15: List your 3 worst “bargains”

LATE NIGHT BLOGGING YO AT 1AM. Yeah I know, that’s not that late considering I used to sleep at 2-4am, but I just couldn’t sleep so I guess I should do something productive.

This is so much easier to write about than best bargains, I shouldn’t have even bothered with the other post. It didn’t occur to me at the time I could have changed the topic until I finished typing it. I think this is a good reason to be creative about things and not take the list as it is.

I’m sure there are a lot of things you all have bought and have thought it was a super waste of money. And here are the worst 3 that come to mind.

3 Cheap $20 shoes from online

I bought a pair of black “suede”wedges from a Korean online website that got a lot of positive reviews. I even got compliments wearing those shoes the first time I ever wore them, but they were a size too small. Biggest waste of money because not only did they give me blisters, they totally wrecked my feet. I have relatively small feet (I’d say the average size is about a 7 but I wear a 6, sometimes 5), but I have one foot an entire size larger than the other (!!). The original shape of my foot has a pretty boney look to it, probably hereditary because it looks like feet from either one of my parents – but squishing my feet into such small shoes made my bones protrude even more. Not sure if it has anything to do with me standing long hours – but I totally regret those shoes. I lasted about 2 hours in them and ended up having to walk into General Pants and buy a pair of Havainas for about the same price with my friends. Worst buy ever.

In fact, don’t buy cheap shoes online, ever. I don’t regret expensive shoes because I collect them even if I can’t wear them, but cheap shoes you’re bound to throw out. I’ve done that to about 5 pairs of shoes I’ve bought online. If I don’t throw them out, I forget about them and never wear them – so it’s still a waste of money. If they’re uncomfortable I won’t wear them. Some broke upon several wears (note several meaning able to count number of wears with the fingers of just one hand). Don’t waste your money on that crap, buy good quality shoes. Invest in good leather shoes because they will last you years, with a flexible rubber sole so they won’t crack. If you’re against leather there are a lot of other solutions like jelly shoes or faux leather which some brands do really well.

2 Chloe Mini Marcie bag


For those who may remember (since it’s my old watermark), I posted a picture of this bag before. Yes, one of my bags from my weird collection of bags that I’ve used a grand total of just 3 times since buying it.

I’m a bit torn as to whether or not this is a bad bargain, because I’ve had worse with shoes and that could easily move up my list, but the price of the bag pushed this to number 2.

When I bought the bag, the price was excellent. In fact, this bag size/ model has almost doubled in price since I bought it, so is it a bargain? Of course. But again, I’ve only used it 3 times. The leather is so-so. The design of it wasn’t as practical as I thought in my imagination – the strap is forever too long (and when I adjust it, there’s a mark on the leather from the buckle part – don’t you HATE it when there’s a mark on the leather??!), the size is a bit awkward and it’s difficult to match with outfits unless I really don’t care if my outfit doesn’t match – it’s only suitable for boho and some really casual “girl next door” looks. Unfortunately I don’t really dress anywhere between street and afternoon tea. Even my “casual” outfits are probably a bit on the mature/ formal side so there’s nowhere this bag can actually sit. The bag has a lack of compartments and the inside material isn’t as great as I had expected.

Still a worthwhile bag to keep aside, but it’s not a purchase I’m 100% satisfied with.

For those curious, this is not the bag I own with the least wears however – the bag with the least amount of wears I own is actually an Yves Saint Laurent Belle de Jour large clutch. I’ve used it a grand total of 0 times. Yes, 0. I’ve had it for about 3 years and the price has doubled. The difference is I actually like the bag and can see myself using it – however I always think clutches are only used traveling by private car and not public transport.

But back to the Chloe Mini Marcie – it’s just such an awkward bag, it’s almost a regret buy.

Think carefully before you buy expensive bags, because I clearly didn’t with this one – I only thought, “it’s something I must have” rather than “it’s something I’d use”.

1 Cheap pens and cheap nail polish


Yes. So bad I could only describe it with a poisonous skull and the word “Yuck”.

I’m sure everyone knows how this feels. It’s just too easy because these things can be cheap as like $1 or something like that. NOT TO MENTION SOMETIMES IT’S NOT CHEAP. What’s the use of the pretty colours if it’s worse than applying Clag glue evenly to a piece of paper?! Cheap nail polish usually smells like death and is a bitch to apply let alone remove. It leaves bumps and bubbles it’s like you tried to ferment something on your nails. Seriously?

Cheap pens are also terrible because it’s just a waste of money, but to a lesser extent compared to nail polish because it firstly usually doesn’t smell bad or has any other implications, except a sore arm and a few pieces of ripped paper. Don’t you have it when you buy a ball point pen, but nothing comes out? You’re like, “I can see the ink, but it’s not coming out – WHY?!” – yes, I am side eyeing you Bic! Those stupid pens NEVER last till the end. I know some people have great experiences with them, but I bought a pack of 12 and I didn’t use any of them until they ran out of ink. Most of them didn’t write a single squiggle and they were brand new.

Invest in good pens because good pens means better writing. Invest in good nail polish for the love of your health.

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