26: Your worst habit

Eep, another short post. I tend to blog at about 11:30pm so I don’t really have much time if I want to make it!

My worst habit is definitely talking about things that lead to another, especially when I am complaining about something.

I’ve got a pretty good memory when it comes to things that I actually care about, to the extent that I remember how conversations went exactly. Too bad I’m not like that when say, I tell people different things though (lol) – I think nobody’s that good when it comes to doing that. I also tend to notice small things rather than big things, so when things really annoy me, I remember them until these annoying things pile up and I just want to throw a table at someone.

So, basically if you have a negative outlook (which I always do), and then when I’m talking about something which is really shocking or I need to admonish someone, I can find about 3-5 different reasons or situations where they’ve screwed up in the past. Basically if you’re on the bad side of me, you’re in for a really long winded session of “why the heck are you like this? You’ve done this before then and then and then by doing this this this and you’re still like that”. After one example, I give another. And yet another.

I pretty much lose track because I tend to not have any feelings when I retell stories from the past because I’m pretty straight when it comes to telling people off when they’re really pushed it over the line. At the same time, there’s a bit of a shock factor involved because people don’t expect me to either know what they did before, or expect me to remember how the story went exactly. I guess that’s double the trauma in itself. It’s like if I go with a friend to a bar for the first time and then a week later I would mention the bar name, they’d look at me like, “I can’t believe you still remember that” and call me crazy.

The good thing though is that you really need a habit/ “skill” like that if you really take your job seriously or take your friends seriously. If I don’t take people seriously, I wouldn’t be angry or upset. It’s only when I’m taking things seriously and truly value either work or a particular friend that I would get so worked up about it.

I’ve gotten old now, and after a series of events that really didn’t improve my standard of living or emotional well being, I can feel that my memory is no longer as good as it was before. There are things that I forget, and I can no longer remember details of memories considered significant. I now remember things wrong.

Having a sense of righteousness is a good thing, however I think I should rethink my approach to people I think who have done something wrong. Too commonly I make the mistake of doing something equally bad, as if two wrongs make a right – I know it’s not right, but it’s the worst habit I have. I’ll work on it and improve myself!

Next post: A product review 


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