workmates and I just decided to go and have a karaoke night after the new year, so we picked Monday because we were all going to be dead the next day coming to work, and because nobody does it on a Monday night.

We decided to go to lantern by wagaya because we didn’t have a coupon to get a discount at another place. We also decided to eat and sing at the same time, because eating and then singing would take way too long. It was good singing at night because there was no chance we’d all be together during the day. Funnily enough, one of the guys bumped into his friend who was working at lantern (!!) and so we managed to get a wee discount. WIN WIN.

lantern copy

That bowl of slime is wasabi octopus. It looks shocking and kind of has a morbid look to it like squeezing out organs and putting them into the bowl raw, but surprisingly, it tastes great and is perfect with alcohol. RECOMMENDED.

It was a pretty good night. We enjoyed the solo concerts held (so emotional…) and basically had to clamp over our ears due to super high volume duets (on or off pitch). There was so much lulz I was pretty much laughing the whole night because it was a mixture of ridic/omglol.

I was tolerating the alcohol quite well because we ordered stuff like green tea and something mixed, or aloe vera juice and midori – but towards the end of the night when we didn’t want any more food – or rather, there was no food left – I just started drinking the sake (unflavoured, as is) like it was water. And I turned into a tomato. When I got home (thankfully, safely thanks to a workmate) my mum told me I reeked of alcohol. But I merely just only had about a third of a glass – probably it was more standard drinks than expected, but if I drank slower and had more food to absorb, I probably wouldn’t have had that problem.

A friend from university also told me that they urgently needed help at work, so I had to quickly put together a sample of my work for her bosses to look at. I got home at 11pm, went to bed shortly after, but couldn’t sleep due to the alcohol (when I get alcohol in my system it makes my blood circulate very fast – imagine trying to fall asleep while doing cardio, not possible, is it?).

Got out of bed at 1am, started working on a graphic sample and then went to sleep at 2am.

And woke up at 8am the next day to go to work. What a disaster.

Architecture: what my life could have been

Still couldn’t get over how funny Monday night was, but when I got home I had to turn in my sample work.

And then for another two days, I worked. But on Wednesday, my friend gave me feedback and was like “we need help at work, could you help out a bit?” – and so began the nightmare called architorture. I also had a gripe somewhere along the way because someone really disappointed/ pissed me off and made me question the quality of my “friends”.

At the same time I contacted another old uni friend for a so-called catch up, with other interesting things bundled as well.


Sorry for  blurring the photo – there was a lot of personal information flying around on the post it notes, which really shouldn’t be around on the interwebz.

Well, that was my home for 2 days (note that at this stage I worked 7 days in a row). Had a day of rest, and then worked another 8 days in a row, at another work station :\

I was only at the office for total 5 days helping out, and I must say I haven’t looked at a double monitor since the last time I was doing private tutoring, which was a very long time ago. It was good getting back into design and doing graphic layouts (I was mostly doing catalogues and things), but I disliked how I never knew what was really going on, and could not guess if my pace was fast or slow. There were the unexpected (deadlines – surprise surprise), and I never could guess what time I was able to leave to go home, which is actually very interesting because I haven’t experienced that in a long time. This is probably due to my super obsessive compulsive desire to control whatever I can in order to help reality meet my actual expectations (when this doesn’t happen I tend to rage/quit). I kid, it was a really good experience and everyone there was nice. Probably the thing I couldn’t get used to was being stuck in a chair all day. I really have gotten used to standing and walking around almost 10 hours a day – it’s a lot healthier.

The environment was very different, it’s very quiet and peaceful. It was a little bit like a world away or a slice of reserve in the middle of the city centre. But was it something I wanted to do for the say, next five years at least? I’m not sure. I was told by the friendly bosses that I probably would have easily found a job in a large firm (ARGH LARGE FIRM PLS NO) and they expected me to be suitable in a corporate environment. I’m not sure if I have as much intellect as they make me out to have, but I shall take it as a compliment.

Well anyway, some of my graphic work will probably be edited, given that the time I was there wasn’t enough to fully complete whatever it was I had to do – it may be floating around some time very soon next time you intend to buy a house, so don’t be too surprised.

I guess I enjoy working in smaller, closer knit work environments – maybe a large one may also suit, but I don’t know for I have not tried.

But I guess that is really interesting, I thought I’d never work in an architectural studio/ office, but I guess I can say I have, albeit short!

During the week I went out to dinner a total of 2 times, which is a record high for someone as anti-social as I am. Both times uncalled for. Well, food is food. You gotta eat when you gotta eat.

Spicy Sichuan Hotpot


Non-spicy soup bases are available, if you cannot handle spicy food.

We just had a work mate gathering plus friends on a Friday night. It was the first time ever I’ve had this kind of Chinese hot pot at a restaurant so I didn’t know what to expect. We chose to eat at Spicy Sichuan Restaurant which is close to World Square. We chose the buffet option, which does not include drinks, hot pot soup base or dishes (as in cooked dishes). The taste was alright, the soup is pretty good and everything seems quite fresh. I can’t comment on how clean the food is because you cook it anyway but I can just say that the experience was firstly confusing, and then service left a lot to be desired.

We were given an iPad to select stuff, and while we thought that the wireless icon meant that the kitchen had received our orders live time and twiddling our fingers on an empty stomach, it turns out that you had to give them the iPad for them to process the order. Then what was the point of giving it to us in the first place? Also, once they take the iPad away, it’s super hard to order more because you have to ask them to give one to you, and it takes forever because the waiters ignore you. Yes. Ignore you. You can yell abuse, wave your arms, call out hello or even say “HEY HANDSOME (yes, this is a lie) GUY”, and they will pretend they did not see you. As for why they are so busy, we could not figure out why because they didn’t have to take orders or do anything fancy except bring out food. And there were only like 20-30 tables, but plenty of waiters around. Really crap service.

It was also a mystery working the iPad and changing the quantities – argh it was a mess but the food wasn’t too bad so not much to say. Though when we paid, it took about 5-10 minutes for the bill to arrive and another 10 minutes for them to give us change. Note that a lot of stuff was self serve (I opted for $2.80 unlimited soft drink with really little air/ carbonation which I had to make trips to the drink dispenser for with a glass that would probably hold no more than 375ml worth of liquid at a time).

It was still a fun night though because the people made it so. Oh. Bring a bag you don’t care about and don’t wear your favourite clothes. You will smell like hot pot. I brought along a bag that I cared about the least since it was fabric and all, but oh, it smelled for a week.

Shopping is healing.

I was really sad following the hotpot night. I don’t really know why but I was so depressed I really wanted to curl up into a ball and basically die. No kidding. It was pretty bad.

It was a combination of “friends” not really treating you as a friend, stress from work and anxiety over small details for a bunch of “what if”s that were to happen down the track. It was about this time when I realised that I didn’t really have a purpose in life, didn’t know what I wanted to do, and had nothing much to work towards. Pretty much it meant that as soon as whatever or whoever I was trying to support disappeared, I would have no direction or choice. It’s depressing. But I got over it, because it happens to be like that every now and then.

I was pretty sad a few weeks ago because I noticed my favourite phone case died. A corner of it broke off and it was on a day that was really sad as well. This is a hard cover case by Lanvin  for the iPhone 4/4S. When I bought it, I actually forked out $70 for it. I was really not used to using the Miu Miu leather sleeve again and since the case was on sale for about $20, I got a replacement. Talk about obsessive.


While I was shopping for the case I noticed these heels as well. It was almost pure chance that every other size possibly available was sold out, with the exception of a size 36, which in my opinion is the most common size you will come across. So I caved.


For a pair of heels that were originally over $600, I was not expecting the packaging to look like what it does. It’s certainly different, but err yeah, it never really grew on me much. But anyway, the shoes are actually made of leather, but they’ve been rubberised and made in Italy.

What I liked about the shoes was that they looked pretty good in the Proenza Schouler runway, and how pointy they were, because I never buy pointy shoes. I also don’t have a pair of decent closed toe heels, so every time I want to wear heels and look formal, I always have to keep turning to my patent leather 4cm Prada peep toe heels and they still do not fail to give me blisters after about 5 wears. Why must you do this to me?! Miu Mius are fine, so why you, Prada?

They’ve also included a dust bag and a set of spare heel ends so I can replace them when they get worn out (hopefully never). I took a bunch of photos with these on but they were far too dark despite it was the angle that I wanted. So, here’s something new:


Ermagerd, it’s a side view, and I’m not the one holding the camera for once.

Yes, self timer lol. Excuse what I’m wearing as it’s my lazy I don’t give a shit look I wear at home. These heels are about 6cm, which is pretty standard and although the heels are fairly small, they’re not very wobbly. I don’t suggest wearing them on uneven ground or gravel (why would you be wearing these on gravel anyway? But then, who knows, you may end up somewhere unexpected and that’s how shoes get wrecked the majority of the time).

So yay, heels, which is something I rarely buy. Not sure when I’ll wear these, but when the time comes, I will wear them.

In the future I think I will try to do more photos with the self timer. As you can probably gather, I have a pretty bigass blank wall in my room, which is just enough. From memory I did do some photos using this method once, but it felt way awkward. Well, later, when I can be bothered.

I also bought a varsity jacket, which was something I was after for a veeerry long time with a K on it. Now that’s out of the way it’s one less thing to buy. Woopee! Which reminds me, I need to update my wishlist, which I will probably do shortly.

So, I made something in 5 minutes.

I was looking through my drawers and I had a clip with a hat on it (so it’s like a small hat but in your hair!) but the clip got detached from the hat. Seeing that I bought the hat a few years ago, I decided I was no longer young enough to wear something so cute. So I decided to do something different with the clip.


What you will need: A claw, black felt (or any other colour you desire), stuff to decorate your clip with (in this case, I have studs). Also, you will need superglue – what I have pictured is E6000, which is some form of “industrial strength” glue, but I call that rubbish since it hasn’t managed to glue anything I’ve tried to glue together properly. I suggest UHU superglue, I used to use it all the time but I haven’t been bothered getting myself a new one.


Nail polish: My Private Jet by O.P.I

And voilá. To get rid of the “spacing” of the studs which is usually bits of string/ elastic, I just used a felt tip marker to colour it in so it doesn’t look too obvious. For those who can tell, this resembles the Valentino rockstud hair clips to some extent, only this is a claw, and doesn’t cost $200. As much as I think the Valentino hair clips look great, I think this DIY job cost me about $3 and less than 5 minutes of my time. You could say, it was cheaper and faster for me to make it than to go out and buy something similar. But anyway, the Valentino clip is $200 for a reason and it’s probably leather and some form of plated base metal and made in Italy. Well, for me, this will suffice and it’s something better than a… small hat on my head.

Stuff to do, random comments-

I have dropped my Beats headphones probably for the tenth time and I must say, thankfully they fold because if they didn’t, they would have broke by now. They are worth it.

Doing a list of things I need to do, which includes visiting the dentist, needing to call in a plumber (our taps are weird and leaking HALP) and getting a haircut (I’m free this weekend but my hairdresser is not working these two days, WHY).

Due to my growing shoe collection, my mum has kindly offered to turn our mini closet into my shoe display centre. But it means I need to buy shelves for me to be able to put the shoes in, before this can happen.

There are so many things I’m eyeing right now, but I will only choose one to buy this year.

And one recent photograph, edited by the Meitu app which is free from iTunes. Meitu’s awesome because it just makes everyone look good. I didn’t enlarge my pupils though. My hair’s grown quite a bit and it’s shapeless, so I need to chop it – preferably short. I’ve also started to combat my oily looking skin by removing BB cream from my daily routine to applying Shiseido Anessa SPF50 sunscreen and an average dusting of powder to cover imperfections and even out skin tone. Ideally I should be using a tinted moisturiser, but I don’t mind if my skin isn’t flawless. Meitu fixes all that anyway. This new routine seems to result in less oil and the quality of my skin seems better with the exception of some monster zits on my forehead (unnoticeable once powder’s on).

Here I’m using Majolica Majorca’s jewellery pencil eyeliner (it’s very smudgey, use a smudger to smudge in plus eyeshadow to set) – mixed feelings, I think I need to use liquid eyeliner. Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner is smudgey as well – probably the reason why I hate having “inner” eyelids. At times like this I rather having the full double or single lids, it would make my life a lot easier.


You can write crap all over your photos and all.

My hair is so fluffy – humid weather 😦 But I’ve also noticed less shine on my face overall. BB cream seems kind of gimmicky to me at the moment – it did improve my skin at one stage, but I don’t think it’s doing anything for me now. Feels like it’s making my skin darker over time, which is really weird since it’s got high SPF. Well, sunscreen seems to be the better option.

Things to do:

Post up a photo of myself every month at the very least.

Do regular exercise.

“Every day” challenge – wearing the same perfume every day without fail (you’d be surprised how hard this is).

Updated Wishlist post (NOT the static post).

…so you all know what to expect in the upcoming posts.

Well, that’s it. After 3000 grueling words, I’ll leave you all alone now, and I am off to watching more of You who came from the stars. Makes me really want to buy a Cartier juste un clou something, but not for a $2700+ ring or a $7000+ bangle. No thank you. Though the ring is tempting, despite my co-worker telling me how nice the bangle is. NUUUU MONIES. I have bills to pay.

Well, hope you’ve all had a good January so far. For me, it’s been up and down, but things seem better now. Karaoke night number two is coming up sometime early next month so I will be looking forward to that. Next time I will need to eat more so I can drink more (harhar) – but I should choose a day that I don’t need to work the following day, or else I won’t be able to sleep late into the night 😦

Stay tuned until next time!


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