28: A photo of somewhere I’ve been to




As most of you probably have gathered by now, I pretty much write about everything if I go somewhere interesting, which is very rarely and you all know where I’ve been lol. I don’t think I’ve posted up this photo before though (at least I hope so) but if I have, too bad.



Any guesses where this is?

I was looking through my files for a photo of a place I thought looked really interesting that I haven’t posted. I think this is a really good photo that kind of captures the essence of Sydney but without looking cluttered.

This is actually Cockatoo Island – I’ve been probably about 3 or 4 times which is actually quite a lot for the island considering there’s not all that much you can do there. The photo probably makes the place look a bit nicer than it actually is, but I guess it’s an interesting spot if you haven’t visited it. The tunnels are worth visiting for their heritage value, and I suggest climbing to the top for no particular reason. It’s a nice climb, though short.

It’s best going in a group because I think it’s a bit of a serious place to go by yourself. You will need someone to make the atmosphere or someone to talk to here. Ferries are not very frequent so plan your trip in advance, and sunglasses and a hair tie is essential as it is quite windy on the island.

For Sydneysiders who haven’t been, or people who are looking for a different destination, you could try Cockatoo Island! You can pretty much discover the whole island within an hour or two and there is a cafe so you won’t starve. There are also camping grounds if you are into camping – or there is a mansion on the top of the hill which I think you can rent rooms. If you have no particular reason to visit, you can wait until the Biennale which is displayed on Cockatoo Island. Entry is free, and there will be plenty for you to look at. There is also a free ferry to and from Cockatoo Island/ Circular Quay every 30 minutes so no problems there.

This post is cutting it short at a bit less than 400 words but there’s not really much else I can say about the place. I like it – it’s not my favourite, but it’s a good place to really sit down and contemplate if you need. I haven’t been able to do that because I’m always looking at something or taking photos, so one day I’d like to visit it just because I want to visit.

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