18: A letter to the teenage me

Education is important but there are more important things in life.

When you are older you will know that university education is not everything – just because you choose a particular career path, does not mean you will continue with it. Spend more time getting to know more friends and to cherish the friends you have. Learn not to take everything to heart. Exercise more. Control your feelings whether they be of anger or sadness. Talking about marks like credits, high distinctions or the “I got 98 but I could have gotten 100” is meaningless down the track. Earn money early and gain more experience. Save your money and spend it wisely. Keep your head up and don’t be afraid.

Dream big, and dream early. Although it’s never too late to have a dream and a goal to achieve in life, try to figure out what you want now while you’re still young, so you don’t have to worry about it later. Give yourself some direction so that you won’t feel lost. Do all the things you want while you have the time and the energy to – don’t stay at home so much, go outdoors and have a look at what’s outside rather than stay in your room. Do something during the summer holidays – you have lots of time.

Spend more time with your parents, because they won’t be around with you forever – talk to them more, especially to dad. There will be a lot of things that you wished you could have talked to him about, but will regret not making small talk with him because by then, it’ll be too late. Don’t listen to your parents’ advice 100% and do what you feel is right in your heart – especially dad’s advice – respect it, but don’t take it as fact, because he made a lot of poor judgments. You know yourself best, so don’t listen to someone else who doesn’t know your situation well.

Guys who sweet talk are the worst – try to avoid these at all costs and invest more of your time with people who are down to earth and can place you in their number one priority slot when you are with them – be it friends, family or that special other. Don’t bother with people who can’t put you as number one – especially if they can’t do that for the time you are with them. If someone can’t treat you as their number one even for ten minutes while sitting down with them, move on – it’s likely to just not work at all even from a friendship point of view.

When you meet someone awesome, be sure to grab onto them. Get to know them more, be friendly and most importantly, smile. Don’t sulk and don’t be so anti-social.

When you have the chance to, go traveling. You will miss out on many holidays because of other people standing in your way, but you should just go ahead and do it anyway!

Be sure to try new things – you don’t have to stay the same all the time, because it means you’ll be stuck in the same spot. Be sure to think about how to move on and continually develop yourself and be a better person.

Last but not least, laugh lots – be healthy, and do what you need to do.

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… and as an additional note to my letter, I have really disappeared off the face of all social media and haven’t talked to or seen my friends in a very long time. I had to make a phone call the other day to the hairdresser and for some reason I was trembling. This isn’t normal and it’s not good… I think I had a bit of a social anxiety attack. Well, we’ll see how this turns out in the near future, hopefully it won’t happen again.


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