19: 5 Things You Couldn’t Possibly Live Without

A somewhat late post (because it’s a few minutes past midnight, which is my deadline – sorry!) but I had a really long day today. I had a hair appointment – got really shocked when I had to pay the bill because I wasn’t expecting it to cost so much – and then I had a whole line up of people I had to see or meet up with. Was constantly wondering why that hair colour cost so much. I just couldn’t figure it out! It kind of made me a bit sad when everyone was sort of like “oh but your hair is like, black!” and when I insisted, “it’s brown!” they would be like “OIC, THE TOP IS BROWN YOU’RE RIGHT”. Then as I was going home I looked at myself in the mirror and realised that there were two different colours involved. Usually it’s the trend to have lighter ends and dark roots, but at the moment I’ve got it the other way around. Not gonna lie, I think it looks pretty cool (because the only two-tonal hair I’ve had is just regrowth – bwahahah) but it’s going to be a bitch to fix up when my hair grows out.

I will find a way somehow to fix the said hair problem – but most likely I’ll be doing the colours at home DIY rather than pay someone to do it, because it’s just not worth it. I’ve also got medium length hair now – I’m thinking I should have went for the perm instead of the colour, but I’m not a fan of things that are permanent and messy. I don’t mind straightened hair since it’s neat, but perming…? I don’t know. I’ll consider it. It’ll be a pain trying to learn how to curl my hair with an actual curler (I do all my curling with a straightener), but if it’s easy and worthwhile, I can do it every second day to keep my hair as it is now. I’ll be so sad washing my hair out, I want to keep these curls!

This seems like a really “duhhh” kind of post, but without the essentials of like, light, food, water and money as the things you instinctively need the most, I’ve decided to list a few items that maybe aren’t so necessary but things I really can’t live without.

5. Computer with internet access

Because this is essential. I’m surprised how attached I am to my computer and this has been the case ever since I bought my first ever PC (well, I didn’t buy it, my parents did – but you know what I mean). Before I would spend lots of time in front of the TV, but now it’s like – my computer is my TV. It’s amazing how things have changed due to technology.

4. Music

Without music this world would be so boring and hard to tolerate. Music has played a very therapeutic role in my life, but at the same time it has also led me to feel negative feelings as well. That’s the power of music though – it can alter your mood and put you into a particular mindset.

3. Pen and paper

Pen and paper are always important – not only for writing things, but also for drawing and recording memories and other things. I know that computers have made note-taking and other things quite obsolete, but I think that pen and paper are still essential no matter what. I’ve always liked writing and drawing, and it will be the same in the years to come.

2. Laughter, friends and family

These three things I think are on par with each other and are definitely required. These are so important and play a big role in our lives.

1. Support

Yes, a thing that you cannot physically touch or see, but can be given to you. I think support is the most important and I rank it at number one because there are so many different types of support that exist. I know what it’s like without any emotional support or support in the sense that someone stands by you and tells you “yes, you are right” – because sometimes you just need one person to tell you that they’re on your side for you to keep moving.

Next post: Favorite Quotation


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