14: What I’m currently watching

Ermahgerd. I’ve been so obsessed with drama lately it’s not even funny, and I was going through a phase where I could start a drama and just give up halfway through an episode, or I can’t take it any more and I would stop when there are only 4-6 more episodes left. I have a really bad habit of leaving things halfway through – mostly because of my indifference to the clichéd ending, if not I couldn’t handle the stress and just didn’t want to know the ending.

There are a few things I’m currently watching, but I will put this more into context by writing about what I have just finished watching (which are all South Korean dramas by the way):

  • Good Doctor
  • Who are You
  • The Master’s Sun
  • Can you hear my voice?
  • Two Weeks

These are all fairly current dramas, with “Can you hear my voice?” being the oldest out of the lot. Generally if I find something is good or someone recommends it a lot, I will give it a shot – if not I will just pass if I am not interested. Out of the 5 listed above I was most addicted to “Can you hear my voice?” and “Good Doctor” for mostly different reasons. The rest were kind of okay until it dragged halfway through – with the exception of “Two Weeks” which I sort of skipped a few episodes since I was really keen on knowing the ending but couldn’t handle the stress of a fleeing Lee Junki D: “Can you hear my voice?” was really captivating because of its plot and interesting cast, whilst “Good Doctor” was just pure acting ability. I never thought I’d enjoy “Good Doctor” that much and it was probably the first time I could actually appreciate good acting for once.

Ever since then I sort of went on a crazy Joo Won downloading spree – because who can say no to Joo Won?? And I noticed this is all I’ve been talking about for the past few posts, but I have not idolised someone in so long. GIVE ME YOUR TALENTS PLS, YOU ARE AMAZING.

Mandatory video of him singing. There’s heaps on Youtube and he’s amazing. But how can someone have such long legs and have such a small head/face?! Life is unfair 😦

So here’s what I’m watching:

Bread, Love and Dreams – King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

Actually I wanted to watch this ages ago for Yoon Shi Yoon, but gave up when I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I found out Joo Won was in it OTL

I seriously thought it was mostly going to be about bread, which it is – but it turned out to be some epic Dae Jang Geum sort of “I’ll be back” drama with a lot of Days of our Lives and melodrama jam packed into 30 episodes. I was surprised that they made this major production with two rookie actors as the 2 main male leads, but they both did such a good job. I sort of wish Yoon Shi Yoon continued pursuing tricky roles like Joo Won has done in his previous 2 dramas, but both I must give major props to because they both did a really good job. It’s no wonder that the finale attracted approximately half of the population to tune in, ranking it at the 25th most watched drama. Hurray!

There were parts that didn’t make much sense, like “be my woman so we can have revenge on my mum” – err, riiiiggghhhht. But I shall nod and carry on. It’s also a bit clichéd to the point that I made about 9/10 correct predictions about what was going to happen on screen, but overall enjoyable.

Not posting a trailer because the trailer sucks big time compared to the actual drama.

I finished the 30 episodes in a bit over 3 days today OTL That’s 30 hours… so almost 10 hours a day.

7th Grade Civil Servant

Yes, more Joo Won madness. I was actually watching this before I started King of Baking – but we just got so hooked on King of Baking I left it aside. Will resume soon. I really like Choi Kang Hee, but she’s so weird matched with Joo Won – I don’t know. It’s just weird.

There’s a little more action than what you see in the trailer, but most of it is gibberish.

Goddess of Fire, Jeongi

A historical drama – and I’m not gonna lie, this SUCKS SO MUCH. There’s nothing wrong with the cast or acting, but the plot is just so dull, drags on and it’s just a total bore. Not only that, I think the dialogue is sloppy and sounds way too modern for its time. I’m not exactly watching it as such – it was kind of interesting at the beginning, but as time went on it just got infuriating because it lacks a lot of logic.

Don’t waste your time on this. You won’t get it back.

YG Entertainment WIN: Who is next

This is a documentary (?) or a reality TV show determining who will be the next boy band YG Entertainment will debut for the first time in the past like 8 years since Big Bang. I hate this so much because I am following it every week and it’s grueling. Those poor boys, all 11 of them – but I am rooting for Team A, because I can’t stand Team B’s sharp high pitched vocals.

This is mildly amusing and such a simple chorus is so catchy. Taehyun, I see you smirking.

I’m so happy they won the second battle! Hope they win the online votes too.

SBS Running Man

I’ve followed this loyally for like, 3.5 years now? I started watching when the show was airing episode 3 or so, so I was on the bandwagon almost from the beginning. I know a lot of people have given up watching Running Man, but I still watch it every week without fail. Please, I know it’s meant to be a running gag, but take it easy on Lee Kwangsoo! He’s my favourite and the way he gets bullied is so unpleasant 😦 I know it’s for the lulz, but sometimes it just really crosses the line :\

Things I occasionally watch:

1 Night 2 Days – again more Joo Won. Sad he’s leaving the show, but the games they play are pretty funny and I think the tasks they do are pretty worthwhile watching, so I may continue to watch it.

Barefoot Friends – OMG this disaster of a variety show. Like I previously wrote, no amount of Yoon Shi Yoon or UEE can salvage this piece of crap. However, Eun Jiwon is pretty lulzy. I’m watching this as a show about food now – they’ve completely got no concept of what they want to do and it really drifted far away from their original concept.

Happy Together – depending on the guests. Because I think the interviews are pretty interesting as an insight to people’s backgrounds.

Let’s Go! Dream Team – because who doesn’t like watching a bunch of super fit men (sometimes women) finish a tough 5 stage obstacle course in less than a minute?! I think they’re amazing for even finishing the obstacle courses!

What I’m going to watch next:

The Heirs

Because I pretty much watch anything with Park Shin Hye. I’m also really interested because of the dazzling cast D: Everyone in it is so pretty from what I’ve seen in trailers and stuff.


Yes, more Joo Won – but after this I have no more to watch :\ Not interested in Ojakyo Brothers. I thought I should give this drama another chance because it got pretty high ratings and there’s historical significance to it. I mean, it’s so good Joo Won won an award and sang for it. So yes, I shall.

Other things you unnecessarily need to know:

I don’t watch television because we’ve lost signal and can’t watch anything lolol. I might once I figure out how to reset my TV to factory settings, but I haven’t been able to figure out how yet.

I am only watching Korean dramas because of their abundance, availability and interest in the language. I tend to watch dramas in the language I want to learn/ understand. It’s kind of working, because I know what my Korean customers are saying when I’m at work!

Next post: List Your Worst 3 “bargains” (this is soooo much easier than the best bargains!!!)


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