16: A physical feature that you love

This has got to be the most ambiguous topic because I get to set what context to see this in.

There are a few physical features in general that I like about people and not necessarily have myself. In fact, probably I don’t really have any physical feature that I have and particularly like – I think features that are good and put together makes a person much more attractive. In other words, the more attractive features you have, the more attractive you are. It’s not so much that you’re attractive as a whole, if that makes sense.

Since I can’t decide on the one, I’ll just go through features that I think are somewhat important to the breakup of appearances in general – perhaps I may come to a conclusion…

Long eyelashes

I’m not fussed about eye shapes or eyelids as much. I think any eye shape or eyelid with long lashes is quite nice, I consider myself to have lashes on the slightly longer side, but I don’t have full and lashes like some people do (jealous!).

Long eyelashes can be annoying though – especially when they get into your eye which is something I’ve been noticing more recently compared to before. I think I just never really cared about it, but now that I have my attention directed towards it, it’s really annoying. This is probably one reason why I won’t get lash extensions, because it’ll sting like no other if it gets into your eye.

I’m not saying longer lashes are superior to short ones; I slightly prefer them but it really depends on the person. I know that on some people, shorter lashes may be more beneficial.

White teeth

By this I don’t really mean bleach white, but as in healthy looking. A lot of people attribute yellow teeth with coffee stains or “wow it’s time for me to get my teeth cleaned”, but usually yellow teeth means a lack of calcium, and a simple clean doesn’t really fix the actual root (lol geddit, root) of the problem. I personally don’t like my teeth because I have streaks in them as I was taking some medication as a kid when my teeth were growing out. I’m not the only one, I know a lot of people have this, but still, it’s not nice.

I tend to notice people’s teeth quite a lot, so white teeth (and most likely, straight teeth with the occasional crooked tooth – I don’t mind) are definitely a plus.

Good skin

I don’t really care if it’s a problem like large pores or skin that’s not 100% smooth – if skin looks well looked after, it should look bright and somewhat clear. I think we will all agree that good skin is quite important when it comes to first impressions – but good skin is important because it will reflect on how well your skin will look in the future. I’ve been reading about how some people look much younger than their age, and it’s due to good skin maintenance and drinking lots of water – two things I don’t tend to do well. I think it’s time for me to dedicate more time looking after my skin.

Note that the above three are just physical features broken up and don’t actually mean much by themselves. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s really the combination and how well physical attributes mesh.

For the final physical feature though, there’s just the one, so this ranks top of my list:


Yes, a person’s smile! This is pretty important because I’m someone who doesn’t smile a lot. I know a lot of people who don’t really smile much either and their smile is more considered to be a smirk. But smirk or smile, how it looks is important. If you look good when you smile, it means you’re confident about yourself and like yourself, which is quite important. I keep using the word important for lack of other words to describe this. If someone glows when they smile and you see this and think “wow!” then that’s it. That’s all.

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