22: My favourite place

This is a pretty difficult topic for me to write about because I don’t really have a favourite place. I’ve never really appreciated landscape or nature all that much because I took it all for granted. Due to my lack of travelling, I haven’t been anywhere that made me go “wow”. I hate hot weather, don’t like getting sun burnt and absolutely hate insects. I’ve never been to a water park (I hate getting wet or swimming, although I can swim – I think it’s because as a kid I was forced to go swimming too much and I grew to hate it), rarely go to the beach (I don’t like getting sand in my shoes) and I’ve never been camping before (insects and all – when I was young we once went on an excursion where we had to take off our shoes and walk through a marsh – all I remembered was hating it and stepping on lots of sticks so I didn’t want to do it again, ever). All this makes me sound like a really boring person because I don’t enjoy being so close to the city either – suburban places especially if quiet scare me, but the city is so boring and has nothing special to do. 

Despite the difficult level of this post (to me) being more than 5 stars, I’ve decided to sit down and think about it because it’s actually a really good question. There are a few places that I seem to quite like because they are places I return to the most. I’ve never really associated any one place with really good memories – only places with memories I don’t want to remember. But if I search for places with positive connotations, there are a few –

Kinokuniya, The Galeries Victoria

This is one of the places I like to visit the most because I can look through the place without feeling stressed. I can spend lots of time there and there’s lots to look at. It’s not dark, and it’s not too bright either – it’s not too noisy or quiet either. I am free to do whatever I want without having people notice me (this is why I don’t like going to say, department stores or retail stores). I especially like hanging around the magazine area and the mini gallery at the front. Kinokuniya’s also a spot where I’ve bumped into people either from uni or high school the most.  It’s a place where I can take almost anyone to and it’s a place where anyone’s happy to go to, because books are awesome.

Oval, The University of New South Wales

This is a particular grass spot – not the Quadrangle or the Library lawn, but the actual Oval that is near the Red Centre. It’s a strange place to call as a favourite, but I think it’s because there are so many associations with it. My friend and I used to sit by the lawn and just gossip, eat our lunch, or just relax there. It’s a good place to get sun, and strangely, watching people run laps around the oval is really relaxing. It’s a place where I can dump my thoughts aside. It’s familiar, and also another place where you easily bump into people you know. It’s a rather boring place, but pleasant to me.

Walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama

This is an unexpected place that I like because it’s great for exercise. As I don’t like sand, this part of the beach is the best – there are a lot of steps, but I don’t mind it. Unfortunately, I don’t like the trail because of the view or anything like that – I don’t find the view breathtaking, probably because we all grew up with it – I like the trail because it’s a trail. If you follow it, you will end up at the end of it. Once you reach the end of it, you simply turn back. That’s all there is to it. 

As I wrote previously, I’ve been watching a lot of 1 Night 2 Days lately and it makes me think why I never saw places the way the program does. All their camping trips and walking trails look so good I want to go there right away and take lots of photos and even record videos – I never thought of any one place as beautiful or fascinating. Maybe I was in the wrong places at the wrong times with the wrong people – watching the show made me want to go camping and I wouldn’t mind sleeping outdoors in a tent. Suddenly the idea of staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel seems so sterile and unattractive. 

In conclusion, I am seriously a boring person. But at least I have an idea of somewhere or something I may want to go/ do next, so it’s a topic worth contemplating about.

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