30: What did you learn in the past month?

This late night/ early morning post is brought to you whilst listening to Sung Si Kyung.

I’m surprised I never listened to him because his music is really good.

I am really bad at doing things on time although I am punctual most of the time.

This is the third post I put out late (I should be asleep, I have work tomorrow and it’s past midnight – why is it so late? I don’t know. I woke up earlier than usual this morning after sleeping later than usual, had a really long day at work and then watched Joo Won’s last appearance on this week’s 1 Night 2 Days episode – although poor bb was bawling and I’ll miss him on the show I’m curious who will replace him). That means I have a 10% chance I will be late. For anything. Usually I am on time, I must say that – I only ever turned up to work late about twice in the almost three years I’ve been employed which is even less than 3% I’d say. But everything’s different when it comes to blogging.

I am actually a really boring person and I don’t know myself all that well.

This month’s blogging challenges have been really an eye opener for me because I never really had the time to sit down and think about myself – what I wanted or who I really was. When it came to things like what your favourite place was, I would be like “this is the hardest decision ever”. It shouldn’t be like that – it should be something you can answer straight away, but I really couldn’t. I could describe what I liked or didn’t like, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint anything. I’m quite glad that I decided to do the challenge, because I got to know myself better.

There were things I didn’t know about myself which I suddenly figured out, and suddenly a few things I thought were useless had meaning to me. I think I was actively trying to avoid being a “deep” person because I tend to overthink things – but now that I’ve been leaving my brain empty for too long I’ve lost the ability to remember details and things I would otherwise remember.

Time is important, life goes on, and things need to be done quickly.

I really suck at doing things quickly and efficiently if I am distracted. Once I am really concentrated on the one thing I complete the task faster than everyone else. I’m shocked at how much time I waste doing nothing when I could be doing something meaningful or potentially life changing (and I’m serious about that). I don’t have enough time for myself, let alone other people, but I really will just need to make time. Things that aren’t important and shouldn’t hinder my daily life can be swept aside.

In this respect I’ve learned to just not talk about work at home and I will try to refrain talking to friends about my work because it takes too much of a toll on me. I know I keep saying it and it seems silly, but you cannot imagine how much I think about work outside of work, which is so stupid because work really is supposed to end the moment you’ve signed off. I know good people with a sense of responsibility will take work as their duty even outside of work hours, but I’ve learned that this is not feasible in my situation. I don’t work a job that can help others or save the world like an off-duty police officer – so the longer I dwell in work, the more depressed I will be.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve really neglected myself in a lot of aspects. I never really paid all that much attention to myself. Suddenly I kind of understand why people go for their weekly hairdresser visit, or go for the fortnightly manicure – these are things I think are really useless and are a waste of money. Now, I can see why people do it because it’s a time for self healing and acknowledgement like “I’m still alive”. I know I’m not making much sense, but this is me on 7 hours’ of sleep. Sounds like a lot, but I need 10 usually, so I’m actually sleep deprived.

I figured out my ideal type.

Or at least someone I can call a celebrity crush. Not that I didn’t have them before – they always existed, but if I had to decide now, I can definitely declare who.



Yes. Joo Won. No surprises there.

If you Youtube search his live performances you will know what I mean. I just wish one day I would be able to see him in one of his musicals – now that would be amazing. But I know all I do is just think about it and mention it, but I never make it happen. Boo.

I really need to treat money better.

Money was never a bother of mine. I never really cared for money – it was almost like if someone asked me for it, I would be like “I’ll give it to you, because if that’s what you want you can take it”. Of course there’s a certain extent depending on who the person is and the reason why. I admit I am not a wise spender. I do save quite a bit though, but rather aimlessly.

I can’t continue having the mindset that money is something I will always have and will continue to come to me. I still haven’t really understood how hard it is to make money although my job doesn’t pay greatly. I’ve always thought money as just a number, and a rather meaningless one since money to me is quite meaningless in itself. I think money is only worthwhile and has meaning not because of its number, but because of what you can exchange with it. It’s a really weird and inappropriate mindset but for some reason that’s what I have always had as a thought at the back of my head.

Reflecting upon the amount of crap and useless crap I buy with money, I really need to consider my spending habits in a wiser way.

Don’t put onions in your kimchi.

Because it pickles your kimchi and makes it super sour. I could be wrong, but that’s what happened with one of my batches. It’s a trial and error process – we still ate it, except we used it in our cooking.

There’s probably more, but I can’t remember jack right now.

I really had a super long day and I am super confused right now. I really want to just go to sleep so sorry – I just have to end it now. There was probably something else that awakened something in me by doing the 30 day blogging challenge, but I can’t think of anything right now. I will probably remember first thing when I wake up though – sucks to be me.

I think it’s a good thing to do to get back into the habit of blogging. I will definitely make time in my schedule to blog on a more regular basis. I think I have to make a “bingo” gif myself. If I ever do, I will post it up, minus any blurriness.

To end the last post of the 30 day blogging series, here’s a gif that I initially searched as a video cut to post, but this will do equally well. Too bad though, the sound and timing is different but it still captures the essence well. Bless whoever made the gif, you are a wonderful person.



I’m not sure what I just watched either.

Until next blog!


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