21: Something you’re proud of in the past few days

There’s actually nothing I’m really proud of in the past few days – how sad 😦 I haven’t been managing my time well and I’ve been so out of everything lately.

Probably the thing that has made me proudest lately is how I’ve been making kimchi – although I had one failed batch, the other batches seem okay. The taste actually does depend on the cabbage itself so it’s kind of hard to guess how it will turn out.

For those who don’t really know the process, it’s actually quite long. It takes me about half an hour to actually “dissemble” the cabbage and to wash it – a lot of recipes out there are for whole cabbages and tell you to simply dip the cabbage into water and that’s the end of the washing process. I actually wash everything because although cabbage doesn’t have much dirt, it’s more to do with the chemicals and other things that may be on the cabbage that you may not necessarily be able to see by eye.

Salting the cabbage takes about 2 hours, and it takes me about half an hour to make the “sauce” that goes onto it. I chop up all my garlic and ginger finely by hand – using a food processor or blender will be much quicker, but I just treat it as an exercise to get used to using a knife.

It’s a long process but I do it all by myself because it takes my mind off things. I’ve been using the kimchi to make fried rice, and that’s something I rarely cook if I can avoid. To me, if I make myself lunch, I’m good with just microwaving leftovers and adding either a raw egg or some sauce to it and mixing it – that’s the extent to my laziness. I absolutely will do anything to avoid washing any “unnecessary” pots and pans so I go with the easiest and laziest option.

Rather than the fact that I’m like “yay! I can be bothered cooking” it’s more to do with that I’m starting to care about food a bit more, which is quite important as I am not picky with food. If food is bland, I don’t mind, even if it is tasteless. This is why I can practically eat just boiled vegetables that are unsalted and I’m totally fine with it. I’m only picky with food if it really tastes awful, greasy/fattening, really salty/sweet or has a seemingly unhygienic process.  Everything I make is on the bland side because I dislike things that are far too flavoured.


This is the first batch of kimchi fried rice I made – pretty bland, but if it fills the stomach, it does the job.

I made another batch yesterday and I seasoned it more, so it’s an improvement. Therefore, I’m not just taking the easiest option out, I’m also putting effort in to making it taste good (not that it was bad bland, because I don’t mind it – but I’m sure other people may not like it).

Hopefully I will be doing some more cooking in the future – I’m not bad at it, because I treat cooking as a common sense type of process. Of course I’ve had my fair share of wtf’s along the way, but I must say I’m kind of lucky – even if I stuff up I always end up with something edible. I can never really understand why people burn their steak or have food tasting terrible – if people did sensible things like turning the heat down, or flipping steak regularly nothing like that would happen. If you’re not good with flavours, it’s better to just cook food bland and add seasoning last – the worst thing to do is continually try your food as you’re cooking, because you will lose your sense of taste along the way.

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