Argh, another post late!! Yesterday I got a bit caught up because I had a bit of housework to do. Somehow ended up really late and didn’t really have time to blog – here’s something short. I’m really not sure what my next post is, but on the other hand I only have 3 posts after this one, so I’m almost at the end! YAY! Now you all won’t have to put up with my stupid daily posts and I can go back into hermit mode.


Today I will be writing about CHANEL fashion jewellery. It was a bit of a long story – a girl I used to work with had a lot of Chanel fashion jewellery and then we all just jumped onto the bandwagon. Another girl bought a pair somewhat similar to the one I bought, and raved on how she thought it was a really well priced piece of jewellery for Chanel and yadda yadda. Well, I’ve heard all sorts of stories about their fashion jewellery – both good and bad. One girl had the stem of her earring snap off and they couldn’t/refused to fix it as it was brass and could not be fixed (generally it’s hard to weld brass unless if you want it to look burned – but then again, I don’t know). The same girl then had crystals fall off another pair – and she lost an ear stud as well.

The premise was simple for me – don’t buy anything with crystals (though I originally really wanted the Swarovski cystal logo studs – I think they were on my wishlist at some time but I removed them perhaps? I don’t know, they could still be there) – and don’t buy anything with parts that can break off easily. I can tell these since I sell jewellery.

I went for something very classic and cheap just to test it out. It was the last pair they had and well, it’s something that can go well with anything. It’s slightly on the formal side since it’s a drop earring, but none of the studs really stood out for me. Maybe next time – or not. I’m not sure how I feel about this pair.


The packaging is as above. There’s a small pouch inside and a lot of tissue paper (which is probably what takes them forever when they’re inside the small office wrapping up your stuff). There was also a ribbon but I don’t know where I put it – it’s somewhere in my room, but it doesn’t really matter. There’s also a plaque which has the model number of the earrings on the back – sort of a bit like an authenticity thing, but to be honest, you don’t really need it because it’s not like it’s something valuable.


The earrings are famous for a “stamp” on the back of them which has the logo,  say they’re made in France or whatever and well – yeah. Let’s just say that Chanel earrings are not good quality, because the other day I took the earrings out to wear – I’ve only worn them less than a handful of times, and one of these “stamps” fell off the back. I had to glue it back using jewellery glue *shrug*.

Another thing – though I don’t know if you can see it in my photos, is that the pearl is just a crappy fake pearl – possibly it’s a Swarovski glass with pearl coating, but worst comes to worst it’s just some cheap pearl bead. The way they’ve attached it is pretty ugly with just a jewellery pin and then twisted on the top (so so ugly but not so noticeable if you don’t look too closely into the details – which most people don’t know until they’ve had some more experience with jewellery) – but the good thing is that you will definitely not lose it.

I’m not too sure about the stem of the stud being in the centre of the earring as it makes the drop very short – I would have preferred it higher so the drop is longer, but I don’t really mind. There’s a “diamond cut” on the CC logo, but as it’s a dull finish, the diamond cut doesn’t do anything and does not look shiny. The backings are pretty good, though they are very tight so you need to be careful putting on and taking off the backing so you don’t snap the stem.

Overall, for $260AUD for fake pearls, brass and pretty bad attention to details and stamps that fall off the back (something I would not expect after paying $260 for them – but then again one of the girls had crystals falling out and all), I can very safely say that designer fashion jewellery that is NOT silver is really not worth getting. You can’t repair it, it’s super disposable, it’s not worth anything significant and you can’t remodel them to an extent. You can’t shower in them (you shouldn’t shower with jewellery actually) and these require more care than say, silver or gold jewellery. If they change colour, that’s it – you’re pretty much doomed. There are a lot of brands that do silver jewellery and use imitation or real pearls (or without) at a lower price point than this.

My conclusion is that if you want a pair, go for them. Just get one pair and test it out and see if you like it – I think I’m okay with just this one pair – if I had to get any more I’d get a pair of studs in the gold tone brass, but all my Chanel stuff is silver toned so there’s no real need for it. Some people love it, some people don’t like it. I’m one of those who are sort of in between – I don’t really like, nor do I hate it, though I do think it should be something you have in your collection for those situations you may need a pair of earrings like this.

I’m not really “wow” about the earrings, and I’m fairly indifferent about them. When I bought these, there was a girl who bought a pair for $600, and I thought to myself that she was crazy, because you can get gold and diamonds for $600. It’s a different thing though – it’s either the brand or the value of materials, but for fashion earrings I would definitely not spend more than $300 on a pair. Still, it’s a staple thing to have and it’s something I’ve ticked off the list. Maybe I will buy a pair of gold toned logo studs one day, but for now it’s definitely not on my mind.

Next post: A photo of somewhere I’ve been to


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