Long time no see

The coolest “Long time no see” you will hear. Ever.

I know a lot of people don’t like Doom Dada, but I really like it. T.O.P raps like a freaking monster and killed the mic on the last verse. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more sophisticated hakunamatata ever in my life. Not to mention, he is looking amazing, moustache or not.

So after rapidly blogging daily for a month, I disappeared for almost a month OTL

I’ve been really busy lately. I sort of left everything to the last minute, spent almost every day of the past catching up on 1 Night 2 Days (season 2) and have to work on a rotating roster now. I really hate the idea of a rotating roster, but to keep things democratic and fair I have put myself with the others and now we have a pattern that we all share/ rotate. It took a while to figure it out actually – you’d be surprised how hard it is to figure out a timetable.

Apart from catching up 1 Night 2 Days I’ve almost totally given up on Running Man because I think it’s so scripted. I find it boring. It’s only funny when things happen naturally if that makes any sense. I’ve been watching Reply 1994 and it’s the only drama I am really following right now. I really hope that the husband is Chilboong because he seems to be an angel. Following from my past post, here is an obligatory OST sung by Sung Ballad, Sung Si Kyung. He’s so amazing, I don’t know why he isn’t any more popular than he is right now – his English is perfect and he does great music. Speaking of which, I probably watched too much 1 Night 2 Days, I dreamed that I was in a bokbulbok race and Si Kyung was super kind. He helped me put on a super large costume and offered me sticky tape to hold my cardboard clutch together. Yes, it made no sense, but HOW OFTEN DO I SEE CELEBRITIES IN MY DREAMS? This is probably only the second or third thing that has ever happened, so that was really cool.

The song just feels so comfortable. I don’t know why.

I think the whole song just sounds so familiar and just at home. He has a voice that is easy on the ears. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to a good ballad that’s actually recent, so YES YES YES. This has been on repeat for the past day or so.

Queuing complaints.

I’ll try not to complain – I’ve been pretty good lately and I realised that although it puts a bit more burden on me, it feels so much better when I stop complaining or talk about work outside of work hours. To me, work is still a relatively new concept – if I let work dictate my life as much as I did before I wouldn’t have any life left to myself.

Enjoying shorter hair because it feels lighter, but not by much.

I wish I cut my hair shorter because it’s too long at the moment.

Yeah, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to grooming for work – my eyes look so bare D: I’ve been lucky that I can get away with not wearing any more makeup than slapping on BB cream to work :S

I should have told the hairdresser to go shorter since I will be able to fix it if it’s messy since I have a straightener and can style it myself. I must say I’m terrible at styling my hair and this is the best I can do. I’m still not sure if I want to go ahead with the perm next time I visit a hairdresser, but I’m starting to think maybe not, if I can do curls and straighten. Then again I was paranoid that cutting my hair short would look terrible because I never go to a hairdresser with the intention to go short. Every time I go I ask for a trim and end up something shorter than what the photo is, and I think it looks awful. Surprisingly this time I asked for it, and it wasn’t half as bad as what I thought, but it’s still too long.

Now I have no idea what to do with my hair next time when the time comes to cut it.

3 random recent things

Last night I dreamed that I was trying to take a photo of a girl group (not Asian) that were apparently super famous with my phone, but I had no idea who the hell they were. Then I followed one into a building and it was really hard trying to find her! I was all over the place, going up and down the lift and everything, and then I saw a suspicious guy in a lobby. Next thing I know there were lit torches on the ground (which were actually filled with dynamite and would explode any moment). People were trying to get out of the building and one woman had a bucket of water. Without thinking much, I sat myself into the bucket and completely soaked myself to prevent injury if I were to get burned (how am I that smart in my subconscience??).

Then I climbed out the window and I was wearing heels (????) and I was going down the outside of the building and went down about 2 levels and thought “THIS IS EASY PEASY” – note that I am not very athletic in real life.

At this moment of time, I was so tired from running around and stuff in my dream I rage quit it and woke up. That was such a tiring dream running around and being so random. Please, no more – or at least, not again please thank you very much.

Today at work I managed to stab myself in the stomach with a stanley knife. Whilst trying to open a parcel. The irony is that I am so familiar with using a stanley knife no way would I ever hurt myself with one unless I was so tired like the time I sliced my finger open when I was making a model whilst being sleep deprived (though it happened at about 4pm in the afternoon). The thing is, I was more shocked than anything – I was unlucky because the knife was hard to control since the lock part was no longer working. However, I was lucky that because it was no longer working it meant that the blade would retract if it were to push against something. I was also lucky that the blade was relatively blunt. I have absolutely never stabbed myself in the stomach before so it came as a surprise. My first reaction was to go what?! and then I tried to laugh it off.

If it was a new blade or the blade I usually use (which is a fancy stainless steel single blade which is super sharp and for commercial use – ie. strong enough to cut carpet up) I would have totally stabbed myself completely probably through about 10-15 layers of skin.

kincrome stanley knife
This is the exact knife I have. It’s foldable, but as you can see, there’s no adjusting of blade length, it’s just as it, which can be pretty dangerous.

Although I checked that it was a very light scratch, there was a teeny bit of bleeding (like super minor, what you get from a deep enough scratch to slightly bleed – I’d say about 3 layers through) it stung for about half an hour. Usually the smallest injuries hurt more than big ones and annoy me more. Then I got really busy and totally forgot about it until I saw it again later in the evening. Seriously, what the hell. Not sure if I should think I’m lucky or if I would have really stabbed myself more if I didn’t have fast reflexes.

And last but not least, I really need to exercise. This is not really a recent thing as such, but more of a statement/ fact. I’ve just been so glued to my computer screen watching streamed videos online that I haven’t really bothered to go outside (ie. the living room) to exercise. I watch all my Reply 1994 episodes on my computer as well even though I can perfectly watch them outside D:

I’ve actually been in a relatively good mood lately, which is actually surprising. Hopefully I will update soon, and by that I mean before the end of the month. No promises though, I can’t even type properly now that MSN has been taken down 😦 That was how I learned how to touch type and type super fast – now I can’t type well because I can’t match my fingers with the word I want to type D: I am always thinking of another word or thinking ahead so I find that my typo rate is much higher than before 😦

Well, hope everyone is well – it’s midnight now and I am off to sleep. Long day today, and another long day tomorrow. Time to work hard!

Good night.


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