20: Favorite Quotation

I’m furiously Youtubing at the moment but because it’s almost midnight I’ll push this one through even if it’s below word limit or else I know I will slack off for this 30 day challenge!! I can’t let that happen because that defeats the purpose – so here it is! With less than 12 minutes to go – I can do this!


“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”

– Helena Rubinstein

I think this has really impacted me to a certain extent – the first time I came across this quote was actually translated in Chinese and it really stuck in my head as it was used to describe a makeup video of a girl who basically transformed herself. I then came across it in English and realised it was quoted by Helena Rubinstein, who is the first female self-made millionaire. I quite admire Helena Rubinstein for her innovation and ability to market things.

This was the video that was captioned.

If you think about the quote perfectly it doesn’t just only apply to beauty, but it can apply for other things in life – and sadly I must say I am definitely a lazy one. You can interpret the quote as “there are no stupid people, only lazy ones” which really fits into my approach to life a lot. I’m quite the hypocrite though, because I know that although I hate laziness, I’m definitely a lazy person. I know I’m absolutely terrible around the house and I only do things when I’m asked to – I don’t even do housework, cleaning or cooking unless I really have to and I really dislike myself for it.

Perhaps this quote should be printed on a big ass poster or something and hung up on my wall, because I think it’s really good inspiration for what you are feeling down or you feel really unmotivated to do things – you can succeed in anything as long as you work hard for it – if you are lazy, you will miss out on chances and will find it hard for you to keep moving as you’ve lost momentum and can’t be bothered to move on.

I think I’m at the stage where I have really stopped and haven’t been able to move on much. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t care enough or if it’s because of “convenience”, but doing makeup daily is really tiring for me. It means I need to wake up an extra 20 minutes earlier than I need, and I don’t even catch public transport to work any more, which is really lazy and bad. Removing makeup is the worst because I find it annoying having to remove eyeliner and mascara even though I use products that make it quite easy. Perhaps it’s also because I think there’s not much difference between me with makeup or without – I mean, sure there’s a difference, but it’s not large enough for the effort put in. I don’t think I have a particular reason to look nice and there’s nobody I want to look nice for. Now that’s lazy.

Despite being lazy and everything the quote does not refer to, I think this will still be my favourite quote because it’s short, sharp and sweet. It applies to a lot of things in life and is definitely inspirational. Be sure to leave your favourite quote in the comments below!

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