I think I really need to perhaps make it a thing to blog at least once every two weeks – it’s been too long :\ I’ve mostly been streaming videos online, downloading, and you’ve all guessed – busy with work. I’m really hating this rotating timetable because it leaves me so little time to do what I want to do. Argh. I did do a few things though within the two-ish weeks I didn’t blog. Or was it three? … perhaps four.

Christmas work dinner

Every year we have a work dinner thing for Christmas and it’s usually at the same restaurant. Last year we had Korean, this year we had Spanish.

I think it was always a tradition to have a lucky draw for our Christmas presents – it just happened to be that my first Christmas at work we actually had presents directly given to us instead. This year I was somehow given the duty of choosing and wrapping presents. I had absolutely no idea what was in which parcel because I numbered them after I wrapped them all up. It’s a pity I didn’t take a photo of the wrapped present because I think I did a pretty good job – ahhhhhh.

Basically we had some free gift boxes with a Christmas tree decoration inside, which I put another small something (which is the gift itself) inside, so all the boxes looked the same. There was one that was larger, because it was a watch. I picked out presents that I honestly thought to myself “I could see myself wearing this” or “I wouldn’t mind getting this”. Everyone’s taste is different, but I guess it appealed to a certain degree.

Each parcel was numbered and I gave my boss a few strips of cardboard with the numbers on them. I told him to hold them with the numbers in his hand, facing down – whatever we got is whatever we got. There was really no way of knowing what we were about to draw… but I was the only one who knew what was inside the boxes.


I think I was the second one to draw, and I got number 4. To some people it’s pretty unlucky, but to me it didn’t really matter because all the prizes were good in my mind.

And so the unwrapping began –


It’s too small to see – and I can’t be bothered putting up a blurry close up of it, but I managed to draw out the grand prize, which is a 14k yellow gold Pandora charm!! YESSSSS.

I’m in my final stages of completing my third and final bracelet, which is a gold-white-blue theme, so this was great! Last year I sort of got the “tied in second” prize, but this year I got the top one 😀 I would be happy with the watch because I quite like it myself, but this is good. I was pretty over the moon because I haven’t been so lucky lately. GUESS NOT RIGHT??

That aside we all had a great meal with good food that night. We were pretty stuffed but luckily we ordered just enough food so we didn’t really waste anything, which is really rare since we usually end up with a lot of leftovers.

Then we went to Passionflower as a continuation of joyous Christmas celebrations.


As we were all kind of full most of us just ordered a single scoop of ice cream – with the exception of one person who ordered a parfait *side eyes* lol, just kidding. This is rose lychee – it has slowly overtaken my favourite flavour which was generally matcha/green tea. But lately I’ve also taken a liking to azuki and surprising black sesame, because I think sesame flavoured stuff is pretty gross. Across from me in the wafer was a big blog of durian ice cream (!!)

Had a great night. It was fun and it was good. Wow at my broad vocabulary – fun and good.

Got my full drivers’ licence

I really hate anything driving, including sitting in the passenger seat of a car with a driver I cannot trust *cough mum cough* so I’ve been actively avoiding it for ages. In our state (as in the location/ area we live in), you can go for the basic test and get a learning licence at the age of 16, but I didn’t bother until I was about 17 or 18, and only did the test with the encouragement of my then boyfriend. I had a pretty bad experience driving in general because Sydney drivers really can’t drive, and our roads are just full of idiots (yes, includes those irresponsible cyclists that cycle in the middle of a lane, in a zig zag pattern at a leisure place, sloping down hill).

I didn’t drive a single time since doing my Ps test (which is the practical driving test), and with just one day left before my P2 licence expired, I went to sit for the Driver Qualification Test. Freaking expensive to renew/ get a new licence I must say. There was some kid who was probably doing his driver knowledge test and was like “SCUSE ME I’VE FINISHED, OMG FINALLY OVER” at the top of his lungs. Just a hint of advice – there are going to be distractions as such if you’re there and happen to be sitting next to inconsiderate little shits like him. Just ignore it.

Doing a bit of reading on online forums also helps when people share their advice about the test, since there’s little to nothing about the DQT. I took some advice and it seemed to have worked, so I suggest doing that for extra study.

So now I am legally allowed to drive without supervision, without the need for any plates on the car to be displayed, with a BAC of 0.05.

Now that’s what I call dangerous.

Joo Won’s a perfect angel, nothing is new.

Joo Won went on a talk show called “Witch Hunt” and explained that his ideal type was a girl with a bit of a tummy, and preferred it if there was enough fat for it to fold over (source – soompi)… and wears pants like… all the time *shrugs*

Well, I knew that he liked his girls with a bit of meat since he did say so on Happy Together Season 3 a few years back, but it was the first time he ever went into detail to explain that he liked fat folding over (but I haven’t seen the show with subtitles so I am not quite sure).

The whole thing sounds a little bit creepy, but at the same time I’m glad that he’s being honest about what he likes without shooting down the hopes of women. Too often we have news articles about people disliking “fat” and other things. We’re constantly exposed to media that encourages skinniness, and especially so in Asian culture as they always make fun of the chubby one with their constant fat-shaming.

I just thought I’d share this piece of “news” since I thought it was interesting. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and eat a ton of food, I hate my stomach the way it is now, so no thank you. At the same time though, it has given me another thought that perhaps I should just embrace what I have, because I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to change what I have, with little results. Maybe it’s just meant to be like that :\

Chanel earrings are a waste of money

So remember this particular post that I wrote about two months ago? Well, the other earring’s stamp fell off one day when I took it out of the box to wear. -_-


Seriously, almost $300 for a piece of metal and not even real pearls that are attached via the easiest way ever, is such a rip. I would at least expect those stamps to stay put, but they just came off! I haven’t even worn these earrings 5 times since buying them. I was lucky that the stamps fell off while I was taking them out of the box – had I worn them out, I would have lost them on the street somewhere. To be honest, the box is sturdier than the pair of earrings, which is a huge let down.

I was thinking I’d perhaps get another pair at some stage, but right now, I’m thinking hell to the NO. Though I must say I really do want a pair of stud studs… I think drop earrings really don’t match me 😦


I guess you can say that working with jewellery I get a bit of an advantage since I have the option of repairing the earrings myself. This is industrial strength AB glue, which is apparently the strongest you can get – if this doesn’t do the job, pretty much nothing will, since E-6000 didn’t do anything for the earrings.

So far, so good. They’ve stayed put and I hope they stay glued forever.

So yeah, if you’re looking for really strong glue, I recommend AB glue. You need to mix ratio 1:1 of A and B, wait about 5 minutes (so that the glue gets super tacky) and then apply for an almost instant glue. I didn’t read the instructions and applied as soon as I mixed the two together, but if you just put whatever you glued aside, it will dry pretty quickly, I’d say about 5-10 minutes which is not bad considering you can somewhat adjust it (glue isn’t tacky if it’s less than 5 minutes and whatever you’ve glued together may have a chance of sliding and moving somewhere else and setting where you don’t want it –  so you need to be aware). Zap-a-gap is also a great alternative, though I have no idea how it will react on brass and metals. Best to test it on a small area before applying it liberally.

Other random stuff-

  • In the past month I bought myself 3 pairs of shoes. I think I don’t need any for the next year or so 😡
  • Don’t eat wasabi by the mouthful, it makes you cry – I didn’t think it would be that bad but it made the eye that was closer to the wasabi water for about 2 minutes.
  • I really need to figure out how I am going to incorporate regular exercise into my lifestyle without feeling tired and too lazy to do it.
  • Weekly exfoliation is really important – it makes a huge difference for the skin and it’s worth the extra work.
  • Instant green tea latte is making me want to puke 😦 Just had a glass and it wasn’t as pleasant as I had hoped…
  • 1 Night 2 Days season 3 isn’t that bad, the mix is pretty good though I sort of wished they had 7 members instead.
  • I will probably give up watching Running Man one day, it’s pretty terrible lately.
  • I am really strapped for cash these days, for no real reason. Haven’t been buying anything… well, I suppose after paying all the bills for this quarter, it’s probably normal to be super penniless.
  • FML, I got to see the new and upcoming Pandora releases and I think I’m going to be poor again buying those tiny little charms. WHY?! WHY?! I need to think clearly because obviously I’m not… why is it that I am so willing to spend like $50 on a little thingy people can’t even tell on your wrist? D: I need better things to spend my money on – but ugh, the new releases are so gorgeous I just can’t.
  • Can’t wait until I catch a break…

Stuff coming up next time I write:

  • Christmas dinner number two which is going to be next week.
  • Mostly work, but for the first time in 2 years I get to NOT work Christmas Day – YESSSSSSSSSS.
  • Anything interesting that comes up.
  • I will aim to blog once every two weeks at least – and hopefully I can stick to this.
  • A new project that will keep me posting or doing something that I generally don’t do much – and yes, it will involve my face and a camera – how exciting. Though this will probably take another year to happen since I can’t get my priorities right.

Stay tuned!


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