25: 5 Top songs I listen to

I don’t have much time – about half an hour till midnight. I’ve had a hectic week at work, so sorry for cutting this short! This might not even make it to the bare 400 word limit, but I’m really tired. I think I’ll be able to have a better post by the time it’s the 27th and I have my day off.

miss you – m-flo loves melody and Ryohei

This is such a classic, who can say no to this song? This is one of my absolute all time favourites. So easy to listen to always, and always sounds fresh and never really dates.

Because of you – After School

I got introduced to this song by a friend of mine. We were about to have dinner and while we were waiting for tables he asked me to listen to this. Ever since I’ve still been listening to this on a somewhat regular basis. SONG JAE RIM.

My Love – Justin Timberlake

I wouldn’t say I listen to this all that regularly, but again another song that really stays as a classic. Same friend above told me to listen to this and it just kind of stuck. It’s one of those songs I’ve definitely listened to the most as I can just put the song on repeat and not really notice it’s on repeat.

How Gee – Big Bang

This song is representative of their album “Number 1” which is the album I play and listen to the most. There are a lot of catchy tracks on the album and this is just one of them – we love singing this at karaoke and the best part is it’s fully in English so no problems there. 

Superwoman – Gary Cao

I don’t listen to a lot of Chinese but I was tossing up either this or JJ Lin. JJ is probably my favourite artist and I was super keen to see him live at one stage, but if you say emotionally in terms of music and message, this song really outdoes everything else I’ve listened to in terms of Chinese music. Gary Cao is just so good at having these messages or stories in his music – this one is about a man’s regret towards his girlfriend for neglecting her as she was the one who was making all the sacrifices and effort to make things work.

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