13: List Your 3 Best Bargain Deals

Wow, today was scorching hot and it’s only mid October – wtf, seriously Sydney? 31 degrees at least.

For lack of great topics to write about I chose this one because it seemed easy enough to write about. Currently racking my brains because it’s actually not as easy as I thought 😦 I’ve gone from queuing a week of posts to writing daily and posting daily – this is so sad 😦 But probably the main reason for this is none other than laziness – I’ve been stuck in front of the TV because we’re watching something super addictive!

3: Pandora 14ct yellow gold fixed clip



I’ve listed this at number 3 because whilst it was a great bargain, it’s a pretty useless and tiny thing. This (stupid) 14ct solid yellow gold fixed clip retails at something ridiculous like $449AUD. However, I managed to get this on sale for just $150! I know, $150 is still a ridiculous amount of money for a tiny clip, but to me it was a huge saving since it was less than half price. So much I got not one, but two – AND a friend of mine claimed back tax for me since he went overseas which made it even cheaper.

As some of you may gather I’m sort of obsessed with Pandora for no particular reason at all. I guess it’s just the novelty of it – but I’m crossing my fingers and I promise that the bracelet I’m building now is the last one. There are so many other colours I really want to have (I’m one of those people who set a particular colour/ tone for the bracelet, I’m not a mix and match odd balls together type of person), but enough is really enough.

2 Juicy Couture flip flops

I don’t have a picture of these because they’re my mum’s but I picked them up at David Jones when I visited Melbourne last time.

The biggest bargain about these was that they were pretty much the right size – a tad big, but it doesn’t matter since they’re flip flops. The price was crazy – originally $75AUD, down to $18.20.

Yes, $18.20.

I remember paying $20.20 and getting a $2 coin back in change. HOW AMAZING? I don’t even know why or how it got so cheap! My jaw dropped when I saw it because I was so surprised nobody bothered to pick it up! The deal seemed too good to be true. And the best thing was I wasn’t even looking for it, my friend told me to go look at the shoe section but I wasn’t that interested.

This is why I love Melbourne, seems like I picked up a lot of great deals while I was down there – you never get that in Sydney because there are people who always manage to flock in and grab all the good stuff. Therefore whenever there’s a sale, there’s NOTHING left because all the good stuff is gone!

1 And the best things in life are free!

This is a rather broad category and I think everyone will have to agree, freebies are the best bargains you will ever get.

I know this will sound strange, but my best deal by far is probably everything I bought with a Coles/Myer gift card I got from work by selling a particular watch brand. With the gift card I managed to buy a kettle, 2 weeks’ of groceries and a bunch of other homewares. Very close to that will be all the Gmarket stuff I from winning gift certificates, which in some ways is better than winning lotto – because you get freebies, straight away! But if I win lotto, I won’t say no 🙂

Next post: What I’m currently watching (original topic was “reading” but I don’t exactly read, so…)


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