17: A Weird Habit of Yours

Weird habits can range from eating peanut butter with nutella and jam, or scratching 10 times on a mosquito bite to “satisfy” the itch and them leaving it.

Fortunately for me, I don’t really have weird habits as such – but even if I did, I wouldn’t be publicly announcing it XD

I never realised that this was a habit of mine until several years back when someone mentioned it. It’s actually 2 different habits but because they both require the same “equipment”, they sort of count as one, just in different forms.

The imaginary cigarette

Now if you’re got a free hand, pretend you’ve got a cigarette and place your hand over your mouth like you’re about to inhale. And just keep that position. Kind of looks like you’re deep in thought, right?

Yes, I do that – a lot more than what I’d like.

I’ve never smoked in my life – never tried it, don’t want to try it (I did mention before I have asthma) and a very small percentage of my friends (like less than 5%) smoke. I think I got this weird pose from looking at a photo in a glossy magazine and it stuck on me ever since because it’s actually somewhat comfortable when I have nothing to do with my hands.

Pretty weird if you ask me – and I get a lot of weird looks for it. I only really noticed it when a uni friend told me he thought I was a smoker from a distance, and then realised I wasn’t when he came closer and could see properly. Lots of unnecessary misunderstandings 😦 I want to break the habit, but it’s too damn fun even if it’s just for the lolz.

The chin grab

Place your elbow on a flat surface like your desk. Rest your chin on your thumb, but place your index finger just below your lip (the top of the chin). Hold.

To me, this is like a Sherlock Holmes sort of “deep in thought” stance. Most people just rest their chin/ heads by placing their fists under the jaw, but for some reason I like to hold onto my chin. Again, I didn’t realise that I did this until the people at work mentioned it. A lot of people see it for granted, but if you have a slightly protruding chin, it’s envied a lot by people who have a flat one – I have a protruding one and I don’t really like it all that much. But apparently it’s better? I don’t know, to me, it doesn’t do much for my profile because I think my face is pretty flat like a pancake. I have no idea.

This is a short post because at Day 17 I’m struggling and starting to see this blogging challenge as a burden lol. Let’s stop here D: (for today)

Next post:  A letter to the teenage me.


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